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Antenocitis Workshop Building Big Armies | Mantic Games | DreadBall | Warpath | Kings of War | DeadZone Ammon miniatures About Blueforge » Blue Forge Terrain Who are we? We are miniature games enthusiasts who love to make Terrain; Epic Terrain! We believe that great tables and terrain make for a more memorable gaming experience and since we constantly design and make more Terrain than our own tables can hold, let alone we can store, we thought it would be cool to start selling our excess stuff to gamers around the world, rather than hoarding it for ourselves. Our goal if we have one is to put out there into the gaming community great Terrain at an affordable price, so everyone can have an epic table without the epic cost. If you like something that you've seen, Check out our ebay store to see if it is available, if not, drop an email by us and we can see if we can make it up for you, be it one small piece of terrain or an entire tables worth.

Spartan Scenics | Spartan Games Welcome to Spartan Scenics, a stunning new range of products from Spartan Games for the world of wargames terrain. With the Spartan Scenics ranges, we are providing a host of beautifully detailed, easy to assemble and very affordable terrain, produced from precision cut HDF and Acrylic, and supported by boxed sets of stunningly detailed high-quality resin accessories – all designed to maximise your gaming experience. Combine your scenery to create multiple terrains and scenarios! The first raft of Spartan Scenics products are a series of highly modular buildings, corridors and towers in a 28 to 32mm scale, all with a sci-fi, near future or post-apocalyptic theme. These kits are perfect for creating military bases, underground labs, research colonies or spaceship interiors – the list is endless! Falling back to the Med Bay, ready for an all-out “last stand” scenario! In case this isn’t enough, the launch of Spartan Scenics also includes the release of a giant spaceship! REDSTAR MINIATURES - shop Home About us News Shop Gallery Links Contact&Order © 2009 - All rights reserved by REDSTAR MINIATURES. Design: Dynath by dynath on Shapeways I was attracted to this place as a resource for creating 3d works for 28mm wargaming. Specifically, my love for old fashioned wargaming where it’s all do it yourself and custom armies. This has led me to make a resource where I can create and provide custom parts and full figures for wargamers. Shop Details Dynath's home for printing his 28mm wargame based 3d Models.

Miniatures Store: The Wounded City - Broken Blacktop Gaming Mat Where once stood a thriving metropolis, now are only its moldering remains. Where once there were merchants, police officers, street vendors and office workers now there are soldiers, mercenaries, and looters. And also other things... unspeakable horrors that lurk amongst the shadows. Long ago picked clean of anything of value, all that is left of the once great city are shattered windows, crumbling concrete and broken blacktop. The Terra-Flex™ Broken Blacktop™ Gaming Mat is available in 4ft x 6ft (122cm x 183cm), 4ft x 4ft (122cm x 122cm), 3ft x 3ft (92cm x 92cm), 30in x 30in (76cm x 76cm), 2ft x 4ft (61cm x 122cm) and 2ft x 2ft (61cm x 61cm) sizes. This is a close-up of the unpainted mat straight out of the package.

davetaylorminiatures Products Product List Chose the period your are interested in from the list to the left to see the appropriate ranges. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SEPERATE SPEARS Please note that we will no longer be supplying Lead Spears with our figures. We will be including all the other seperate weapons & shields as normal. Wire and Lead spears are available in Weapons Packs here. This information over-rides any reference to seperate weapons or spears in the Product List as it will take time to go through and update all those entries. Except where explicitly stated in the product description, packs do not contain standards or standard poles. For information about Postage & Packaging and general info about ordering from The Beast take a look here PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING . PLEASE NOTE - Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please note, many of our latest figures that are designed to hold a spear come with a closed fist that will require drilling to fit the diameter of spear that you choose to use.

"BLACK OPS" Exo-Lords Anvil Industry's "BLACK OPS" is a stand alone range of high quality, detailed resin Sci-Fi miniatures with a modern Special Forces theme. There are various complete kits with different weapon options, and some of the components are also available separately. The Kits consist of multiple unpainted Resin components, and some clean up and preparation will be needed. Photographs of painted examples by Stephen Moran. Showing 1 to 10 of 10 (1 Pages)