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Rainbow Crochet Zipped Coin Purse Tutorial & SparklePetal - StumbleUpon

Rainbow Crochet Zipped Coin Purse Tutorial & SparklePetal - StumbleUpon
May 16, 2010 by sparklepetal This tutorial is to explain how I made my Rainbow Crochet Zipped Coin Purse. It’s my first tutorial, so I hope it makes sense (let me know if it doesn’t) and please excuse some dodgy low-light photography! To start with you need to crochet your circle. When you fold the circle in half it will look like a little crocheted rainbow: To turn this rainbow into a zipped coin purse you will need a small piece of lining fabric (8 inches square is plenty) and a zip slightly longer than the curved edge. Turn under a half-inch on one side of each tab and pin that edge onto the zip: Undo the zip half way. Stitch, close to the turned edge of each tab: Trim the excess zip on each end: Trim the tabs to slant inwards: Fold the lining fabric in half and lay the rainbow on the fabric: Cut around the rainbow leaving a half-inch border to give the rough size and shape for your lining: Put some tiny notches along the curved edges of the lining: Now place the lining inside the rainbow. Related:  crochet

Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE! Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns at We moved the baby blankets and afghans to Over 50 Free Crocheted Baby Blanket Patterns Subscribe to AllCrafts Updates We respect your email privacy View Our Latest Updates/Newsletter Bucilla Christmas Kits Online Free Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Holiday Crafts and Patterns Download Free Fonts! Link to AllCrafts We love sites with free crafts! Advertise at AllCrafts Featured on AllCrafts? Grab a badge! American Heartland Afghan A Larksfoot (Arcade) Blanket Groovy-ghan Aran Afghan lacy crocheted diamond afghan Basketweave Afghan Beatiful Blanket Block Stitch Afghan Blushing Rose Afghan Chevron Afghan Chromium Star Blanket Crimson Roses Afghan Beefy V Beginners 2-Strand Afghan Berry Basket Afghan Berry Garland Afghan Bevs Afghan Patterns Bi-Colored Afghan Brick Afghan

How to Make Christmas Stocking Sock Monkeys Difficulty Rating - Year after year does Santa Claus bring you socks? They might be a great gift for Santa in Lapland but on the whole they are a pretty unimaginative stocking filler. Well we have a fantastic idea to turn a boring old pair of socks into a cute, cheeky, little sock monkey. All you will need is... A pair of socks in any size, needle and thread, toy stuffing, 2 buttons for eyes and a sewing machine is an advantage but not essential Take the first sock, turn it inside out and lay it out flat heel up. Mark out the centre of the sock up to 4 cm below the heel line. Now cut up the centre line to divide the legs. Turn the sock the right way out through the hole at the monkey's crotch. Lay the second sock out flat in a side profile position and cut out relevant parts as indicated in the diagram. Tail Fold in half and stitch up the long side, tapering the ribbed edge to a point. Mouth Turn in edges and pin the oval shaped mouth to the main monkey just below the toe.

Pointy Petal Flower | Crochet with Raymond - StumbleUpon Hellooooo!!! Here I am, back again, to finish what I began yesterday! I wonder if it seemed strange to you all that I post a tutorial on how to make a leaf….. all will come clear today, I promise! High Tea was lovely yesterday! I have to say, today I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to post…. I told you a few posts back, that I had decluttered my stash, and sorted all of my wool into categories… consequently, I discovered some stash that I didn’t even remember I had. Shall we get on with it? I love pointy petal flowers very, very much. So I’m going to show you how I made it today, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I’m soooooo excited about the second part of this post! Let’s get on with the tutorial. To begin: Make a magic ring, ch2 (counts as 1hdc) 9hdc into ring. Now… here you change colour… so weave in those pesky ends right away(!) Continue around until you have five petals, each with a slst between them. I love these sweet little flowers! Have fun making these! Have a beautiful day, Like this:

Wanna make a monster? - StumbleUpon * UPDATE to this pattern! See below! * Time for another tutorial! Baby Monster's Guide to Basic Amigurumi You'll need the following stuff: Small amount of worsted weight yarnSize E Crochet hook (or your favorite)Plastic safety eyes (I used 6 mm, but you can use whatever makes your monster happy!) Head/Body: Begin by making a ring with your yarn as shown. Insert the hook into the front of the ring and hook your working yarn (the yarn coming from the the ball) with the hook. Wrap the working yarn around the hook from behind and pull through the loop on your hook. You will now single crochet six stitches into the ring. Pull the short yarn tail to close the ring and the stitches will come together to form a circle of stitches. To make the circle grow, you will increase by crocheting two times into each stitch. Pull up a loop. Wrap the working yarn around your hook. The next round, you will increase in every other stitch. For the last increasing round, you will increase in every third stitch.

