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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for iPad - Digital Storytime's Review The only app to win an Academy Award! The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore was a short animated film released to critical acclaim in 2010. The gorgeous film comes to life in this digital book app in a way that might even top the film's reception. It's just that amazing, giving the reader an immersive experience that makes other book apps with 'Wow' factor pale by comparison. Developers should be warned that the team at Moonbot Studios has just raised the bar. Creative Writing In 2011 UEA's Creative Writing programme was awarded a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the UK's most prestigious higher education award, in recognition of its continuing excellence in delivering innovative courses at a world-class level. The UK’s first MA in Creative Writing was established at UEA by the novelists Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson in 1970. The UK’s first PhD in Creative and Critical Writing followed in 1987.

Enterprising Women Enterprising WomenTelevision Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth Camille Bacon-Smith 352 pages | 6 x 9 | 35 illus. McSweeney's Issue 16 - The McSweeney's Store Issue 16 presents new stories from McSweeney's regulars like Roddy Doyle and Denis Johnson, and exploits a never-before-seen tripartite format to bring you a hilarious Ann Beattie novella and a special deck-of-cards story from Robert Coover, one of the great masters of American experimental fiction. This issue uses more cloth than any issue to date. Also, it comes with a comb. Table of Contents The Quarterly Brian Evenson – Mudder Tongue There came a certain point, in his speech, in his confrontation with others, in his smattering with the world, that Hecker realized something was wrong. Script Angel: Developing Screenwriting Habits for Career Success Life is full of habits, both good and bad. While most of the time we focus on breaking the bad habits, success often comes from developing good habits. Screenwriting success is no different. Lots of aspiring screenwriters come to me for feedback on their script and the standard of writing varies enormously.

Aaron Sorkin Discusses David Fincher Aaron Sorkin has collaborated with some of the best filmmakers working today. Bennett Miller (Moneyball), Danny Boyle (Steve Jobs), and David Fincher (The Social Network) — all of them made first-rate films out of Sorkin’s first-rate writing. The acclaimed screenwriter is finally tackling one of his own scripts as a director, an adaptation of Molly’s Game. In a recent interview, while the Academy Award-winning writer discussed his directorial debut and the rest of his career, he praised Fincher’s commitment and drive. Below, Aaron Sorkin discusses David Fincher, the opening of The Social Network, and more. With the opening scene of The Social Network, Sorkin quickly and cleanly establishes who Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is: ambitious, condescending, very much in his own head, and a bit lonely.

Transmedia Archaeology - Storytelling in the Carlos A. Scolari is Associate Professor (tenure) at the Department of Communication of the University Pompeu Fabra, Spain. He has lectured about transmedia storytelling, media ecology and interactive communication in more than 20 European and Latin American countries. He is the author of Crossmedia Innovations (with I. Ibrus, 2012), and Narrativas Transmedia: Cuando todos los medios cuentan (2013). Paolo Bertetti is Professor in Universita degli Studi di Siena, where he conducts research and organises the Master's degree in Business Communication and teaches Analysis of Advertising Discourse. 5 Seemingly Innocent Things That Lead To Weight Gain You don't stint on sleep or drink diet soda or lose your mind at the all-you-can eat BBQ. So how did you manage to put on four and a half pounds last year? By Jena Pincott

Brian Alger – Transformative Reading Can we read in a way that encourages personal transformation? A transformative writer writes entirely from the perspective of their own personal experiences in life. The raw materials of transformative writing wait for us deep within the realm of inner experience and the places in which we encounter our fears, vulnerabilities, wounds, regrets, and aloneness as well as joy, gratitude, belonging, vitality, and love. BBC Academy - Production - Transmedia storytelling 101 Telling your story across multiple platforms has never been more possible. BBC CoP attended this workshop session from BBC Academy's Fusion: Future Fiction day, where Hazel Grian and Dr Tom Abba take us through what transmedia means and how you can use it to play out your story to potentially millions of people worldwide. Transmedia - what does it mean?- You're not just thinking about one platform, you're considering how your audience can have various points of contact with your characters.