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Mega Films | Téléchargement films sur Megaupload en une seule partie Télécharger FormatFactory - Gratuit, Convertissez vos fichiers multimédia ! Support Page - Free video streaming What is vShare ( Top ) vShare is a new way for internet users to broadcast their own live and VOD TV channel. Using the vShare homepage users get their own unique private channel ID which they can use to broadcast their channel securely to an audience of their choosing. How do I broadcast a channel ( Top ) Can I delete or rename a channel? ( Top ) Yes. How secure is the channel ID? Your channel ID is a unique hash key and only you can use it to broadcast on your channel. I tried to view a channel and it didn't work ( Top ) This channel may have been offline or has been deleted by the user who created it. Can I search vShare for available channels? No. How many viewers can watch a channel I am broadcasting? Currently the number of viewers is not limited on channels broadcast. I was watching a channel and it stopped in the middle ( Top ) The user broadcasting the channel may have stopped doing so or your internet connection is not fast enough to download the stream. Is there a broadcast guide?