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Rapture Ready - Rapture resource for the end times

Rapture Ready - Rapture resource for the end times
Email Contacts Todd Strandberg - Fearless leader and founder of RR Terry James - The "general" editor and cat lover. As a gifted speaker, Terry does most of the site's media interviews. Several people have asked me if they could reproduce articles found on this web page.

THE BIBLICAL HISTORY OF CREATION Who knows how many children have been taught that Eve ate an apple when God told her not to. What an embarrassment to the religious teachers of today. How many sermons have been preached on the Sin in the Garden by "parsons" who do not have the slightest idea of what that sin was? Open your Bible, PRAY that the Holy Spirit will show you the truth, and I will tell you what I have received thru study. I sincerely hope that you will NOT take my word for it without checking it out for yourself. The following is not contradicted any where in the whole of God's word. chinese ] More neato Biblical character interpretations either constructed or relayed to me by friends. I've relayed this material to Christians, and some of them respond with much happiness, declaring that God has preserved a wonderful record of Biblical accounts in the Chinese language. Well, I dunno about that. I haven't come to any conclusion myself. But here are some counterarguments I've thought of, which should hopefully persuade the reader to be wary of this material. The author of this theory is a missionary!

In The Days: Current news events in the light of biblical prophecy » Fear and devastation on the road to Japan’s nuclear disaster zone Daniel Howden travels through a post-tsunami wasteland to the gates of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi power station To view popup window put your cursor on the blue words Perplexity Theologia » What Is Biblical Theology? (Part Two) Copyright © 2004 Defining Biblical Theology What is Biblical Theology? Videos Close Namaste Yoga - Lotus Link 10 Namaste Yoga - Dancing Sun 11 Namaste Yoga - Earth 24 Three World Ages Bible Study Did you know that there was an earth age before this one? That the earth is really millions of years old? There was a time that we all lived on this earth in our spiritual bodies and everyone was happy. To find out what brought that to an end, read our study on the Rebellion of Satan. These two studies go hand in hand to explain why we are here and what brought the first earth age to an end.

Raw Food Cures From God Raw Food Cures From Godby Raw food proponents have long been spreading the word that a predominantly raw food diet will give you more energy, slow down aging, improve your skin, boost your mood, and fight a host of chronic diseases including chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease and even cancer. Yet, long before that, sometime in the early 17th century a German mystic named Jakob Bohme realized a philosophy known as "the doctrine of signatures." According to Bohme's writings, the doctrine of signatures refers to the notion that God marked objects with a sign or "signature" revealing their true purpose. The original theory has been traced back to Galen, a well-known physician and medical researcher around 159 A.D.

Bible Prophecy Blog By Caroline B. Glick Speaking Sunday at the UN's conference of donors to the Palestinian Authority, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon warned that while Israel supports economic assistance to the PA now, that is liable to change within the week. Systematic theology is a discipline which addresses theological topics one by one (e.g. God , Sin , Humanity ) and attempts to summarize all the biblical teaching on each particular subject. Sometimes called or even , the goal is to present the major themes (i.e. doctrines ) of the Christian faith in an organized and ordered overview that remains faithful to the biblical witness. Systematic theology integrates biblical , historical and sometimes philosophical theology into its methodology. Its main goal is to draw a clear description of what the Bible teaches about a particular doctrine .

10-Minute Workout For Sexy Sculpted Arms Transcript I'm here with the Yoga Collection of the celebrity trainer, Andrea Orbeck, to learn a ten minute arm circuit. So, grab your 5 and 3 with some dumbbells and join us in today's Class FitSugar. Okay. So, standing nice and tall in your frame, make sure to roll your shoulder blades back the whole time. Your elbows at your ribs, palms facing up.

6 ways to practice the presence of God throughout your day Brother Lawrence was a monk in France during the 1600’s. He was assigned to the monastery kitchen where, amidst the tedious chores of cooking and cleaning at the constant bidding of his superiors, he developed his rule of spirituality and work. Brother Lawrence learned to retreat to a place in his heart where the love of God made every detail of his life of surpassing value.

God vs. Science - God vs. Science by Maggie Shaver God vs. Science A science professor begins his school year with a lecture to the students, "Let me explain the problem science has with religion." The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. "You're a Christian, aren't you, son?"