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Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi Pattern
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How To Amigurumi | Pattern | Tutorial I heard friends and readers asking me how to do amigurumi, including patterns, materials, tools & tips etc…. you will find all the answers in this post: How-To Amigurumi!!! Frankly speaking, just like all other crafts, to make a decent looking amigurumi is not easy but it is not hard as you thought too. You need skill, skill comes from knowledge and practice…. and to success in crafting, you need patience and the “never-give-up” attitude – do it again and again until you are satisfied with the result. Amigurumi (編みぐるみ? Get the complete guide on how-to Amigurumi after this jump. I spent months to master the skill of these cutie doggie amigurumies, no joke! Recommended Amigurumi Books (Amazon Store): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Free online amigurumi patterns: 1. Pattern Reading Read chart or written pattern carefully and make sure you understand all the instructions. Other Tools Besides crochet hook, you will need the followings: 1. Practice, Practice & Practice!!! book.

The Beast (Prince Form) Crochet Pattern By Philae Artes Please, do not sell this pattern. It was made by me and I want it free…always! Yarn colors that you will use:-yellow -brown -light brown (skin) -blue -black -white felt HEADLight brown yarn Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic circle (6) Rnd 2: inc x6 (12) Rnd 3: *sc in next sc, inc* x6 (18) Rnd 4: *sc in next 2 sc, inc* x6 (24) Rnd 5: *sc in next 3 sc, inc* x6 (30) Rnd 6-9: sc in each sc (30) Rnd 10: *sc in next 3 sc, dec* x6 (24) Put the safety eyes. Rnd 11: *sc in next 2 sc, dec* x6 (18) Rnd 12: *sc in next sc, dec* x6 (12) Stuff. BODYBlue yarn. “TAIL” OF THE JACKETBlue yarn. You may have this: ARMS x2Light brown yarn. LEGS x2Black yarn. SHOES X2Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic circle (6) Rnd 2: inc x6 (12) Rnd 3: dec x6 (6) Sew to the legs, like this: Put all together: DETAILS OF THE CLOTHINGCut on the white felt a piece like this and use glue to attach to the body: Now chain 20 on yellow yarn and use glue to attach to the white felt, passing through his neck, like this: Curtir isso:

Amigurumi | Koala I found a Koala Amigurumi Pattern in the Woman’s Day website and I have some off-white and gray organic cotton yarns on hand, so I made a pair of these small little stuffed koalas for my kids in reverse color. Some ideas to make it differently: 1. This adorable little koala is about 3-5″ tall only (depend on your yarn and the matching hook size), install a key ring on it’s head and turn it into a key chain, hang it to the bag’s zipper. 2. 4. Follow the crochet pattern at the above pattern link to crochet all the parts of the koala, which consist of: 1 head (stuff firmly and complete) 1 body 1 nose 2 ears 4 limbs Remember to leave a long yarn end (about 6-8″) for every part so that you will have enough yarn to sew. Find the appropriate positions for the ears, approx at the center of the vertical cross section of the head, middle of the height. Sew to attach the nose in the center between the 2 ears. Stuff the body firmly and sew it to the bottom of the head. Get all updates via email:

100 Fresh & Free Packs of Photoshop Brushes You Should Have in 2012 Having a great collection of Photoshop brushes is essential for any creative person. These days the main issue with Photoshop brushes is not in looking for them, but in finding high-quality brushes. An overstock of materials for a designs creation leads to time loss. In order to save time and efforts you need to have your own “web design arsenal” in bookmarks. I’ve found these 100 Photoshop brushes sets of 2012 myself. Flash CMS Templates Downloads: 0 All the Photoshop brushes sets you see below are free and high-quality. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or just say “hello” in the comment section below. About the author Nancy Young Nancy Young is an ambitious and extraordinary writer. My Miffy bunny J'avais envie depuis longtemps de m'inspirer de Miffy, l'adorable petit lapin de Dick Bruna. La naissance d'un bébé chez une de mes amies est une bonne occasion pour créer un nouveau doudou. Ma version mesure environ 25 cm de haut, a les oreilles un peu trop longues... et attend une petite salopette à bretelles pour devenir suffisamment décent pour être offert. Il méritera sans doute aussi un petit blocage en machine pour améliorer la régularité du point. Modèle : création personnelle inspirée des dessins de Dick BrunaCrochet : 2,5 mmFil : Bergeronnette de Bergère de France (un fil qui n'existe plus, 80% acrylique et 20% laine, qui passe en machine sans problème), environ une pelote de 50 g (159 m / pelote)Bourrage : environ 3 collants découpés en fines lanières Pour celles qui veulent les indications, se reporter à mes autres explications d'amigurumis pour connaître les principes de construction. Bras : 3ml, 6 ms, 12 ms, 16 ms x 4 rgs, 13 s x 5 rgs.

