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Jaap's Puzzle Page

Jaap's Puzzle Page
UPDATED31/12/2014. There are new pages on the Pyraminx Duo, the English Sixteen puzzle, Jushbox, Logi Toli, NHL Hockey Puck Puzzle, Ramka, Triplex and Mandorla, Woodn't Die, and Kwazy Quilt. I added Magic Color Puzzle to the 14-15 Puzzle page, Switch to the Switcheroo / Leaping Frogs page, the Chameleon Cube to the Peter's Black Hole page, an improved solution to my three colour loop problem on the Tantrix page, and an improved proof of theorem 3 on the The Mathematics of Lights Out page. Finally, I added Javascript simulations of the English Sixteen puzzle, Logi Toli, Ramka, and Triplex / Mandorla. UPDATED 26/06/2013. There are new pages on the Bandaged 2×2×2, Bognar's Brainteaser, the Futuro Cube, the Gear Octahedron, Hoo-Doo, Instant Insanity II, the Master Skewb and Rex Cube, Shifty, Switcheroo, and and Tubie. UPDATED 03/03/2013. These pages and scripts are written by Jaap Scherphuis, © Copyright 1999-2015. puzzles a t jaapsch d o t net.

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Analyzing Rubik's Cube with GAP This is an updated GAP 4 version of a GAP 3 example by Martin Schönert, 1993. An almost classical permutation group of small degree is examined with some elementary GAP commands. The output given here has been produced by GAP 4.4, the input is available in form of a plain GAP 4 input file. Ideal Toy Company stated on the package of the original Rubik cube that there were more than three billion possible states the cube could attain. Tantrix IntroductionOriginal Tantrix Puzzle (Crazy Tantrix)About the background of this pageTantrix Xtreme PuzzleThe Super 5 PuzzlesThree Pyramid PuzzlesThe Rainbow PuzzlesThe Discovery PuzzlesThe "Unsolved" puzzlesMy own puzzlesThe Rock Tips on solving a loop puzzleSolutions to the Original PuzzleSolutions to Tantrix XtremeSolutions to the Super 5 puzzlesSolutions to the Pyramid PuzzlesSolutions to the Rainbow PuzzlesSolutions to the Discovery PuzzlesSolutions to the "Unsolved" puzzlesSolutions to my own puzzlesSolutions to the Rock Introduction Tantrix is the brand name for a set of hexagonal Bakelite tiles. Each tile has three lines, of different colours, which go from one side to another. Some sets of tiles can be use as puzzles, in which you have to arrange the tiles so that the edges match in colour, thus forming coloured lines or even loops.

Optimal solutions for Rubik's Cube A computer graphic of a scrambled Rubik's Cube There are two common ways to measure the length of a solution. The first is to count the number of quarter turns. Rubik's Triamid This puzzle is a triangular pyramid of 10 odd shaped coloured pieces (actually they are truncated rhombic dodecahedra) which are held together using 4 small cubical connectors. A move consists of pulling off a small pyramid of 4 pieces, and replacing it in any orientation. The pieces have 4 faces (3 adjacent faces of the rhombic dodecahedron) which have one of four colours. For any pair of colours there is a piece with two faces of each colour.

Tangle (mathematics) In mathematics, a tangle can mean one of two related concepts: The balance of this article discusses Conway's sense of tangles; for the link theory sense, see that article. Two n-tangles are considered equivalent if there is an ambient isotopy of one tangle to the other keeping the boundary of the 3-ball fixed. Hive at Hive is a boardless board game played with Hex tiles. The structure of the game is a fairly traditional chess-like game, overlaid with an insect. theme. The goal of the game is to surround your opponent's queen bee. Rob's Puzzle Page - What's New Site updates, links, news, and puzzles on the way or received... April 2014 Five keychain puzzle acquisitions... Bell Piano Keychain Puzzle I am very happy to have finally found one of these, with its original card!

The Mathematical Tourist: Oval Track Puzzles The puzzle known as TopSpin consists of 20 circular pieces, numbered 1 to 20, filling and sliding along an oval track. TopSpin was introduced by ThinkFun (formerly Binary Arts) in 1988. Pieces can be moved around the track in either direction, keeping their order. Or any four consecutive pieces can be maneuvered into reverse order. App Review: Tantrix Strategy connects luck and strategy The beautiful Tantrix Strategy game app [US$2.99] is an example of why it's sometimes good to wait for the second or third version of an iPad app before plunking down your money in the App Store. We're reviewing Version 1.1 here, and it improves on the original with an AI opponent (three levels). This is a huge boost, and it turns a so-so app into something all strategy gamers will want to at least look at. If you just want to dive in and check it out yourself right now, there is a free "lite" version of the app available here.

The Cube Well I've put a few things of interest on this page...Instructions for solving Rubik's CubeTree of who taught who starting with my teachera 3d Rubik's Cube applet matt's rubik's page - with better instructions ;) programs I've written: free online 2x2x2 Solver free online 3x3x3 Solver free online 4x4x4 Solver