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Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2017

Key Issues in Teaching and Learning 2017
Sunsetted: Key Issues in Teaching and Learning For more information regarding the key trends, emerging technologies and practices, and future implications in educational technology, refer to the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report. If you have any questions regarding the annual Key Issues in Teaching and Learning survey, please contact Kathe Pelletier, Director, Teaching and Learning Program, EDUCAUSE. Each year, ELI surveys the higher education community to determine key issues and opportunities in postsecondary teaching and learning. These key issues serve as the framework, or focal points, for our discussions and programming throughout the coming year. More than 1,400 community members voted, and the following were identified as the 2019 Key Issues. Download the infographic below and share with colleagues, or explore each of the issues more deeply with these resources. Issues, Technologies, and Trends Resources Take a Deeper Dive into the Key Issues 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

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2018 top trends in academic libraries: A review of the trends and issues affecting academic libraries in higher education ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee A review of the trends and issues affecting academic libraries in higher education Members of the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee: Chris Palazzolo (chair) is head of collection development and social sciences librarian at Emory University, email:; M. Every other year, the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee produces a document on top trends in higher education as they relate to academic librarianship. Consejo Nacional de Educación El Proyecto Educativo Nacional 2036: El reto de la ciudadanía plena llama a que el esfuerzo nacional en el terreno educativo se enlace con las labores necesarias en distintos ámbitos de la vida nacional para lograr una ciudadanía plena; es decir, para que todas las personas, sin distinción de ningún tipo, podamos ejercer plenamente todos nuestros derechos (entre ellos, el derecho a la educación) sin menoscabo alguno, sea por deficiencias en los servicios que coadyuvan a su ejercicio (como una educación académicamente deficiente o que descuide el desarrollo integral del potencial humano) o porque estos reproducen injusticias sociales preexistentes.

4 Tips That Will Prepare You for the Future of Search & SEO The more things change, the more they stay the same. We are experiencing a period of unprecedented flux in the search industry. But dig deeper, and there are some elements that hold stubbornly true. Historically, search has been about Google and it has been about text. There has been a shift in this relationship, as voice-based digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa take hold, and search results become much more varied. The way we approach search has also changed. 10 preguntas clave para crear ecosistemas de aprendizaje digital Lea Sulmont, experta en temas de educación y docente de UPC, presentó en el Congreso Internacional de Innovación Educativa 2019 que se desarrolla en el Tec de Monterrey los aspectos fundamentales del Manual para crear ecosistemas de aprendizaje con el aula virtual que desarrolló con apoyo de la Fundación Telefónica. En el manual se discuten estas y otras preguntas que ayudarán a docentes, estudiantes e instituciones educativas a implementar ecosistemas de aprendizaje digital. ¿Qué desafíos supone aprender en el siglo XXI?¿Cómo intervienen las TIC en el ecosistema de aprendizaje?

Center for the Future of Libraries: Trends The Center for the Future of Libraries works to identify trends relevant to libraries and librarianship. This collection is available to help libraries and librarians understand how trends are developing and why they matter. Each trend is updated as new reports and articles are made available. New trends will be added as they are developed. Trends will be organized into seven categories: Society, Technology, Education, the Environment, Politics (and Government), Economics, and Demographics (STEEPED). A comparative analysis of international frameworks for 21st century competences: Implications for national curriculum policies National curricula need to change drastically to comply with the competences needed for the 21st century. In this paper eight frameworks describing 21st century competences were analysed. A comprehensive search for information about 21st century competences was conducted across the official websites of the selected frameworks, resulting in 32 documents that were analysed in detail. Travers and Westbury’s framework of curriculum representations was used to determine horizontal and vertical consistency between the frameworks.

Rob Kerry on the future of search: 2016 and beyond At the inaugural Ayima Insights digital marketing conference, Ayima co-founder Rob Kerry gave us his insights into how the field of search is currently developing, and what the future may hold in 2016 and beyond. Things were simpler back in the early days of online search. Or so I’m told – I wasn’t actually there, but Rob Kerry painted a vivid picture during his presentation at Ayima Insights Conference last Thursday. Daily chart - The pandemic is widening educational inequality EVEN BEFORE the pandemic sent pupils packing, there was a large gap in achievement between rich and poor students. In Britain in 2018, for example, children from disadvantaged backgrounds were twice as likely to leave school without basic qualifications in English and maths as their wealthier peers. After months of coronavirus-induced school closures, that gap has no doubt grown even wider. With kids banned from classrooms, most learning has moved online. The shift has been easier for some than for others. In Britain, nearly two-thirds of private schools already had platforms for online learning in place, compared with just a quarter of the most poorly funded state schools, according to the Sutton Trust, a charity.

Council Post: The Future Of Search: Evolving Algorithms And Voice Search Like most digital marketers, I stay current with all Google’s major algorithm changes. I also do a lot of experimenting with various other digital marketing strategies. I’m often pleasantly surprised by the results.

La rueda de las emociones de Robert Plutchik: ¿qué es y qué muestra? Las emociones son uno de los fenómenos que más altibajos ha experimentado a lo largo de la historia de la Psicología. Así, han vivido momentos en los que resultaban un asunto de importancia capital, y otros en los que apenas eran consideradas. En la actualidad la vida emocional es objeto de interés para la mayoría de profesionales que se dedican al estudio de la mente y la conducta, habiéndose categorizado de muy diversas formas. The Future of Search: Beyond Google? - The Click Hub As search marketers, we have a habit of being too focused on search engines in their traditional form. We use acronyms such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) to define our approach to the digital experience. But, with increasing evidence to suggest that the future of search will contain many different elements, how much longer will the traditional Google search engine be our first port of call?

*Improving access and delivery of academic content - a survey of current & emerging trends Recently the CWTS Leiden Rankings for 2020 was released and like many institution rankings , it used common research indicators such as PP(top 1%). The number and the proportion of a university’s publications that, compared with other publications in the same field and in the same year, belong to the top 1% most frequently cited. More importantly it included less commonly seen indicators like Open Access Indicators and Gender Indicators. Virtual Voice Assistants: LTR: Win Shih and Erin RiveroVol 56, No 4 (2020) DOI: Open Access Subscription Access Library Technology Reports vol. 56, no. 4 (May/June 2020), "Virtual Voice Assistants," by Win Shih and Erin Rivero