Little Tin Bird & Basic Granny Square Pattern - StumbleUpon As promised, here is my pattern for the Basic Granny Square. I didn’t invent this pattern in the slightest, (obviously) but I’m going to show you step by step how to make the basic granny square. When I started to learn I couldn’t find a pattern that I could understand easily and so I hope to change that by doing one with lots of pictures :-) This is the pattern I used to make the squares for the Granny Alice blanket (above). For this pattern, you will need to know how to chain stitch, and how to make a UK treble (TR) stitch. If you don’t know how to make a TR stitch, have a look HERE. I am using Rowan Handknit Cotton DK (and a 4mm hook) to write this pattern as I think it’s easier to see the stitches with cotton than wool. Basic Granny Square Pattern. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. You may wish to block your squares. I hope this pattern is of some help to you anyway :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christmas Wreath Potholder [FP198] - $0.00 : Maggie Weldon, Free Crochet Patterns Click the banners below for more beautiful holiday patterns, available via mail or download! Easy Skill Size:Finished size - 7" across Materials: Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn: White (W) - 2 oz (56 g), 110 yd (100 m); Green (G) - 1 oz (28 g), 55 yd (50 m); Small amount of Red (R). Yarn needle. Note:Cotton yarn is recommended for potholders. Crochet Hook: Size G-6 (4.00 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge. Abbreviations beg - beginning ch - chain dc - double crochet lp - loop rem - remaining rep - repeat rnd - round sc - single crochet sl st - slip stitch sp - space st - stitch yo - yarn over BACK (Make 2) Rnd 1:(Right Side) Starting at center, using W, ch 1 (center ch), ch 3 (counts as first dc), work 11 dc in center ch; join with sl st to first dc. (12 dc) Rnd 2:Ch 3 (counts as first dc now and throughout), dc in same st as joining, 2 dc in next dc around; join. (24 dc) Rnd 3:Ch 3, dc in same st as joining, dc in next dc, (2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc) around; join. (36 dc) Edging With R, ch 100. Finishing

V and Co how to: jersey knit bracelet i don't know what it is about this time of year that makes me just want to have my bare feet in the sand, be watching the sun setting into the ocean, and breathing in the warm salty air of the i get older, more and more i find myself missing that place i used to go to almost as a teen. (my skin doesn't miss it. as a matter of fact, i now wish i listened more and DID put SPF on my face...hindsight is 20/20). my mom calls me from her walk on the beach almost every morning...*sigh*yeah, i get a little homesick around this time of the year. heck on my pinterest my "dreaming of summer" has the most pictures in it. ah yes. i miss my ocean. case in point. this bracelet, brought a flood of memories, not because i used to have one like it but because i can totally see me wearing it by the beach, not caring that it's gotten salty and wet, because i can totally make another one in like less than 5 minutes flat when i get home. *sigh* okay... *cut off excess tails!

Newsletter May 2010 - A crocheted flower brooch - StumbleUpon What better time of year for flowers than spring? Crochet lends itself beautifully to a number of things, and one of those is jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and brooches. I love making these small accessories between larger projects. This time around, I wanted to make a brooch in the shape of a multilayered flower. The flower here is crocheted in DMC Senso, a fingering weight cotton or cotton blend yarn (depending on the type of Senso used), with a 2.5 mm (US B-1 or C-2) hook. This flower is also the occasion to learn a new stitch: the half treble (htr). This stitch is right between the double crochet and the treble in height, and makes a beautiful transition between those stitches. It is not a common stitch (I had not seen it before I read Suzann's book), and as far as I know, there is no standard symbol for charting it. So, now you've learned the half treble stitch. Using a sc in the picot contributes to creating a small eyelet on top of every petal - a detail I quite like. Flower 1:

Granny Stripe Blanket :: the beginning - StumbleUpon Hello my lovelies, great to be here in the Attic :: truthfully I should not be tucked up nattering in the Attic at all, should be attending to the business of making clean the piles of dirty laundry and packing/preparing for our trip away in Connievan tomorrow (woooooooohooooooo, four nights away by the coast!!!!) However..........before I leave to go jollying off on my giddy-trip to the seaside, I really, really desperately want to have a quick chat about Acrylic yarn and granny stripe goings on. Cos I need to share, and you need to know, right? It will NOT WAIT, right?? OK.....above yarn is my squishy big balls of Stylecraft Special DK :: 100% Acrylic :: working on a 4mm hook. As requested, here are the colours I've got nestling in the bag.... Top row, left to right 1422 :: aspen 1065 :: meadow 1316 :: spring green 2nd row 1003 :: aster 1019 :: cloud blue 1068 :: turquoise 3rd row :: 1188 :: lavender 1034 :: sherbet 1432 :: wisteria 4th row :: 1061 :: plum 1084 :: magenta 1390 :: clematis