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Fragrant Nature-Übersicht-Vivamundo Reisen

Fragrant Nature-Übersicht-Vivamundo Reisen
Das Fragrant Nature Resort in Kollam ist ein kleines und exklusives Resort in Kerala, dem sogenannten „god’s own country“. Das Nichtraucher-Resort befindet sich ca. 20 km von der malerischen Hafenstadt Kollam entfernt in einer traumhaften Landschaft unter Palmen auf einem ca. 5 Hektar großen Areal am Mala See. Hektik und Stress des westlichen Alltags fallen in dieser Umgebung ab, Entspannung stellt sich fast von allein ein. Im Fragrant Nature Resort wird großer Wert auf nachhaltigen Tourismus gelegt und die soziale und ökologische Verantwortung ernstgenommen. Bei Ausflügen zu Fuß, per Fahrrad oder malerisch mit dem Boot bekommen Sie einen Einblick in die Kultur und Natur Keralas. Ideal ist der Aufenthalt im Fragrant Nature Resort auch nach einer unserer Indienrundreisen. Fragrant Nature Resort Kollam Das Fragrant Nature Resort in Kollam ist ein kleines und exklusives Resort in Kerala, dem sogenannten „god’s own country“. Zimmer Restaurants Freizeit Ayurveda

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Food photography - making your food images pop Food photography – making your food images pop What a wonderful thing to be able to capture on your vacation and of course, the delicious food you are trying maybe for the first time in that country. Of course taking candid shots of farmers markets, foodie stores, street vendors or restaurants is typical, but how do you really make those images of food look so tantalizing. Fragrant Nature Munnar (Pothamedu, India) - UPDATED 2016 Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor We're finding you the best rooms at the lowest prices from our partner. Book on Show available rooms for Fragrant Nature Munnar 1 room 1 room 1 room2 rooms3 rooms4 rooms5 rooms6 rooms7 rooms8 rooms2 adults 2 adults 1 adult2 adults3 adults4 adults5 adults6 adults7 adults8 adults9 adults10 adults11 adults12 adults13 adults14 adults15 adults16 adults17 adults18 adults19 adults20 adults21 adults22 adults23 adults24 adults25 adults26 adults27 adults28 adults29 adults30 adults31 adults32 adults0 children0 children 0 children1 child2 children3 children4 children5 children6 children7 children8 children9 children10 children11 children12 children13 children14 children15 children16 children17 children18 children19 children20 children

Preventing and Removing Ticks From Dogs If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, he's at high risk of picking up ticks–those multi-legged, disease-carrying parasites that like to hide in the fur and attach themselves to the skin. Learning proper tick removal and ways of preventing ticks in the first place are crucial for stopping the spread of disease not only to your dog but to yourself and your family. Dangers of Ticks

Take better travel food photos in 14 images Editor’s note: Kita Roberts is the carnivorous food blogger behind Girl Carnivore and Pass the Sushi, as well as a travel addict and photographer. From her kitchen table to Michelin restaurants to street food in Cambodia and back again, Kita is an all-star food photographer under any circumstance. She shared her top tips with us for better food photos, accompanied by some of her brilliant — and mouth-watering — images. Food for thought: Is India ready for Fast Casual dining? La Ultra - The High is a three-day, 333 km ultra-marathon in the vicinity of Leh, India, is 'One of the most dangerous road races in the world'. Held in August every year, the race attracts a handful of celebrated ultra-marathoners from around the world. These runners are, for most of the part, experienced endurance race enthusiasts, who know their limits, and for some part, runners who try and attempt this distance to ascertain their own. While the race has two more versions - the 111 & 222 km courses, to be attempted in 20 & 48 hours, respectively - it is the 333 km version that has earned it the sobriquet. This is a first-person account of someone from the sidelines, a somewhat unique combination of sponsor-business manager-crew-volunteer for runner, Grant.