The Beholder Pattern Leah B. (photo) Shoulder Beholder Beholders are one of the best known monsters from Dungeons and Dragons. They pop up everywhere. In fact, they're one of the more horrifying things to run into, since each of their eyes is capable of a different spell of ability. I had been promising The AntiCraft a Beholder hat for a while, but since I am an Angstylvanian by nature I decided that a hat was too much effort, so I crocheted a miniature version that turned into an amigurumi which can sit on your shoulder if you're a chaotic retarded pirate. by Leah B. Suggested Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual by E. Suggested Viewing Dungeons & Dragons (1983 rated TV-Y7) animated series on DVD, some episodes of which were written by Dave Arneson and E. Difficulty Coquette Click here for definitions of difficulty levels. Finished Measurements Materials Gauge N/A for amigurumi. Design Notes US terminology is used for all instructions. Directions Body: Leah B. Eyestalks: Finishing: About

Giant Doily Rug Blown up your doily and move it from table to floor!!!! Giant doily rug or floor mat is one of the most wanted crochet rugs in the recent years since it was created and made well-known by Ladies & Gentleman. Look at it, doesn’t its sublimity spice up the floor and the home decor? This giant doily rug is for my sister’s new house, I am going to make another one for mine when I am moving in… hopefully end of this year. The pattern I used is a modified 8-Point Poinsettia Doily from a Japanese crochet book, but basically you can use your favorite doily pattern to make it. . took part of the time since it comes in 200 feet each and I used 7 of them to make this. The total working hour to complete this doily rug is approximately 16 hours. Let’s jump to the crochet pattern after this and watch me how to join the braided cotton clothesline rope that has fiber core in it. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

100 Awesome Art Lessons on YouTube Whether you’re getting your bachelor’s degree in painting, graphic design or sculpture, there’s so much to learn about art — from its lush history to materials — that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yet art students shouldn’t fret. There’s a whole lifetime ahead to learn and numerous resources both in the classroom and outside of it for expanding your knowledge. One great place to seek out help with becoming a better artist is on YouTube. There, other artists, teachers and experts share their lessons on just about everything you could want to know. Drawing From how to sketch parts of the body to the best materials to use, these videos will help educate you on all things drawing-related. How to Draw a Realistic Eye: Eyes have been called the window to the soul, and if you want to create a realistic portrait you have to get them just right to give your drawing the emotion it needs. Painting Illustration Photography Graphic Design Sculpture Printmaking Comics

♥ tuto chouettes au crochet ♥ - Tournicote...à cloche-pied Points utilisés : ms = maille serrée 1 augmentation = 2ms = Pour augmenter d'une maille en milieu de rang, il suffit de piquer deux fois de suite le crochet dans la même maille. On a ainsi une maille serrée de plus au rang suivant = 2 mailles serrées dans la même maille 1 diminution = Pour diminuer une maille en milieu de rang, crocheter deux mailles serrées rabattues ensembles. Crochet n°3 , phil coton 3 phildar, coloris lotus, mercure, rosé, blanc et plomb (je crois) Corps : Commencer par faire deux mailles chainettes (ce que je fais) ou un cercle magique (tuto ici) Rang 1 : dans le cercle magique ou dans la 1ère maille chainette, faire 6 ms (on a 6m) Rang 2 :faire 2 ms dans chaque maille tout le tour (on a 12m) Rang 3 : *1 ms dans la maille suivante puis 2ms dans la maille suivante* répéter 6 fois (18m) Rang 4 : * 2 x 1ms, 2ms dans la maille suivante * répéter 6 fois (24m) Rang 5 : * 3 x 1ms, 2ms dans la maille suivante * répéter 6 fois (30m) Rangs 7 à 15 : 1ms dans chaque maille (36m) Tête :