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World Family Names

World Family Names
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Online Shakespeare Course: Shakespeare After All with Harvard Faculty Marjorie Garber, PhD, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English and American Literature and Language and of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University This free online Shakespeare course focuses on Shakespeare’s later plays beginning with Measure for Measure and ending with The Tempest. Building on the discussions of individual plays in Marjorie Garber’s book Shakespeare After All, this course takes note of key themes, issues, and interpretations of the plays, focusing on questions of genre, gender, politics, family relations, silence and speech, and cultural power from both above and below (royalty, nobility, and the court; clowns and fools). Designed as part lecture-presentation and part discussion, this is a course that is meant to be interactive, taking up topics generated by students as well as by the instructor. The lecture videos The Quicktime and MP3 formats are available for download, or you can play the Flash version directly. Introduction Troilus and Cressida Othello

‘OUR COUSIN WILL’. An Interlude. Episode One. | The Shakespeare Code An Interlude Being the True Account of the Life of William Shakespeare, performed by Mr. William Beeston, Gent., and his Troop of Alchemical Spirits, at Posbrook Farm, Titchfield, Hampshire, in the Year of Our Lord, 1623. Re-created by Stewart Trotter © Stewart Trotter. 14th August, 2012 This is Episode One of OUR COUSIN WILL - a stage-play in Two Acts. The Play has been ‘workshopped’ at Titchfield and in London and is fully copyrighted. ….as kind enough to read an early draft of the play and pronounced it….. a delight….. The distinguished actor director and teacher , ANDREW JARVIS…. …took part in a recent read-through of the play in London and wrote to Stewart Trotter… I think your play is wonderful. If your company is interested in performing the piece, please leave your contact details for Stewart Trotter at ‘Leave a Comment’ at the foot of the post. OUR COUSIN WILL is in the form of an ‘Interlude’ – an entertainment which was popular in Elizabethan times. And continues to hold… Night-time.

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World If you’re a visual learner like myself, then you know maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that. Hopefully some of these maps will surprise you and you’ll learn something new. A few are important to know, some interpret and display data in a beautiful or creative way, and a few may even make you chuckle or shake your head. If you enjoy this collection of maps, the Sifter highly recommends the r/MapPorn sub reddit. You should also check out 1. 2. 3. 4. Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming about 300 million years ago. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 37. 38. 39. 40. *Bonus* World Map Tattoo with Countries Visited Coloured

Bind your own books In today's creative environment, where promotional material is routinely sent in the form of a digital file via email, a handmade self-promotional book can make a cost-effective, personal and unique alternative to help you stand out. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to bind a book in a few easy steps. We'll cover some important tips for setting up page spreads and cover templates in Adobe's InDesign, as well as the essential tools and techniques you need to bind your own books. If you need any bookbinding materials, a good source is Shepherds Falkiners. You'll also find an illustrated diagram of the sewing technique we used to make this project in the support files, to aid you as you go. Promotion Software: InDesign CS3 or later Skills: Create page templates in InDesign, perfect your binding and stitching techniques Download the support file here 01. First, set up your book's page template in InDesign by creating a new document. 02. Experiment with paper stocks to see which works best.

Baconian Cipher Francis Bacon created this method of hiding one message within another. It is not a true cipher, but just a way to conceal your secret text within plain sight. The way it originally worked is that the writer would use two different typefaces. One would be the "A" typeface and the other would be "B". There are two versions. For example, let's take the message "Test It" and encode it with the distinct codes for each letter. When decoding, it will use "0", "A", and "a" as an "A"; "1", "B", and "b" are all equivalent as well. This is your encoded or decoded text:

18 interesting geographical facts Luca Oct 19,2013 1. According to Guinness Book of Records, the longest geographical name is “Taumatawhakatangihangak oauauotamateaturipukaka pikimaungahoronukupokaiwhe nua kitanatahu” . It has 85 letters and it’s the name of a hill in New Zealand. 2. 3. same name in Norway. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Most underrated songs by the most overrated artists. Songs for when you’re stuck in the friend zone… Requested by Big Teddy Bear · Compiled by BFFE Man, do I know the feeling. 01. The Magnetic Fields - “I’m Sorry I Love You” (69 Love Songs) 02. Music to find yourself and start all over again to Requested by NLJ89 · Compiled by Bathtub Drain Epiphany These tracks have gotten me through changing majors, applying for grad school, breaking up and the everyday meltdown. 01. songs to drown out the construction going on outside my dorm Requested by rawdrey · Compiled by quomodo Some of these may be headache-inducing, especially in a row, but I think musical cacophony is always preferable to construction cacophony. 01. waving from the Antarctica Requested by drSnow · Compiled by Real Gone 01. music to perform to on a lonely bed Requested by mynahBrrd · Compiled by a plebeian 01. i should be sleeping, but i’m worried about you and thinking about him Requested by dk mermaid · Compiled by birdsvsworms Side A 01. Side B 01. 01. 01. SIDE A. 01. SIDE B. 01.

Bulletproof Knowledge | Reach The State of High Performance Resource: World Geography Games With approximately 190 countries dotted across our vast planet, learning details on all country locations, flags and capital cities can be a challenge for most. Now a new website helps test your knowledge of locations of different countries, capital cities along with other geographical features of our planet. World Geography Games can help test knowledge of Countries, capitals and flags of all the nations of the world, as well as Continents, Earth, atmosphere, Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Rivers, Straits and Canals, Regions, Islands, Metropolitan Areas, Mountains, Volcanoes and Deserts. You can focus on one region of the planet if you wish in some of the activities, if you are learning about specific areas. The site is well designed, and the games really do test you knowledge of the areas you are focusing on, with the information contained in the atmosphere and earth sections being particularly helpful. Click here to visit the site: World Geography Games.

How Lock Picking Works" Most people carry five to 10 keys with them whenever they go out. On your key ring you might have several keys for the house, one or two more for the car and a few for the office or a friend's house. Your key ring is a clear demonstration of just how ubiquitous lock technology is: You probably interact with locks dozens of times every week. The main reason we use locks everywhere is that they provide us with a sense of security. In this article, we'll look at the very real practice of lock picking, exploring the fascinating technology of locks and keys in the process. ­ Locksmiths define lock-picking as the manipulation of a lock's components to open a lock without a key. ­Locks ­come in all shapes and sizes, with many innovative design variations. For most of us, the most familiar lock is the standard dead-bolt lock you might find on a front door. A deadbolt lock's only job is to make it simple for someone with a key to move the bolt but difficult for someone without a key to move it.