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Faith Popcorn's

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Trendwatching 5 Latin Trends for 2016 And these five trends will help you seize them! In Central & South America, the last 12 months haven't been easy. Political, economic, social and environmental challenges abound – and the trust deficit continues. The 5 myths of marketing to Millennials (single page view) At the dawn of the third millennium, there aroseth a new generation of consumers, called Millennials, and the great and mighty brands looked upon this generation and did lust after their spending power greatly. But the ways of the Millennials were strange to the brands, who despaired of winning their favor. Then there aroseth in the land many false prophets, who said unto the brands, "Giveth unto us a large retainer, plus travel expenses, that we may deliver these Millennials unto you, for their strange ways are known only to us." In this way many were deceived, and despair filled the land, except among those whose retainers purchased ski vacations in Banff. As a Gen-Xer, I'm a little jealous that marketing gurus never burned so many mental calories trying to figure me out.

Here’s What Top Trend Spotter Faith Popcorn Sees for 2016 When it comes to spotting cultural trends, consultant and futurist Faith Popcorn has a pretty good track record. The founder and CEO of marketing firm Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, her hit list includes foreseeing the demand for fresh foods, the move toward four-wheel drive vehicles and the demise of film. She was one of the first to talk about “cocooning” and to anticipate the boom in home delivery. Yet Popcorn’s vision can also sound dystopian. In recent years, the New Yorker and best-selling author has zeroed in on consumers’ desire to escape reality and to retreat into a fantasy world.

danah boyd I am surrounded by people who are driven by good intentions. Educators who want to inform students, who passionately believe that people can be empowered through knowledge. Activists who have committed their lives to addressing inequities, who believe that they have a moral responsibility to shine a spotlight on injustice. Journalists who believe their mission is to inform the public, who believe that objectivity is the cornerstone of their profession.

Why Gamification has Value for Marketing Gamification could be a beneficial complementary tool to traditional, online and social media marketing strategies. It especially can be very useful for relationship marketing where consumers are to be retained in the long-term by gaining their trust. Research has shown that consumers, who have meaningful interactions with a company, tend to become loyal towards that company. The A.I. Revolution Is On Today’s A.I. bears little resemblance to its initial conception. The field’s trailblazers believed success lay in mimicking the logic-based reasoning that human brains were thought to use. Photo: Dwight Eschliman; Illustration: Zee Rogér warehouses are a bit of a jumble. Boxes of pacifiers sit above crates of onesies, which rest next to cartons of baby food. In a seeming abdication of logic, similar items are placed across the room from one another.

Click, click, click, click. Zynga and the gamification of clicking « G Although the era of the social network game officially began with the launch of the Facebook Platform in 2007, it wasn’t until 2009 that social network games began to attract the spotlight of mainstream media with the runaway successes of several games. Not surprisingly, since that moment the online gaming industry has been fully occupied with discerning and attempting to replicate the elements that have made those Facebook games fruitful. Both academics and industry members have engaged in a hearty amount of discussion and speculation as to the reasons for the success seen by social network gaming, watching the evolution of the genre as companies have both emerged and retreated from the industry.Despite the large number of games appearing on Facebook by a variety of publishers and developers almost none have come close to meeting or bypassing the initial pace set by game developer Zynga.

Why Social Media Marketing May Be Hurting, Rather Than Helping, Your Business Because nearly everyone nowadays seems to have at least one social media account, many businesses have embraced social media as a way to connect with more people—customers and prospects—and to drive promotions. A poorly managed business social media campaign, however, can easily backfire if the right measures are not put in place by key people in your organization. Social media is in real time, and something can go wrong in only a millisecond. So if you're using social media for marketing, what can go wrong?

news & innovation in architecture mar 31, 2016 #architecture last year, hadid spoke with designboom about her upbringing, influences, and creative vision. see her » following a complete re-structuring, the symbolic towers have been re-connected and rehabilitated to the » the acclaimed iraqi-born architect died of a heart attack in a miami hospital, where she was being treated » How Brain Science Turns Browsers into Buyers: SXSW Recap If you were one of the many folks at SXSW who weren’t able to get into the room to view Sunday’s SXSW panel, How Brain Science Turns Browsers into Buyers, or if you weren’t at SXSW at all, here’s a recap. (If you were turned away at the door, or had to sit on the floor, please accept our apologies. We don’t pick the venue, and this year SXSW put branding and neuromarketing panels in smallish rooms at the Intercontinental.

The pivot to Asia - Counting the Cost The United States has been making efforts to refocus its military, trade and economic ties with the part of the world that is actually still growing - Southeast Asia. But as ever it is not as simple as that because Barack Obama, the US president, has been touring Southeast Asian nations, trying to persuade them to join a trade-free agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The catch is that the agreement excludes China. There is a bit of competition for the region's money - the US trade with ASEAN totalled $178bn in 2010 whereas Chinese trade with the region hit almost $300bn in 2011. But both sides have the ambition to push trade past $500bn by the year 2015. So just how important are the ASEAN nations to the US and to the regional powerhouse China?

The World's Richest Countries And Biggest Economies, In 2 Graphics : Planet Money Gross Domestic Product — GDP — may have its limits. But it's a useful, broad measure for looking at national economies. It's basically the total dollar value of all of the goods and services a country produces in a year. Here are all the countries with GDP of over $100 billion: Notes GDP at current exchange rate for 2010. Social@Ogilvy This post first appeared on Fast Company By now, hopefully, we can all agree that we have collectively debunked the myth of manufactured “virality.” Most brands understand they cannot create the magical piece of content that actually helps their business and sparks an avalanche of sharing like Harlem Shake, Justin Bieber, and the latest contraption choreography from OK-Go.

First World Happiness Report Launched at the United Nations The happiest countries in the world are all in Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands). Their average life evaluation score is 7.6 on a 0-to-10 scale. The least happy countries are all poor countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Togo, Benin, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone) with average life evaluation scores of 3.4. But it is not just wealth that makes people happy: Political freedom, strong social networks and an absence of corruption are together more important than income in explaining well-being differences between the top and bottom countries. At the individual level, good mental and physical health, someone to count on, job security and stable families are crucial.

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