Famous Presidential Dogs in American History Some of the most famous residents of the White House have been the president's dogs. According to the Presidential Pet Museum, there have consistently been dogs in the White House from its current canine residents, Sunny and Bo Obama, dating all the way back to 1901. President William McKinley stopped the trend with a double-yellow-headed parrot, Angora kitten, and roosters–but no dogs! Here's an overview of some interesting presidential pups that lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Barack Obama

5 Tips For Taking Better Food Photos When You Travel — Guest Post from Dylan + Jeni By now, we’ve all been guilty of doing it. It’s one of the fastest epidemics that not even scientists can explain. Anthropologists and historians hundreds of years from now will find landfills of objects once known as a DSLR camera, lenses, hard drives and memory cards.

Indian Food Tours in India We offer following types of culinary tours in various cities of India including New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Goa. Foodie Trips : Private multi-day tours which incorporate food walks, cooking classes, sightseeing and other culinary and fun activities.Indian food tours: Custom Indian food tours in select cities of India with a food expert to guide you.Indian Cooking classes : Learn how to cook some exotic Indian dishes from experts.India Tours With A Chef: Travel across India sampling great food and learning about Indian cooking with a chef.Meet the Chef & Kitchen Tours : Meet top chefs and take kitchen tours of some of the best food joints & hotels in India. If you want to have taste authentic Indian food in India, try our Indian Food Tour service. The food tours we conduct in India cover the best and widest variety of Indian food from best food joints of the city. Services provided in each food tour:

Do Dogs Really Understand What Humans Say? They've been our closest companions for thousands of years. They live with us, work with us, and even become part of our families, but can dogs understand our words and emotions? For a long time, despite dog parents' claims to the contrary, scientists and other experts believed that when a dog appeared to understand his pet parent, this was merely a combination of learned behavior and the parent projecting human qualities onto the dog. But several recent studies have raised the question again, "do dogs understand humans?" Research on Dog Cognition Despite the fact that humanity has a long-standing close relationship with dogs, research into how dogs think and process information is fairly new.

How To Improve Your Travel Food Photography - Right Now Whether you’re a food blogger, travel blogger, frequent Instagram poster, heading out on vacation and want to snap some great photos of what you eat, or simply want to take tasty pictures of your food on the go, spending a few minutes to think about your photography can go a LONG way toward improving your finished results. While I am by no means a master of the art of travel food photography (or even food photography in general), I have learned a few things along the way that have improved my own food photos tremendously. So, I thought I would gather my top travel photo tips and resources together, and share them with you! “Why?”, you say.

 Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort and Ayurveda Spa Namaste! Greetings from India - The land of Ayurveda & Yoga Fragrant Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurveda Spa located in Kollam, Kerala is undoubtedly the best experience in backwaters and is just 60 Kms away from Trivandrum Intl Airport. Make Your Own DIY Collapsible Dog Bowl Adventurous pet parents love to take their faithful companions along for the ride, and a DIY collapsible dog bowl is just the thing to keep your buddy healthy and happy on walks and trips to the park. Lots of water is especially important when the thermostat reaches high temps in the summer. To help your pet cool off, Trupanion recommends you "provide plenty of cool, clean drinking water for your pet so that [he] can stay hydrated throughout the heat." A great way to accomplish this is to make your own collapsible water bowl for your furry friend! This fun and functional portable pet bowl provides your dog with the water he needs, and it doesn't take up much time, space, or money. You can create it in about ten to fifteen minutes with minimal materials.

How To Take Awesome Travel Food Photography Shots It's coming up to that time of year when many families start to think about jetting off to warmer climates or simply heading to the Britsh coast to escape reality for a while. An accessory that's guaranteed to be packed is a camera but instead of just capturing shots of family members in pools and on the beach, why not turn your attention to food photography and capture some mouth-watering images of the plates you're served and stalls you pass on trips. Where Will You Be Taking Your Photos? Where you're working can sometimes determine what equipment you can use. If you're in a busy restaurant there's probably not room for a tripod so you'll have to work hand-held or use a smaller support that can fit on the table. But if you're out in the street photographing food stalls and the people who run them, they'll be more room to use a tripod, although if you plan on moving around a lot, you'll probably better taking a monopod with you as they're easier to walk with and take up less room.