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Technology in Education - Innovate My School

Technology in Education - Innovate My School
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Magazines for Headteachers | The Head teacher Magazine Effective Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom | Faculty Focus Wilmslow High School's 'Lookout for Learning' | Welcome to Wilmslow High School's teaching and learning blog. Our aim is to continue to strive to design and circulate excellent learning opportunities between our teaching community and beyond… Embracing Disruptive Innovations: Organizational Challenges In early August I participated in a strategic planning meeting in the Boston area. I was there in my role as a board member of the Institute for Data Driven Design (ID3), a research and educational nonprofit established to help define the principles, contracts and rules needed to empower individuals to assert greater control over their personal data and digital identities. To implement and enforce these principles, ID3 is developing an open software trust framework platform along with a variety of software tools and algorithms. ID3 was co-founded by MIT Media Lab Professor Sandy Pentland and by Media Lab Research Scientist John Clippinger. They both participated in the planning meeting, along with senior executives from one of ID3’s industrial partners. At the beginning of the meeting a few of us made brief introductory remarks. A Clear, Compelling Strategy “I decided to declare e-business as our moon-shot, our galvanizing mission, an equivalent of the System/360 for a new era.

Global List of Virtual Business Incubators | Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation, Business Models & Strategy Blog Hereby I want to present a list of virtual business incubators around the world. I’m absolutely sure that this kind of business incubation will be prevalent in the following years. So, let’s make this list together and help community of early stage entrepreneurs to find a better place to start on the one hand, and promote the new type of business incubation on the other. Below you will find two lists: the first is fixed list. Check the end of the page also. Global List of Virtual Business Incubators Below you will find a list of 65 virtual business incubators from all over the World. Links to the Other Lists Contact Form for Submission If you want to add/change information about your business incubator, or you are just familiar with some that is not in the list, please send us this information. Like this: Like Loading...

Home / RHS Gardening The eLearning Guild Massive Open Online Courses and Beyond: the Revolution to Come | STEM Readings Saturday, 17 August 2013 10:30By Michael A Peters, Truthout The New York Times dubbed 2012 the year of the MOOCs – massive open online courses. Suddenly the discourse of MOOCs and the future of the university hit the headlines with influential reports using the language of “the revolution to come.” Most of these reports hailed the changes and predicted a transformation of the delivery of teaching and higher education competition from private venture for-profit and not-for-profit partnerships. Rarely did the media focus on questions of pedagogy or academic labor. Ernst & Young’s Universities of the Future carries the line, “A thousand year old industry on the cusp of profound change.” Source: Ernst & Young, University of the Future. The New York Times “Schools for Tomorrow” Conference to be held September 17, 2013, focuses on “Virtual U: The Coming of Age of Online Education.”

Rocket Fund | 1Mile Project Transforming childhood - transforming spaces - transforming learning | Learning through Landscapes online learning insights Business Model Innovation for Higher Education Can universities keep delivering education in the same way that they have been for past few hundred years? The reason this topic is coming up frequently these days is that digital technologies are having an increasing impact on the delivery of education. Consequently, Don Tapscott wonders if the university model of delivering education can still work, while Seth Godin thinks that the increasing availability of information could make universities irrelevant. I’ve been asked to give a short talk on this topic for the upcoming Annual Meeting for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. AASCU Talk – Tim Kastelle from Tim Kastelle on Vimeo. Here are the key points from the talk: The idea of ‘business models for education’ might not seem right to some people, like academics. Having a state-granted qualification-giving monopoly is not a sustainable strategy. About Tim Kastelle

Online Courses for Kids – JAM naturhuset - Vi skal bygge et Naturhus og en selvforsynende hage på Sandhornøya i Nordland. Prosjektet er sterkt inspirert av arkitekt Bengt Warne, den russiske Bokserien The Ringing Cedars series og vår inderlige kjærlighet og dype respekt for Moder Jord