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Find Your Hogwarts House - The Sorting Hat

Find Your Hogwarts House - The Sorting Hat
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The Harry Potter Lexicon click above for detailed menus, click below for special sections Affiliate Sites: These web sites have received special permission to use material from the Lexicon to create similar sites for non-English-speaking fans. L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter (in French)El Diccionario de los Magos (en Español)

A Message from “The Original Creator” Of The Harry Potter Story Welcome to A Message from “The Original Creator” Of The Harry Potter Story. The Harry Potter story is not of Joanne K Rowling’s origin. The real author of the Harry Potter story is an Australian man. The story was designed over many years – from 1978. The dreams and aspirations of the authors boyhood were designed into the stories draft. Hand Drawing Art Pictures and Ideas Published on October 24th, 2011 [vimeo] Drawing is art of depicting what we see or what we think or what our intension. We express our thought through a portrait or through an abstract thing or through symbol. But there is a reason behind in every printing. People draw picture using charcoal, water color, oil color, pen and pencil etc. it depends on the painter.

Harry Potter universe Fundamentals[edit] The entire Harry Potter series is set from 1991 to 1998 aside from the opening chapter of the first book, which takes place on 1 November 1981, and the epilogue of the seventh book, which takes place on 1 September 2017. The depiction of the wizarding world is centred on magic, which not only imbues objects such as wands, but is portrayed as an inborn ability. It is also centred on the separation of the wizarding world from the non-wizarding, or Muggle world. Despite being an inherent talent, magic is honed through study and training into a skill.

Severus Snape NAME MEANINGS Birth name: Severus Snape. 'Severus' meaning: 'Severus' has obvious connotations of severity and strictness. There are also several saints with the name 'Severus.' 'Snape' meaning: JKR says "Snape is an English village" ( eT), probably the one in North Yorkshire near Hadrian’s (aka Severus’) Wall.

Ravenclaw Armwarmers © Audrey DeLong Supplies One skein each Lion Brand Wool Ease in the Ravenclaw colors of your choice US5 (3.75 mm) DPNs Cable needle Tapestry needle Instructions Left ArmwarmerCO 45 stitches in main color (MC) and join taking care not to twist. J.K. Rowling's New Pottermore Site Will Change Digital Publishing - Nicholas Jackson - Technology Pottermore will be the only place fans can buy Potter in a digital format, a method of distribution Rowling has avoided for years In a much-anticipated press event this morning, J.K. Rowling announced the launch of Pottermore, a new website meant to bring all-things-Harry Potter to the Web. It was revealed in a leaked memo yesterday that a central focus of the site would be an online gaming experience developed by the company Adam & Eve that will include real-world prizes such as magic wands secretly scattered throughout Britain and the United States.

Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf © AmyLeigh Supplies 1 skein of worsted weight navy blue yarn 1 skein of worsted weight bronze yarn US 7 (5.0 mm) knitting needle Crochet hook (to attatch the fringes) Charts Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf Chart 1 – “R”Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf Chart 2 – Raven Instructions

Harry Potter next chapter? Wizard website tells and sells all JK Rowling shocked and thrilled her fans and the publishing industry on Thursday by announcing details of Pottermore – an interactive website which will not only have new material, but will also be the only place selling the Harry Potter novels as digital downloads. At a press conference in London, the author ruled out writing an eighth Potter novel but said she had written around 18,000 words for the website, with more to come, about the characters, places and objects. "I had more than half of the new material already written or in note form," she said. "I dug some out of boxes." While the announcement of new stories excited her followers, it was Rowling's long-awaited ebook announcement that may be even more of a moment for the publishing industry as digital books grow in popularity.