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“You’re Lying”: a Game to Practise Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple

“You’re Lying”: a Game to Practise Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple
Today I’m really happy to introduce a guest writer to you. Angeles Jimenez is a friend and fellow teacher from EOI Oviedo and, in this blog post, she will be sharing with us an excellent communicative game to consolidate the use of present perfect simple and past simple. Ready for a lot of fun! Do you want your students to keep their noses in the course book? Don’t read on then. Going into a new class on the first day can be a little bit stressful both for teachers and students. Games for getting to know one another can be an excellent way to establish a stress-free environment in the classroom. The “You’re lying “game lives up to its name. It’s a fun game which works very well at the start of the term as a ‘getting to know you’ kind of game. It’s also a great way to consolidate the use of the present perfect tense to talk about experiences and the use of simple past to ask follow-up questions. For B2 students some warming up may be necessary. I’ve been to many countries in my life.

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Online Grammar Tools I was recently looking through my Tools for Teacher & Learners site and searching through the accumulated resources there - More than a thousand links. I tend to feel that very few people go beyond what's newest on the front page, so I decided to start grouping the links together and posting them here. This first post features some of the best links to grammar orientated sites. You can find more tools like these in Digital Tools for Teachers Deep Grammar Deep Grammar is a grammar checker based on artificial intelligence.

The Spookiest Attic This Passage & Question Set and related Vocabulary materials align to the following Common Core Anchor Standards: Passage & Question SetCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.1CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.2CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.R.10 Vocabulary MaterialCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.L.4CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.CCRA.L.6 Much Many Lot Few Little Difference - Quantifiers English Grammar Rules We use these words as quantifiers that come at the start of noun phrases and they tell us something about quantity. A lot of vs. Lots of

Ereading Worksheets The term sentence structure refers to the conventions governing the construction of sentences. These rules may vary across languages and regions; this page is specifically concerned with the rules governing sentence construction or structure in standard English. What Is a Sentence? Can you find the English grammar mistakes in these sentences? – Espresso English Test your English grammar skills! Can you find the grammar mistakes in the following sentences? Try your best, then scroll down for the answers and explanations. Find and correct the grammar mistakes: We cleaned all the kitchen while our parents were out to dinner.If I’m stressed out about something, I tend to have problem to fall asleep.One of the most important issue is the lack of parking spaces at the local mall.If you don’t mind, I’d prefer leave early tomorrow.Do you have a few minutes to discuss about this project?

Free IELTS Listening tests - IELTS-up Here you can find full IELTS Listening Tests and answers to them. All tests are constantly being renewed and correspond to the real exam sections. To get your IELTS Listening score calculated, just follow this procedure: Choose one of the tests below and click on the first section of it. Do You Wish You Knew Better Grammar? Making Wishes For VOA Learning English, this is Everyday Grammar. In English, wish is a powerful word for expressing your dreams, hopes and desires. Here are some examples: We wish you the best. Her mother wishes they would get married. 5 ESL Emergency Lessons Picture this: It’s 8am Monday morning, you’re fast asleep, snuggled in your duvet, enjoying a rare day off. Life is wonderful! Suddenly you are jolted back into reality by a phone call…from work… asking you to sub a class in 30 minutes. I’m sure this has happened to everyone and I’m sure you remember the panic it causes trying to plan a lesson, brush your teeth and get dressed instantaneously.

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