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Freedom to Learn

An Old-Fashioned Education Online Classes Project-Based Homeschooling Master Class “The class can help move you from reading, thinking, and talking about PBH to actively doing it.” This class lasts six weeks and costs $125. We are currently enrolling the Fall session and it will run from September 8-October 17. In this six-week class, we drill down deeper into the core ideas of mentoring and self-directed learning and help you put those ideas into immediate practice. Class description: Each week you’ll receive new material I’ve written specifically for this course along with simple assignments. I will be giving reading assignments, so please purchase a copy of the book before class begins or borrow a copy from your library or a friend. This class is not only for homeschoolers — it is for any parent or teacher who is interested in supporting children’s interests and helping them become active thinkers, learners, makers, and doers. This is a community-based class. The six focus areas of this class will be: • Documenting & journaling

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project...Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children The Baldwin Project currently offers four different comprehensive histories of ancient Rome, two of which have been republished through Yesterday's Classics. Although they all cover the same basic period, there are important differences in their styles, and in the audiences to whom they are directed. The most basic introduction to Rome, readily accessible to grammar school children, is Haaren and Poland's Famous Men of Rome. Mary Macgregor's The Story of Rome is also written at a level that is accessible to older grammar or middle school students, but it takes a different approach. H. Unlike the other books that are directed toward younger students, Charles Morris's Historical Tales: Roman was composed with older teens or young adults in mind. In addition to these comprehensive histories, the Baldwin Project offers many other books relating to Ancient Rome, including biographies, legends, adapted literature, historical fiction, mythology, and more at Books for Ancient Rome.

Home School San Diego - UNITED SCHOLAR ACADEMY HOMESCHOOL COOPERATIVE Home - Secular Charlotte Mason Delight Directed 7th Grade: End of Year Review It is with great sadness, and equal joy, that I have to announce that we are leaving Korea. I thought we had another year of exploring to do. However, Jay was selected for job at a schoolhouse in Oklahoma. So our time is cut short here, but we are thankful to be heading back close to family and friends again. As I sort through our stuff, which has grown since we arrived, I started organizing our notebooks and books. You may remember that I decided to create a sort-of transcript for Raven’s 7th grade year. I posted a mid-year update where I shared how our plans had changed, and what was working for her. And so now, before our life gets hectic, I want to share a year-end review. What do unschoolers learn in a year? A lot of people are curious as to what unschoolers do all year and what breadth and depth of knowledge they cover. Of course I’m going to give you a general answer – I can’t speak for any unschooling family or situation except our own. Language Arts Animal Science Mathematics

REACH Home Page | Homeschool Support group for Columbia, SC Area Delight Directed 7th Grade This year is a big one for Raven. She turns 13 here in just a couple of months, which means she “officially” gets to join the world of social media. The two she has been looking forward to the most are Facebook and DeviantArt. She also enters into Jr. We’ve been talking a lot lately about her goals and what she wants to get out of these next few years. And she does want to go to college – for certain things. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. How unschoolers make plans So, I thought I would share how we made up a plan for Raven for her 7th grade year – using her own goals and interests. First let me make a couple of things clear. Yes – we are still unschooling. For planning and record-keeping, we are working with these main tools: Keeping track of topics using a unit study form Basically, we are going to use the “sticky note method” that Lee recommended to me. A unit study will include two things: input and output. Pretty ingenious – no? English/Literature – “Writing and Research”

Mind Benders® Software 1 Description & Features Mind Benders®, our best-selling deductive thinking puzzles, develop the logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills vital to achieving higher grades and top test scores in all subjects. They’re also great for developing real-life, problem solving skills. Students carefully analyze each Mind Benders® story and its clues, identifying logical associations between people, places, and things. The key is to start with the most obvious associations then deduce less obvious associations until everything finally fits together. Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed answers. - 43 activities - Spoken directions and clues for pre-readers - Multi-user login - Self-tutoring - Self-grading - On-screen, detailed hints and solutions - Activities sequenced by difficulty - Answer check without showing solutions - Printable student data - Saves unfinished activities - Fun reward games System Requirements Test preparation available for the following:

Editor in Chief® Beginning Software Description & Features Editor in Chief® improves students' grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and attention to detail using a standards-based thinking approach rather than drill and practice. This effective method teaches students to carefully analyze and edit stories that contain errors in writing mechanics and story details. The stories combine single skills (like capitalization) with guided, gradual instruction and practice that is ideal for younger learners. The books and software both use the same stories, errors, and rules. Students identify and click on errors in each story. - Provides high-quality independent learning (not "edutainment") with immediate feedback for students and teachers. - 40 activities - Multi-user login - Quick and detailed instructions - Hints that help students keep learning even if they don’t know a rule—no getting stuck System Requirements Test preparation available for the following: