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Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages

Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages
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BuildingBridges - aprender idiomas "Low cost devices and mobile platforms will revolutionise the educational sector" Puedes ver por debajo de las últimas entradas en Twitter para @BridgesSpain. Entrevistamos a una de las cofundadoras de FunBox , primer portal de edutenimiento que apuesta por un contenido educativo digital e innovador. ¿Puedes contarnos qué es Funbox y hablarnos un poco de ti? ¿Qué es exactamente el edutenimiento? ¿Cuánto tardaste en estar convencida de que Funbox tenía futuro? ¿Tenéis clientes extranjeros? Comparado con otros países, ¿crees que es más fácil o más difícil introducir videojuegos educativos en España? ¿Qué diferencia existe entre los libros interactivos que ya se usan en algunas escuelas y vuestros juegos educativos? Una de vuestras aplicaciones, MusicBOX, ya está disponible para XO. ¿Tenéis pensado abrir sucursales en el extranjero? Habéis sido finalistas o ganadores en varios concursos para start­ups. ¿Qué cambio legal te gustaría ver en beneficio de Funbox? ¿Alguna previsión de futuro?

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… - The Best Sites For Making Crossword Puzzles & Hangman Games I’ve already posted a list of sites where both teachers and students can make more sophisticated online games that would be useful for language development — The Best Websites For Creating Online Learning Games. Today, I’d like to create another “The Best…” list, this time focusing on more simple and “old-fashioned” word games like crossword puzzles and hangman. I’ll share places where you can create these games for free and have them hosted online so anyone can play them at anytime and will also list sites that allow you to easily create the games, but for printing out hard copies only. Either way, the only way I think these activities provide occasional useful learning opportunities is when students create the games themselves. Then, they can share them among their peers. Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Making Crossword Puzzles & Hangman Games: Just Crosswords is an easy way to create an online crossword puzzle. Play Kids Games is the latest addition to this list. Related

Creating Mobile Worksheets with QR Codes Published 14 September 2017 Nik Peachey continues his digital teaching series by exploring how QR codes can be used to create mobile worksheets. He provides simple steps to help you create them, plus a fun lesson activity download too! Many teachers underestimate the degree to which they already use technology, particularly in their lesson preparation. Taking a digital document and transferring it to paper to give to a classroom full of students (most of whom own some form of digital device that they could be using) to read and manipulate seems like an act of madness when there is a much better way to do this. The first step to this process is getting your documents online. Another simple alternative is to convert them to simple webpages and you can do this in minutes with It’s simple to add links to other web-based resources from the page and you can also add images or embed video from YouTube to these documents just by adding a link. Creating QR codes is simple.

Aprende inglés con Gareth H. Jones A simple blueprint for making creative ESL worksheets Published 13 October 2017 Robert Dobie is an ELT teacher and owner of the popular ESL resource site, All Things Grammar. This article follows on from Three ways to get the most out of speaking activities and is the final in the series. In this post, Robert talks about how to create effective ESL worksheets. As language teachers, we are all very familiar with worksheets. We know one when we see one. Step One – Brainstorm: Take a large, blank piece of paper and make three columns. Step Two – Make Connections: Take a minute or two and scan the three columns. These three words, you may recall, form the basis of the instructions of my worksheet called ‘Scissors Crossword – Places Around Town’ [Before class, the teacher cuts out the crossword clues and gives one clue to each student to remember; the students then tell the clues (from memory) to their classmates]. You can see how I used this strategy in another of my worksheets called Grammar and Listening – Present Perfect.

Traducir Others en inglés | Traductor inglés español gratis | SpanishDict other [ˈʌðə(r)] adjetivo otro(a) the other one -> el otro/la otra every other day/week -> cada dos días/semanas I work every other day/month -> trabajo un día/mes sí, un día/mes no the other day -> el otro día the other four -> los otros cuatro other people seem to like it -> parece que a otros les gusta other people's property -> propiedad ajena any other book -> cualquier otro libro somebody other than me should do it -> debería hacerlo alguien que no sea yo pronombre adverbio también: the color's odd — other than that, it's perfect -> el color es un poco raro, pero, por lo demás, resulta perfecto she never speaks of him other than admiringly -> siempre habla de él con admiración Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited other[a-dar] Otro, la persona o cosa diferente o distinta de aquella de que se habla. El segundo de dos; el opuesto.This book or the other -> este libro o el otroEvery other day -> un día sí y otro no; cada dos díasOn the other side -> del otro lado sustantivo otro

imagination noun ▪ great ▪ active, creative, fertile, lively, rich, strong, vivid ▪ fevered, overactive, overheated, wild It's just a product of your fevered imagination! ▪ limited a movie of such limited imagination ▪ collective, popular, public a popular hero who inspired the collective imagination ▪ visual I was no good at art—I have a very poor visual imagination. ▪ artistic, cultural, historical, literary, musical, poetic, political, romantic It requires a strong effort of historical imagination to understand the Roman attitude to death. ▪ moral (esp. an education that stimulates the moral imagination ▪ human the powers of the human imagination ▪ pure ▪ have ▪ show ▪ lack Today's music lacks imagination. ▪ require, take It does not take great imagination to guess what happened next. ▪ use I don't have a picture of this, so you'll just have to use your imagination. ▪ captivate, capture, catch, excite, feed, fire, fuel, grab (esp. 19th-century writers fired the popular imagination with their tales of adventure. ▪ haunt

Incredible Ways to Improve Your Online Study Skills Gone are days when you had to travel a long distance to a traditional classroom to undertake your favorite course. Nowadays, with the advent of computers and dedicated online study software, online course and learning have made things completely different. It could be you have just enrolled in your first online course, which is pretty good, but do you have the skills necessary for completing the course? Does it need the same, less, or more level of commitment just the like the traditional classroom setup you are used to? There is no doubt that taking online studies can be incredibly convenient for many learners. 1. Online courses best suit people who want to advance their level of education while doing other things like working in an organization, but it is always challenging to stay motivated and demonstrate a high level of self-discipline, which are crucial study skills for online students. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conclusion

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