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THRIVE – Que faut-il sur Terre pour prospérer ? (en français) Film sorti le 11 Novembre 2011 aux Etats-Unis Réalisé par Steve Gagné & Kimberly Carter Gamble et présenté par Foster Gamble son mari (Procter & Gamble) Gamble suggère que le tore est la forme la plus importante dans l’Univers. Par ailleurs le film couvre : les théories du complot relatifs à la censure de l’énergie libre, les ovnis, le système de réserve fractionnaire, et les crop circles. Ce documentaire non-conventionnel de plus de 2 heures lève le voile sur ce qui se passe « réellement » dans ce Monde ; en suivant notamment l’argent qui nous gouverne actuellement et en remontant à sa source – la découverte de la consolidation mondiale du Pouvoir dans presque chaque aspect de nos vies. Les remèdes à ces conditionnements contre-nature ? Achetez ce DVD ou Blu-ray (version multilingue) THRIVE est essentiellement décrit comme un « Zeitgeist 2.0 »… Lorsque vous alignez toutes ces affirmations présentées comme véridiques, il est difficile de ne pas penser à une sorte de blague.

Whites Who Oppose Racism: Here’s How To Stop Doing It Wrong | HaifischGeweint In the tradition of my first very similarly-titled blog post on how to be a better anti-misogyny ally, I am simply going to copy/paste the privilege-conscious disclaimer portion of that entry here. Some other sections of this blog post are also copy/pasted portions of that same blog post, because a lot of what I had to say there applies here as well. I’ve been working really hard for years now, to understand privilege and oppression, and how it plays into my own day-to-day life. I was born in North America, and continue to live here. I am a white person (my blood comes from all across Europe, not just the Northwest), who is also part Caucasian and part Jewish by ethnicity. I am college-educated, I have access to the internet, and my first language is English. You’re White (Me Too), You (We) Have White Privilege I’ve written about what it means to be white in North America — chiefly, that it isn’t just a matter of being pale-faced. The list goes on. Remember the cars again?

“Not All!” – Son of Baldwin – Medium I should state for the record that I don’t think all white people are consciously racist — or that all religious people are consciously queerantagonistic or all men are consciously misogynistic or all non-disabled people are consciously ableist/disabelist etc. When I talk about racism, queerantagonism, ableism/disableism and other oppressive psychologies, I’m talking about prevailing systems and institutions and the people who, wittingly or unwittingly, prop them up and perpetuate them. Unfortunately, non-racist, non-queerantagonistic, non-misogynistic, non-abelist/disableist, etc. systems and institutions do not prevail in this country. If the majority of people weren’t participants in and perpetrators of oppressive paradigms, there’s simply no way these paradigms would continue to be so successful. So my point of view is that it isn’t necessary to shout “NOT ALL!” We know “not all.” And some people will try to flip it, too, like: “Well, not all Christians are queerantagonistic.