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Fab Lab IED Madrid

Fab Lab IED Madrid
Fab Lab IED Madrid was born with the compromise of joining both design theory and fabrication. The space has all the usual infrastructure for digital fabrication, but also focuses on traditional crafts with infrastructure that is not easy to find available together in one place, as painting booth, welding facilities, woodworking stations, vacuformer, photographic processing, screen printing, etc. Fab Lab IED facilities have more than 300 square meters dedicated to these tasks and we encourage experimentation and discovery. It´s focused in three main groups of users: - Actual and former students of IED Madrid. - Entrepreneurs and partner enterprises, that will have the possibility to develop their projects both in the business and prototyping areas. - Maker community and people involved in embracing both education, design and open minded fabrication. Employees I work here

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How The Maker Movement Is Revitalizing Industry In American Cities The maker movement is the platform for today’s artisans to create, craft, and develop leading ideas and products. The meteoric growth of micro-manufacturers and online platforms like Etsy demonstrates how strongly the movement has taken root. And it's in cities where makers are plying their trade. It is the urban arena that is the true fulcrum of innovation as the natural meeting place of people, place, and prosperity. This hyperlocal manufacturing environment holds potential not only for individual hobbyists (myself included)–-but for economic development efforts.

This web is for downloading free files for the las lasercutter Jan 25, 2016 | By Kira As 3D printing goes mainstream in 2016, more and more users will be looking for new and fun projects they can 3D print at home. To 3D point them in the right direction, we’ve rounded up some of the best websites to download free STL files for 3D printing. Website which includes another Spanish faire. Buenas tardes, Mañana salgo desde San Sebastián a Madrid para participar como ponente, daré una charla el sábado 24 a las 13:30, poco después de Obijuan, para hablar de mi proyecto de crowdfunding #FTF o #FabricaTuFábrica . Como estoy en plena campaña de recaudación de fondos (del 15-sep al 24-oct), en mi charla explicaré en que consiste el proyecto y animaré a la gente a que tome parte. Es una campaña que hago a través de Goteo y con el apoyo de la Diputación de Gipuzkoa, por cada euro que la gente pone, ellos ponen otro, asi que mejoran las posibilidades de que la cosa tenga éxito.

this is a web where you can find mini maker faire in barcelona The 2015 Barcelona Mini Maker Faire enters its 3rd amazing year. This time around the Faire will be bigger, better and brighter than ever: a new team lead by Fab Lab Barcelona and Made Barcelona, more makers from Barcelona, Spain and all over the world, and a brand-new location right in the heart of Barcelona: Plaza de las Glories Would you like to be a part of the team that makes it happen? It’s an opportunity to get involved in Catalunya’s fast-growing Maker and Fab movement, connecting you with people from all over the world whilst learning new skills. Organising Mini Maker Faire is fun and rewarding, but it also takes time and a lot of hard work. We need people who can take all the ideas, imagination, enthusiasm and energy that surrounds this event and turn it into a single, magical day of celebration and inspiration at Barcelona Mini Maker Faire 2015.

Enabling Makers To Create “The Next Big Thing” Makers have long been known as hobbyists or tinkers. However, with increased access to professional-grade tools, the maker movement is transforming business as usual. Through collaboration and connectivity, makers are inspiring innovation on a daily basis with the creation of smart gadgets, machines, robots and wearables. This new way of doing business is a shift from the historic model where innovation was monopolized by multi-million-dollar companies. Makers and their peers have the opportunity to build cutting-edge products, test them in collaborative workspaces and share their inventions online in order to bring “the next big thing” to market for mass consumption.

This webpage it's for looking for all the Fablabs in Madrid This website shows us that Sony company is getting introduced into the Maker Movement. You’ve found the perfect candidate and they’ve accepted. Congratulations! Having held all the cards throughout the hiring process, this can be an uncomfortable time for managers.

Madrid Mini Maker Faire - Fab Lab Madrid Ceu – Laboratorio de Fabricación Digital de la Universidad CEU San Pablo, perteneciente a la red mundial de laboratorios del Center for Bits and Atoms del MIT. Different brands that are helping the Maker Movement. To pack more wallop among the denim-and-leather set, Levi's is turning to people like Alice Saunders, a 29-year-old designer and history buff in Boston with a fetish for World War II duffel bags. Saunders, ironically, could care less about mainstream fashion, preferring vintage felt hats and rustic jewelry. What Levi's likes is her passion and the $165 one-of-a-kind tote bags she creates for her Forestbound brand using old, salvaged military fabrics. "My ultimate find is an old Navy duffle bag that the sailor had hand painted with pictures of pinup girls or palm trees," Saunders says.

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