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Werkstatt - l'atelier interactif

Werkstatt - l'atelier interactif
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WE AIN'T PLASTIC - Creative Technolgist & User Experience Engineer Roland Lösslein The State of SVG Animation : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog The world of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is fascinating, and with everything you can do with it and all the options you have it is overwhelming. SVG is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics, with support for interactivity and animation. In other words, SVGs are XML tags that render shapes and graphics, and these shapes and graphics can be interacted with and animated much like HTML elements can be. One of the frequently asked questions I get on SVG is about animating SVG images—not only the how, but the what. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language , a.k.a SMIL Pronounced “smile”, SMIL is an XML-based language that was created to enable authors to write declarative animations to create interactive multimedia presentations. In the past as well as the recent present, SMIL has been mostly known in the web community as one of the three ways to animate SVG images. SMIL comes with a set of animation elements that allow you to animate SVG content. <! Final Words

Tribal DDB Vancouver | Digital by Nature KathArt Interactive – award winning digital design agency Map Data Peter Heiberg Project Manager As the Project Manager, Peter focuses on business strategy, team building, concept, copywriting and operations. Concept project management Isabel Hoffmeyer Art director Our Ecuadorian Inca princess. A-tchu! Max Reimer-Nielsen Web developer The wizard of Oz, the mad Max from the gutter. Muh muh muh muh muh muh Rasmus Nordkvist App specialist Rasmus works on design and interactive experiences, and he rocks code like nobody’s business. Bacon bacon bacon .... Kathrine Chmiel Founder & Creative Director Kathrine is the founder of KathArt Interactive and the reason we are here! Det er ikke godt nok Marianne Godskesen Marianne Godskesen knows her stuff! concept ux Det er ikke fair! Jens Nielsen Jens puts many of us to shame when it comes to digital design. Fuck! Noi Lauridsen Motion designer Noi is the Fengshui of KathArt. Vil du have et kram? Awards Sjoukje Busck Sjoukje (yes she’s part Dutch) is our passionate designer, illustrator and communicator. Rasmus Hartvig

Animation Principles for the Web - CSS Animation As front-end designers and developers, we use CSS to style, position and create great looking sites. We often use CSS to add movement to pages in the form of transitions or even animations, but we don’t usually go much beyond that. Animation can be a powerful tool to help our visitors and customers understand and benefit from our designs. Long established as fundamental working practices at Disney, the 12 Principles of Animation were published as “The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation” in 1981. In this article I’ll go through each of the 12 principles, and discuss how they might apply when making web pages. Squash and stretch This is the notion that an object has a physical mass, and when it moves this mass stays the same. This is most useful when creating objects that we want to be considered physical, such as people, clocks or bouncing balls. It’s possible to ignore this rule when working with elements of a web page. Anticipation Movements don’t tend to happen suddenly. Staging Arc Timing

Simon Collison | Colly | The Celebrated Miscellany MNSTR – Agence de communication et de marketing Grid Item Animation Layout - Demo 1 Previous Demo Back to the Codrops article Animated Grid Layout Related Demos Book Preview Thumbnail Grid 3D Grid Effect On Humans & other Beings Stories for humans 9 Apr 3 min read The Things we Lost in the Fire Love & Hate 7 Apr 5 min read What Goes Around Comes Around Nutrition 6 Apr 2 min read Hope for Amy Walters Life & Death My Father told me... Nature vs. What Happens in the Brain? Neuroscience Tasty Labrador Bacon Food Ethics Ignorance is Bliss Philosophy Looking Through a Telescope Morality & History Life Ends. The Hunger of a Teenager Society Disorders are the New Order Mental Health Matthew Walters 9 Apr 3 min read I am fully aware of the shortcomings in these essays. The four essays which are here collected will be of interest to a wide circle of educated people, but they can only be thoroughly understood and judged by those who are really acquainted with psychoanalysis as such. The two principal themes, totem and taboo, which give the name to this small book are not treated alike here. Peter M.

UNSTABLE MEDIA | ÜBERFORK Life is just a dreamon the way todeath As for me, all I knowis that I knownothing Be as youwish toseem Beauty is a shortlived tyranny,reject it Beware thebarrenness of abusy life From the deepestdesires often comethe deadliest hate Let him that wouldmove the world firstmove himself The unexaminedlife is not worthliving Wisdom beginsin wonder A friend to allis a friendto none A true friend is onesoul in two bodies He who is to be a goodruler must havefirst been ruled Quality is not an act,it is a habit The whole is morethan the sum ofits parts There is no great geniuswithout a mixtureof madness The best prophet ofthe future isthe past I don't know where I'mgoing from here, butI promise it won'tbe boring I'm an instant star.Just add waterand stir All the truth in theworld adds up toone big lie Chaos is a friendof mine He not busy beingborn is busydying I accept chaos, I'mnot sure whetherit accepts me Money doesn't talk,it swears No one is free, even thebirds are chainedto the sky Boldness bethy friend

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