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Sexual and indecent acts calgary defence lawyer

Sexual and indecent acts calgary defence lawyer
Sexual and indecent acts offences are a unique classification of criminal offences as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. These types of offences often involve some form or act of a sexual nature. Keep in mind, for some of these offences, there may not be any form of actual sexual activity, but mere the suggestion of it. Some of the more common sexual and indecent acts offences are: Prostitution Offences: Communicating for the purpose of or living off the avails of prostitution.Child Pornography Offenses: Possessing, making, accessing or distributing child pornography.Under Age Offences: Sexual touching or sexual interference of a person under age 16.Sexual ExploitationNudityInternet Luringv Indecent ExhibitionIndecent ActsInterfering with a Dead BodySexual Assault Offences: Sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault causing bodily harm, and aggravated sexual assault. Indecent Telephone CallsProcuring for Illicit Sexual Purposes Mr.

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Property and Financial Crimes Criminal offences relating to property offences, theft, and financial crimes include white collar crimes, automobile theft, robbery, breaking and entering, cybercrimes, identity theft, arson, shoplifting, beaches of contract, money laundering, and other such crimes are defined under the Criminal Code of Canada. Penalties for such crimes could include fines, probation, imprisonment and travel restrictions. Being charged with one of these offences requires professional and experienced representation from a property and financial crimes lawyer in Calgary. Some property and financial crimes are considered minor cases, while others are much more serious. Regardless of the actual criminal offence, it is important to treat the charge as serious, no matter whether you were charged with shoplifting or robbery. Mr.

Statutory and Regulatory Violations Statutory and regulatory violations are special types of offences where the accused has violated provincial laws. Most of these offences carry with them penalties in the form of fines. Offenders are normally issued a ticket for violating the act or regulation, like speeding or failing to stop at a red light. Jail time is only considered in cases where the charges are much more serious. Violence and Domestic Violence criminal defence lawyer calgary Violent and personal criminal charges range in severity based upon the actual crime. Some of the more common offences, as defined under the Criminal Code of Canada, include: Criminal NegligenceAssaultDomestic AssaultSexual assaultKidnappingUttering ThreatsWeapons and Firearms OffencesHarassmentManslaughter and MurderChild AbandonmentChild AbuseLibel and SlanderHate PropagandaEndangering or Injuring AnimalsAssaulting a Police/Peace OfficerTortureStalkingAccessory After the Fact In most cases, the accused either threatened to cause or actually caused harm to another psychologically or physically.

Impaired and Driving Offences The Criminal Code of Canada defines impaired and driving offences as those involving the use of a motorized vehicle, such as a car, truck, motorcycle, or semi-truck, during the commission of the offence. Some of the more common impaired and driving criminal offences one might be charged with include: Impaired DrivingDriving Over 0.80%Refusing to Provide a Breath SampleDriving on a Suspended LicenseImpaired or DUI Causing Bodily Harm and/or DeathStreet RacingDangerous/Reckless DrivingDangerous /Reckless Driving Causing Bodily Harm and/or DeathLeaving the Scene of an AccidentFailing to Stop at the Scene of an Accident

Drug Offences Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary Drug offences are defined under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Drug offences not only involve illegal substances, but also prescription drugs. Some of the more common charges the Crown brings against a person include possession, drug distribution/ trafficking, possession of proceeds from criminal activities, possession for the purpose of distribution and trafficking, drug exportation and importation, and drug production. The following is a brief overview of certain drug offences and should not be viewed as legal advice. Drug Possession: Being found in possession with a controlled substance in a small quantity viewed by the law as for personal use, not trafficking and distribution. Drug Distribution/Trafficking: Distributing controlled substances to other individuals for their own person usage or to other individuals, who distribute the drugs on your behalf.

Weapons charges - Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer Having a weapons offence lawyer in Calgary represent you against weapons charges has a direct impact on obtaining positive results in your case. Paul Gracia has successfully represented clients facing all types of weapons offenses, from minor possession to more serious charges of using a weapon during the commission of another crime. Weapons offences are defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. A weapon is defined as any object or item which may be used in such a manner for intimidation or to threaten harm, injury and/or death of another person or physically inflict injury or cause the death of another person. A weapon is not limited to prohibited and restricted weapons either. Mr.

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Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary Paul Gracia, B.Ed., M.Ed., J.D., Barrister and Solicitor, is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta, and is an active member of various organizations, including the Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Association. Mr. Gracia graduated from Law School at the University of Calgary in 2005, was called to the Bar in 2006 and has been practicing criminal law steadily since then. Unlike most lawyers, who practice in various areas of law, Mr. Gracia practices exclusively in the area of criminal law.

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