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The Fashion Photography Exposed DVD From fantasy to reality : The lifecycle of a shoot/ exposed Prep Makes Perfect Every good photographer has a thorough conceptualization process. Being organized and paying attention to detail is crucial preparation long before the day of the shoot. The best photographers leave nothing to chance. Css-only Lavalamp-like Fancy Menu Effect This time let’s get inspired by the sliding menu effect, also known as the Lavalamp effect (ex. here). We’ll recreate it with pure css – using css3 transitions and the general sibling combinator selector. Below we’ll discuss three simple examples (make sure to see the demo first). Step 1 – Prerequisites We use a Unica One google web font. Tribal DDB Vancouver An Interactive Agency making digitally accelerated stories OUR WORK considers the medium and its interactivity as fundamental to the story, and the story, fundamental to success. View Case Studies »

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