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Five Body Worn Technology Trends in the Police Force U.S. police departments are on the cusp of full 21st century integration, exploiting the digital age’s numerous technological advancements in the name of public safety. Gone are the days of relying on radios and telephones during times of crisis on the frontline - today police officers throughout America are embracing the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow to better serve their country. Body-worn technology in particular is very much on the rise, providing U.S. officers with access to wearable innovations for convenience and cover. Here’s a breakdown of 5 wearable technologies revolutionizing the present and future of US law enforcement. Google Glass

This Starship Enterprise Of The Sea Will Launch Its Exploration In 2016 If you want to do deep sea ocean research today, you'll have to take a journey to the Florida Keys, where the world's last remaining underwater research lab, the Aquarius, is housed. But that's soon about to change. When it's completed, the SeaOrbiter, a spaceship-like underwater vessel, will become the first ocean lab where researchers can live 24/7 over long periods of time. (The Aquarius, in comparison, goes on missions for 10 days on average.) It's the Starship Enterprise of the sea, exploring parts of the ocean where no man has gone before. Neuroscientists Successfully Demonstrate Rat and Monkey ‘Brainets’ A team of neuroscientists at Duke University published two separate studies today, one involving rats and the other involving rhesus macaque monkeys, that describe experiments on networks of brains, or Brainets, and illustrate how such networks could be used to combine electrical outputs from the neurons of multiple animals to perform tasks. Monkey experiment: primates were seated in separate rooms, each facing a computer monitor showing the virtual avatar arm from a first person perspective. Image credit: Arjun Ramakrishnan et al. In the monkey experiment, Dr Miguel Nicolelis of the Duke University School of Medicine and his colleagues linked the brains of rhesus macaque monkeys, who worked together to control the movements of the arm of a virtual avatar on a digital display in front of them. Each animal controlled two of three dimensions of movement for the same arm as they guided it together to touch a moving target. Arjun Ramakrishnan et al. 2015.

The Lifehacker Tech Dictionary 32-bit vs. 64-bit. Chrome tells me that's why it can't run Java 7 and I don't know why. Bluetooth could be included and maybe how it differs from wireless (802.11). You included NAS, might as well include SAN and explain the difference. You mention Cloud Storage, what about Cloud Computing? NEW RESEARCH: More than half of the top 100 URLS are tracking you You’ve probably never heard of most of the 100 top URLs in world. In fact, most users have no idea that they’ve even accessed most of the 89 domains the average user interacts with in a month. A new F-Secure Labs study of the top 100 URLS accessed by customers all over the globe shows that of the world’s top URLs only 15% were accessed directly.

Clarity on the true cost of electricity The question of electricity cost is tricky. Most of us know oil prices go up and down – and are currently at record highs – which in turn affects the power price. And we know that not only to the costs of importing such fuels change constantly, they also – unlike renewables – produce carbon, which has to be paid for. But while more and more people are saying onshore wind energy is at “competitive” price levels, others still insist that renewables are expensive and impractical. What is a 'computer' anymore? Technology It used to be a person. Now it's a machine. Oil slicks spotted in hunt for jet with 239 aboard KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Vietnamese air force planes spotted two large oil slicks Saturday in the region where a Malaysia Airlines jetliner disappeared, the first sign that the Boeing 777 with 239 people aboard had crashed. The air force planes were part of a multinational search operation launched after Flight MH370 fell off radar screens less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing. The oil slicks sighted off the southern tip of Vietnam were each between 10 kilometers (6 miles) and 15 kilometers (9 miles) long, the Vietnamese government said in a statement. There was no immediate confirmation that the slicks were related to the missing plane, but the government said they were consistent with the kind of slick that would be produced by the two fuel tanks of a crashed jetliner.