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SILK For the past couple of years we've been working on the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. Covering the whole of Kent the project has inspired local community projects and dementia action alliances to form. The past few months we've been hard at work creating a website that captures all the activity that has happened under the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. The website quietly went live a few weeks ago and we wanted to share it on here: The site is not finished, in the future we hope it will be updated by the local alliances and project teams to continue to share the work they are doing, inspiring other communities along the way. We're still editing and adding to the site so if anyone has any comments please do get in touch.

COLAB Brand Strategy + Design Helsinki Design Lab Creating new opportunities and exposing hidden risks in the health care ecosystem A multi-disciplinary team led by the architects of Elemental design a radical new typology of social housing that is able to grow over time, both in size and in value. We see how they practice strategic design, discovering along the way that: A realistic look at the status quo can inspire new design solutions that address higher-order challenges Participatory processes should be carefully designed not to make promises that are too big to keep Savvy engagement with the media is useful to generate political capital necessary to launch an unconventional design A group of designers at the Royal College of Art in London work with the DePuy company to develop completely new surgical instruments. Innovations carry risk, but so too does the status quo Expert users are sometimes blinded to the necessity of innovation by virtue of their highly developed coping skills

-CHRISTOPHE GOUACHE- Sama-sama ng disenyo* Us Now Us Now is a documentary film project "about the power of mass collaboration, the government and the Internet"[1] The New York Times describes it as a film which "paints a future in which every citizen is connected to the state as easily as to Facebook, choosing policies, questioning politicians, collaborating with neighbours."[2] The documentary weaves together the perceptions of leading thinkers on the power of the web, with the overriding suggestion that people gain a sense of satisfaction from active participation rather than symbolic representation in decision-making processes.[3] (Rebecca Frankel, editor of Channel 4's FourDocs) Synopsis[edit] The Us Now website describes the project as an examination of the role of the internet, and more specifically Web 2.0 in facilitating direct public governance without the need for politicians. Release and distribution[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "Us Now website". External links[edit]

NorthernLight Public Sector Innovation in the public sector often requires breaking away from historical thinking. Through our passion, clarity, and a reliable methodology, IDEO helps clients tackle some of the most inspirational — and challenging — issues that government leaders face. We’re committed to enabling meaningful participation among government employees and citizens that leads to large-scale, positive change. At IDEO, we bring our private sector knowledge, connections, and experience to government and nonprofit projects to augment what clients already do well. IDEO’s approach gives our clients the comfort and confidence to move beyond compliance and really innovate. Rather than deliver formulaic answers, we ask provocative questions that spur dialog, ideas, and solutions within organizations. We focus on knowledge-management systems, business-process redesign, organizational transformation, service design, and innovation strategy and capability-building.

Les Ekovores news « thinkpublic Looking for thinkpublic? We’re taking a pause, as our founding director Deborah is going on maternity leave from September 2012. We’ve learnt from many of our projects with new mums and children’s services, that starting a family can be like starting a business, extremely consuming in both time and energy. Which is why we are finishing off our current projects and pausing the work of the studio, we see this time as a chance to focus on a few initiatives, whilst feeding our imaginations. “I started thinkpublic when I was 23 and I had no idea what an impact it would create. thinkpublic has grown from strength to strength, I have been lucky to work with some amazing people on a diverse and exciting range of projects. We’ve had an amazing time over the last 9 years leading and shaping the movement of social design and innovation in the UK and beyond. And we know there is more to do. Watch some of our great films Read some of our press and stories Browse thinkpublic team and project photos

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