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Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics Anonymous

Giant Paper Flower Bouquet Centerpiece Giant paper flower bouquets are perfect for every occasion and so simple to make! I gave you a sneek peek of these giant paper flowers the other day here, and now I'm back to give you a few more important details to help you make a gorgeous paper flower centerpiece yourself. And take my advice, don't just add this one to your list of "want to makes", make them now! You'll Need: Large card stock weight paper, or really anything would work, even butcher paper or paper bags from the grocery storeRegular card stock paper in contrasting colors for the centers, and green for the leaves at the basewooden dowelshot glue gungreen paint or green crepe paper to cover dowel How To: Draw templates on recycled cardboard according to the dimensions in the photo above. Cut long leaves from green paper, you'll need these to help adhere flower to the dowel.Glue flower to dowel and hold in place until cool. Enjoy this one and can't wait to see your version!

Tinker Finca tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress The Plan. Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. I stand 5′ tall (I know, I know, I am tiny) and I needed 2.5 meters of fabric with a 45-inch width. Preparation and Cutting. Sewing. Don’t forget the banana. Instructions for making the rosettes are HERE. MAGIC Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables! Some of you may remember, a little while back I posted a tutorial for DIY waterslide decals. Among other things, I mentioned how awesome they are for creating custom embellishments without the need for any fancy-pants equipment. Yep, waterslide decal paper is a truly fab product, though as great as it is, there is one drawback – although it’s somewhat tough it’s not especially durable. So, whilst it’s perfect for ornamental purposes, it’s not ideal for more practical applications…until now that is! Magic decal coating paper is a product designed to be used in conjunction with standard decal paper to make the finished transfers super durable – yes, even dishwasher resistant! If you’re already familiar with magic decal coating paper then please excuse my tardy excitement, though for everyone else who is just getting to the party now too, feel free to start throwing the streamers! 1 Image to transfer. Use anything you like. 2 Printer. You can use either a laser or an inkjet printer. 6 Scissors.

Craft Passion: Free Craft Pattern & Tutorial Swing into Spring - It's a Party - #16 Welome to this week's Swing into Spring party. As always, last week's party was filled with great ideas and so much inspiration. It's always hard to pick, but here are this week's features: I love this dresser makeover. This is a real trash to treasure. I love this frenchy end table that Sincerly, Ashleigh and Sarah transformed. I just love this bottle cap button wreath. I love this chevron ruffle pillow that Shelley created. If you were featured, please grab an "I've Been Featured" button (you can now find my buttons by clicking on the buttons tab right under my header). 1. 2. 3. 4. This linky list is now closed.

Craftaholics Anonymous® - Inspiring Creative Bliss One Step At A Time Free Clothes Patterns Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 7 Comments I originally became interested in patternless sewing, many years ago, because I had a hard time finding patterns in my size. Nowadays, patterns in large sizes abound. These patterns generally of three types. Skirts are very easy to make without a pattern. I came across a few patterns that didn’t fit into any other category, so I gave them their own. We normally assume underwear is too complicated or to time consuming to sew ourselves. Aprons can usually be whipped up in less than an hour. Shirts and dresses are much more complicated to make than skirts. Coats can easily be the most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Click on the first link to get inspiration. Read More : Sewing or Home Comments

How to make gift bags from newspaper | How About Orange - StumbleUpon When I bought something at a store recently, the clerk handed me my purchase in a bag made from a newspaper. I liked it very much and had to make some more—thus today's DIY recycled newspaper project: gift bags made from the Wall Street Journal. You can vary the dimensions, of course, but here's what I used to create a bag that's 5" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3" deep. Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other. Cut out a rectangle that's 15.5" wide and 8.25" tall. Fold a flap 1.25" down from the top. Cut two pieces of cardstock or chipboard to 4.25" x 1", then glue them on the widest two panels just under the top fold. Put glue on the outside of the 0.5" tab and bring the left-most panel over to form the body of the bag, aligning the cut edge of the panel with the folded edge of the flap. Upend the bag so the 2" flap is now up. Put glue on both flaps and fold them inward to form the bottom of the bag.

How About Orange Automata - Mechanical Sculpture, Collectible Automaton hand-made in limited numbers,Cabaret mechanical theatre, Cabaret, CMT,mechanical theatre. little lovelies: tutorials tutorials pinwheel wall art felt bow bookmarks rhinestone feather headband felt monogram pillow book print necklace stand fabric button bookmarks craft room re-do wood monogram keychains wood bookmarks doily wall art fall monogram wreath spring wreath glass tile necklace magnetic board yarn embroidered knitting bag mini flower pot gifts mini grad cards paint chip bookmarks pearl hoop earrings Email ThisBlogThis! 4 comments: Load more... I appreciate each and every lovely comment you leave! Home

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