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What's the impact of customer support at influencing buying decisions? Today’s brands don’t command much recognizability where impulse purchase dominates the buying roster.This means that purchase rates have flat-lined or dipped for businesses that fail to innovate or make themselves look appealing. The present day customers are well-versed in utilizing their umpteen options. Customers frequently shift from one app to another, seeking their own best offers and discounts.This stands true for influencing buying decisions across the segments. This includes FMCG, Real estate, Hospitality etc. Additionally, they also depend onword of mouth publicity. “The experience that individuals have with a company and then what they hear from friends and family influence their likelihood to do business with a company,” says Megan Burns, a senior analyst at Forrester Research.

An Issue Tracking System will impact and improve your business. Here’s how? In the present-day service economy, the customer opinions and online reviews dictate your business success. It can mould or obliterate your prospects ‘first-impression-of-your-business.’ Now consider this. Before a purchase, your customers are likely to do a Google search in your business name or research on an online industry review aggregator platform. Having to deliver a positive impression at this stage could be the single-most important part in your conversion funnel. This can only mean one thing: Psychographic segmentation in B2B Industry. What’s, how’s and why’s? Are you good at spotting the ideal customer for your business? Do you understand their actual needs or how your product/service would improve their businesses? Well, let me explain why you need psychographic segmentation. As you send an email or piece of collateral to a dozen of different prospects, the same sales pitch could appeal to each of your prospects in a different fashion.

What We Learned About Shifting Success In B2C Industry To B2B Industry? Businesses consider the B2B and B2C to be completely non-related and isolated marketplaces. Business people who had success in making the switch are the misnomers of our generation. This will lead to a few pressing questions! Can we consider the B2B and B2C to be entirely two different markets? Are they both governed by entirely different marketing tactics? Three Email marketing best practices to prevent ending-up in the spam and promotions Folder Undisputedly, most marketers consider email marketing as the most potent and useful tool in their toolkit. An email subscriber list could provide you with a steady stream of traffic, customer recognition and high value leads. But recently the email service providers like Gmail and Microsoft have increasingly limited the marketer’s ability to reach the audience through email marketing. This is done through stringent filters that divert non-specific emails to spam and promotions folder. Needless to say, this greatly limits your ability to sell through emails, the one-medium that gives direct access to your potential customers. As a marketer, your first job would be to rescue your emails from the promotions and spam folder and reinstate them into the subscribers inbox.

Marketing automation Benefits: Beating the big marketing budget with a smart marketing process As per Gartner research, companies globally kept aside 12% of their total revenue on their marketing budgets in 2016. If you consider the trend, the numbers are all-set to increase incrementally in the coming years. If you don’t have the biggest marketing budget, you are sure to struggle against the big fishes in your industry. Yes, I’m talking about global conglomerates like Google, Amazon, Expedia, E bay etc. How to measure the ROI of your customer service? If you are a part of an established business, determining and maximizing the ROI is the guiding light towards making the right business decisions. The logic goes that a particular activity that generates the highest ROI should have the highest priority. In this sense, the sales and marketing departments are considered as the most valuable parts for most businesses. Usually, the customer service doesn’t figure in the primary ROI-generating activities.

How to increase your Team productivity with CRM software? Often, any effort to increase the team productivity is met with dubious consent. Having to monitor and increase productivity is much dreaded activity on both sides of the table. Both the employees and management have grown to think that it may undermine their working relationship. The management’s take is that a stringent monitoring process could cause a potential leak of employee trust.