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SILK For the past couple of years we've been working on the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. Covering the whole of Kent the project has inspired local community projects and dementia action alliances to form. The past few months we've been hard at work creating a website that captures all the activity that has happened under the Kent Dementia Friendly Communities project. The website quietly went live a few weeks ago and we wanted to share it on here: Dunne & Raby Dunne & Raby use design as a medium to stimulate discussion and debate amongst designers, industry and the public about the social, cultural and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies. Anthony is professor and head of the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art in London. He studied Industrial Design at the RCA before working at Sony Design in Tokyo.

Helsinki Design Lab Creating new opportunities and exposing hidden risks in the health care ecosystem A multi-disciplinary team led by the architects of Elemental design a radical new typology of social housing that is able to grow over time, both in size and in value. We see how they practice strategic design, discovering along the way that: Us Now Us Now is a documentary film project "about the power of mass collaboration, the government and the Internet"[1] The New York Times describes it as a film which "paints a future in which every citizen is connected to the state as easily as to Facebook, choosing policies, questioning politicians, collaborating with neighbours."[2] The Beach - Welcome @ the beach Sociaal ontwerp met Jogi Panghaal Sustainist Design workshop Januari dit jaar deden master studenten van de Reinwardt Academie en de Academie voor Bouwkunst mee aan een workshop sustainist design in de Garage Notweg. De workshop werd begeleid door Jogi Panghaal, een ontwerper en onderzoeker uit India, door cultuursocioloog Michiel Schwarz en social designer Diana Krabbendam.

Public Sector Innovation in the public sector often requires breaking away from historical thinking. Through our passion, clarity, and a reliable methodology, IDEO helps clients tackle some of the most inspirational — and challenging — issues that government leaders face. We’re committed to enabling meaningful participation among government employees and citizens that leads to large-scale, positive change. news « thinkpublic Looking for thinkpublic? We’re taking a pause, as our founding director Deborah is going on maternity leave from September 2012. We’ve learnt from many of our projects with new mums and children’s services, that starting a family can be like starting a business, extremely consuming in both time and energy. Which is why we are finishing off our current projects and pausing the work of the studio, we see this time as a chance to focus on a few initiatives, whilst feeding our imaginations. “I started thinkpublic when I was 23 and I had no idea what an impact it would create. thinkpublic has grown from strength to strength, I have been lucky to work with some amazing people on a diverse and exciting range of projects.

Metahaven Lectures / Exhibitions January 31, 2014 The Black Stack Metahaven with Benjamin H. SILK: About SILK SILK is a small team based within Kent County Council that was set up in 2007 to ‘do policy differently’. Over the past 4 years we have been doing projects which have demonstrated the benefits of working in a different way and have developed a Methodology and Toolkit which provide a structure for the way we work. We believe that the best solutions come from the people who are closest to the issue; this could be service users, residents or frontline staff. We go much further than community consultation and we believe that people should be actively involved in the design of services that they are going to use or deliver.

DesignGov the first 6 months I am happy to announce in my first blog post as CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design, that the Centre will be known from now on as DesignGov. Our tagline, our statement of intent and what we are about at DesignGov, is ‘Reframing problems, reshaping experiences’. Design driven innovation is proving to play a key role in providing new ways of understanding or reframing problems and therefore offers new ways of addressing known problems in corporate, community and government sectors throughout the world, including Australia. The aim of public sector design and innovation is to reshape people’s lived experiences – to reduce the gap between what is and what should be, and to add a bit of ‘wow’. And this is both for the citizen outside and the public sector worker inside! The other key elements of DesignGov’s identity are that we are an asset of the entire APS.

MindLab - Cases New Nordic school is challenging the standard assumption that change is primarily something that comes from the top. Proposed changes to the law and frameworks play an important role, but changes and improvements don't really begin until individual pedagogues, teachers or heads, together with the children and their parents make the changes real. But how can we create the best possible interaction between New Nordic School and the frameworks and development tracks laid out by individual municipalities? The Government has pointed towards the food industry as a major contributor to Denmark's future growth.