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Werkstatt - l'atelier interactif

Werkstatt - l'atelier interactif

WE AIN'T PLASTIC - Creative Technolgist & User Experience Engineer Roland Lösslein How to start a challenger brand Challenger brands are disruptive. They can be the second biggest in a market or the twenty second biggest, what's important is that they are the underdog and the innovator. It's not just small companies who operate as challenger brands. In its efforts to diversify, Google has disrupted many markets and challenged many big names. However, entrepreneurs without such backing may find taking on the big brands a scary prospect. Here are some tips if you're launching the next challenger brand. Care about what you're selling. Passion has never been more important than when challenging another brand. We all know people who defend Apple, even when no one is arguing against them. Know who you're challenging and their weaknesses. There's no big business in the world without a weakness. The most common flaw in a big brand is dissatisfied customers who will be people looking to move away from their current supplier. Be emotive, use your position. Use yourself as a front for the company.

Second Story Interactive Studios | Interactive Media Design & Development KathArt Interactive – award winning digital design agency Map Data Peter Heiberg Project Manager As the Project Manager, Peter focuses on business strategy, team building, concept, copywriting and operations. Concept project management Isabel Hoffmeyer Art director Our Ecuadorian Inca princess. A-tchu! Max Reimer-Nielsen Web developer The wizard of Oz, the mad Max from the gutter. Muh muh muh muh muh muh Rasmus Nordkvist App specialist Rasmus works on design and interactive experiences, and he rocks code like nobody’s business. Bacon bacon bacon .... Kathrine Chmiel Founder & Creative Director Kathrine is the founder of KathArt Interactive and the reason we are here! Det er ikke godt nok Marianne Godskesen Marianne Godskesen knows her stuff! concept ux Det er ikke fair! Jens Nielsen Jens puts many of us to shame when it comes to digital design. Fuck! Noi Lauridsen Motion designer Noi is the Fengshui of KathArt. Vil du have et kram? Awards Sjoukje Busck Sjoukje (yes she’s part Dutch) is our passionate designer, illustrator and communicator. Rasmus Hartvig

How To Increase Website Traffic to Over 100,000 Visitors per Month — What I Learned Building… This is a case study on how I built a website that receives over 100,000 visitors per month, in less than 1 year, without spending $1 on advertising. This was done 100% through SEO and content strategy. Before we dive in, allow me to clarify a few things: — The website reached over 100,000 visitors in 9 months.— This was a new domain, registered just a couple months before launch.— This was done in a language I do not read nor speak (Japanese).— Japanese is a non-roman character language, making it nearly impossible to use most of the popular SEO tools. The purpose of this post is to walk you through precisely how my team and I reached this milestone, the approach we took, and show how technical SEO combined with content strategy can deliver serious results. Key Drivers of Traffic Growth There were a few key elements that led to the widespread and sustained growth of the project, these range from commonsense to technical, but come down to three main focus areas: First Month After Launch

Tim Roussilhe Portfolio MNSTR – Agence de communication et de marketing The New Trends in Social & Content Marketing It's more important than ever that marketers understand content and how audiences respond to it. From there, marketers can identify the content that needs to be created and amplify the consumption and exchange of content across audiences. In this eye-opening session, an all-star lineup including Andy Johnson, VP of Business Development and Alliances at NetBase, Toby Murdock, Co-founder and CEO at Kapost, and Gregg Freishtat, SVP of Strategic Alliances at OutBrain, discusses the new trends in social and content marketing. Listen in on this panel discussion from the record-breaking New Rules of Marketing Virtual Event, to discover: How to understand the content needs of your audienceHow to expand your social and content marketing effortsHow to earn the attention of your audienceHow to build trust with potential buyers

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