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Web sites for teaching business English

Web sites for teaching business English
1- Sites for your own personal and/or professional use... Bized A site "for students and educators in business studies, economics, accounting, leisure, sport & recreation and travel & tourism" - and not one primarily intended for business English per se. The huge collection of material on this site will probably repay the time you invest in finding what is going to be of most interest to your own learners. Business English people The articles, reviews and links sections are definitely the most interesting, with the jobs section and forums currently looking rather dead. How to teach Business English using the Internet ( Publisher Macmillan has a useful page of ideas and links for anyone who suddenly finds themselves teaching business English. Needs analysis (also from Businessenglishonline.netMacmillan also now has a dedicated Business English site. About using case studies in teaching BE (see also further case study sites below). >> Other ELT websites

English - Exercises, Quizzes, Tests Quiz Maker Charles Kelly Quiz Maker Kristina L. Pfaff-Harris Quiz Maker Easy Test Maker Quiz Maker Quiz Buddy Quiz Maker Quiz Star Quiz Maker Attotron Quiz Makers Linguistic Funland Quiz Makers Hot Potatoes Quiz Makers self-grading / David K. Jordan Quiz Makers self-grading / Webwinder Quiz Makers allthetests Quiz Makers CREATE ... ... Audio & Video RealProducer ... an Online Course ... a Webpage talent : Resources [ skip navigation | graphics version ] Add a resource To support the ongoing development of the talent resource collections, please contribute any resources that will be of use to other teachers. You can contribute resources easily by logging-in and clicking on the left-hand link to 'Add a resource'. [ print version | send page | feedback | bookmark ]

Easy English NEWS Easy English NEWS is a 12-page, 11" x 17" monthly newspaper in simple English created by expert ESL writers for adult and young adult immigrants and visitors to the United States. Readers build English vocabulary and reading skills while they learn about their new environment in the United States. Easy English NEWS is aimed at intermediate English language learners ages 10 to adult. There's something for everyone in Easy English NEWS : Current news of interest to newcomersCivics information Survival skills for life in the U.S.A.

The Teacher’s Survival Kit for Lesson Planning! Tips & 1000s of Free Lesson Plans Posted by Shelly Terrell on Saturday, August 18th 2012 Goal 16: Plan An Engaging Lesson of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. – Socrates Lesson planning is stressful and time-consuming, but is important in giving us an action plan for the entire school year.

ESL Worksheets These printable ESL worksheets provide quick overviews of grammar concepts including present, past and future tenses, conditional forms and more. Each ESL worksheet reviews essential grammar and provides printable quizzes and answer sheets to help students quiz and test concepts introduced. These ESL worksheets can be printed as additional study resources or for in-class lesson plans. Present Perfect WorksheetsThis printable ESL worksheet focuses on the present perfect tense. The worksheet presents a quick review of the present perfect, as well as common time expressions used with the present perfect.

English Tenses for Beginners - Past Present and Future Tense Forms Guide to past, present and future verb tenses especially for beginners. These tense resources include explanations and examples for each tense in English, as well as tense worksheets and quizzes which can also be printed for in-class use. Guide to Future with Will and Going toGuide to learning Future with Will and Going to for students and teachers. This guide includes a brief description, links to detailed explanations, quizzes, free lesson plans, related activities and worksheets. Guide to Present TensesGuide to learning present tenses for students and teachers. Hopelink Adult Education - Lesson Ideas for ESL Leaders If your browser does not support current web standards you will not be able to view this page as it was designed. Please consider upgrading to a standards-compliant version. adult education Home Page General Information Literacy Community Lesson & Form Lists esl Leading Groups Small Groups FAQ Leadership Tips Lesson Planning ESL Classes ESL FAQ Lessons Resources Talk Time Workplace Skills Lessons Resources Citizenship Tips Resources basic literacy Training Tutoring 1-on-1 FAQ Lesson Planning Resources Reading/Writing Tips Lessons Resources Math Tips Lessons Resources GED FAQ Lessons Resources Special Situations Learning Disabilities Second-Language Learners Lessons Resources Using Technology Tips Resources volunteer reports ESL Leaders Tutors GED/Others library General Information Online Catalog ESL Handouts You need Adobe Reader software to view these materials.

ESL PartyLand Student Learning 1Google + Many times students have asked me, "What's the best way to learn English?" There is not one answer to this question, but I often say, "Practice!