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Love146 provides holistic care for survivors of child sexual exploitation and journeys with them as they are reintegrated back into communities. Love146 reaches out to youth in schools, group homes and community settings, teaching them how to protect themselves and their friends from trafficking. Love146 trains professionals who encounter children, such as teachers and social workers, as well as grassroots aftercare workers, giving them tools to protect & restore. Love146 resources new Abolitionists and existing grassroots efforts with education, staff training, strategic funding, field evaluation, and academic support.

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Victim of child pornography sues her exploiters "It sort of brings things full circle in that sense, for her to get the justice that she went out there and helped other people get," said Leighton Moore, one of her lawyers. Mancuso and the others are just the first defendants in what could grow to be an unusual suit worth more than $100 million - at least on paper. Most class claims are brought by an aggrieved group of plaintiffs against a common defendant, such as customers who buy the same defective tires or clients who follow the same negligent advice from a financial company. Allen's claim works in reverse, targeting as a defendant anyone who illegally accessed the child images of her, a class that could grow every day. Like all child pornography victims, Allen gets a notice from the U.S.

The destructive culture of pretty pink princesses Girls the world over often go through a "princess phase," enthralled with anything pink and pretty — most especially the Disney princesses. When it happened to Peggy Orenstein's daughter Daisy, the contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine stepped back to examine the phenomenon. She found that the girlie-girl culture being marketed to little girls was less innocent than it might seem, and can have negative consequences for girls' psychological, social and physical development. Orenstein's exploration took her to Walt Disney World, the American Girl flagship store in New York City and a child beauty pageant. She details her quest in the new book, "Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture" (Harper Collins, Jan. 25).

Human trafficking roundup nets 75 in Spain, France Smugglers charged up to $66,000 to bring migrants into Europe and the U.S., police saySpanish police arrested two suspects they called the ringleaders and 49 othersAnother 24 were arrested in France after a two-year probe Madrid (CNN) -- A gang that smuggled Chinese citizens into the United States and Europe, sometimes forcing them to work as prostitutes, has been busted with 75 arrests in Spain and France, authorities announced Saturday. The trafficking ring was based in -- and directed from -- China, but its two suspected leaders in Europe were arrested in the operation, in Barcelona, Spanish national police said in a statement.

Pédophilie : Verts de honte en Allemagne LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Frédéric Lemaître La critique a d'abord touché Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Puis le parti écologiste dans son ensemble. Puis, par ricochet, le Parti libéral (FDP). Et maintenant la presse. Et la vague est loin d'être retombée. Infographic of the Day: How the Global Food Market Starves the Poor To understand the complexities of the international food market--and how traders in Chicago can cause Africans to starve--you could get a ph.D. in economics, or read a 400-page report from the World Bank. Or you watch this superb nine minute video, directed by Denis van Waerebeke. Though ostensibly created for a science show in Paris for 12 year olds, it's actually probably waaaay over a kid's head. Just watch--it's excellent, and very well illustrated: The video begins with a basic question: How is it that the first world has an oversupply of food, while 1 in 7 in the world go malnourished?

Film + Books Remy was joined our Round Home in the Philippines in 2009. When she was 12, she was sold by a trafficker for $73 to a sex club. What happened next, Remy shares, “One day, the trafficker said we would go to the port and board a ship. Les Verts allemands revisitent leurs discussions passées sur la dépénalisation de la pédophilie LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Frédéric Lemaître (Berlin, correspondant) Il n'y a pas que les Verts qui, au début des années 1980, ont envisagé de dépénaliser la pédophilie en Allemagne. La question a aussi taraudé le Parti libéral, le FDP, notamment la structure regroupant ses jeunes sympathisants. Anonymous U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Border Security In 2000, Congress signed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act into law, representing the beginning of a large-scale, coordinated effort by the United States government to fight human trafficking. A decade later, human trafficking remains prevalent. According to the most recent figures available (Source: United Nations, International Labor Organization): There are at least 12.3 million enslaved adults and children around the world "at any given time."Of these, at least 1.39 million are victims of commercial sexual servitude, both internationally and within national borders.

Decreased Cortical Representation of Genital Somatosensory Field After Childhood Sexual Abuse In the regression of cortical thickness against CTQ total score across all subscales, the results revealed a widespread effect of cortical thinning as a function of childhood adversity (Figure 1). The area most prominently affected in the left hemisphere was the somatosensory cortex laterally (local maxima at Talairach coordinates x=−19, y=−31, z=78; F=19.3, p<0.001; x=−62, y=−7, z=34; F=16.4, p<0.001), in locations associated with sensory representation of the female clitoris and surrounding genital area as well as the mouth area (for details regarding the precise location of the somatosensory genital field as identified using functional MRI of neural response to stimulation, see references 22 and 23). Anchor for JumpAnchor for Jump

America Has an Incest Problem - Mia Fontaine People are rightly horrified by abuse scandals at Penn State and in the Catholic church. But what about children who are molested by their own family members? David McNew/Reuters Last year offered plenty of moments to have a sustained national conversation about child sexual abuse: the Jerry Sandusky verdict, the BBC's Jimmy Savile, Horace Mann's faculty members, and a slew of slightly less publicized incidents. Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources This is a very large individual Web page (over 50 printed pages). Please be patient as it loads. For your convenience, I suggest that you begin by checking out the Table of Contents, then scrolling down to read the Preface, Words of Caution, and Introduction.