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How technology is forging a new generation of fashion shows When Christian Dior presented his first collection to the press nearly seven decades ago, it was his New Look designs that had the fashion world buzzing for their radical (if not scandalous) forms. From his flower-strewn salon on 30 Montaigne Avenue – a ‘decorated but not decorative’, classically elegant space – the 42-year-old designer made fashion history. These days, in a world where social media rules, fashion brands are devoting the same painstaking craftsmanship into increasingly ambitious show sets as they do their collections – with budgets to match. A New Device Could Make Memory Implants a Reality Total Recall Memories are the faintest, most ethereal wisps of our neurophysiology — somehow, the firing of delicate synapses and the activation of neurons combine to produce the things we remember. The sum of our memories make us who we are; they are us, in every way, and without them we cease to be. So it’s needless to say that there’s a pretty significant premium on discovering new ways to combat memory loss. Most of these involve physiological and biological methods, but some scientists, such as Theodore Berger of the University of Southern California, are beginning to turn toward technology. If any of these methods are successful, it would mean the possibility of perfect lifelong memory recall.

New pyjamas could prevent cot deaths / TTP2 / Space Engineering & Technology New pyjamas could prevent cot deaths Mamagoose will help to prevent and understand SIDS 26 September 2001 A new type of baby pyjamas, developed by a Belgian company and the University of Brussels (ULB), could help in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), commonly known as cot death. SIDS is the sudden and unexpected death of a baby for no obvious reason. Panic button: How wearable tech and VR are tackling the problem of panic attacks Panic attacks suck. They can make you feel like you're going to die, like you're having a heart attack, as if you're losing your mind. They are also more common than you might think.

This $40,000 Robotic Exoskeleton Lets the Paralyzed Walk Paralyzed from the waist down after a BMX accident, Steven Sanchez rolled into SuitX’s Berkeley, California, office in a wheelchair. A half-hour later he was standing and walking thanks to the Phoenix—a robotic exoskeleton now available for around $40,000. The suit returns movement to wearers’ hips and knees with small motors attached to standard orthotics. Wearers can control the movement of each leg and walk at up to 1.1 miles per hour by pushing buttons integrated into a pair of crutches. At 27 pounds, the Phoenix is among the lightest and cheapest medical exoskeletons. Assistive technology - Alzheimer's Society Assistive Technology has the potential to offer benefits to people with dementia and their carers in specific circumstances. However, there are practical and ethical issues that must be addressed with respect to the provision of assistive technology. The overarching principle of assistive technology must ensure that it is in the individual's best interests. What is assistive technology?

A Next-Level Smartwatch That Detects Seizures Advertisement Matteo Lai is certain he could build one of the best fitness trackers on the market. It’s just that he has no interest in making the next Fitbit. Bracelets and Devices for Epilepsy Part 1 of 8 What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a condition that affects a person’s brain activity. This can lead to seizures and other serious complications. Epilepsy is often diagnosed in young children, making it difficult for parents to monitor their children’s seizures at all times. Healthcare companies have created devices that help parents and those with epilepsy.

Apple app update will help you track down lost AirPods An update to Find My iPhone will let users track down their AirPod earphonesThey will also be able to play a sound through the earphones to help locate them Members of the public around the world will start to receive the update shortly The feature will be available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with the software iOS 10.3 or later By Abigail Beall For Mailonline Published: 18:36 GMT, 24 January 2017 | Updated: 23:52 GMT, 24 January 2017 When Apple unveiled its wireless AirPods in October, there were concerns about how easy it would be to lose the tiny devices. Now the company is releasing an app update for the worried owners that will help them locate their missing earphones. New app can tell when you're about to get the flu An app that can warn you up to half a day in advance that you’re going to fall ill is being developed by scientists. It uses information from wearable health trackers which monitor heart rate and body temperature via the likes of an Apple Watch, to tell individuals they are about to suffer an illness such as the flu. The app uses information from a smartwatch to determine whether individuals are about to suffer from an illness, such as the flu A team at California’s Stanford is working on the app, after testing the theory on 43 volunteers who wore a smartwatch for up to 11 months. Project leader Professor Michael Snyder said: ‘We discovered that just as people are starting to get sick, their heart rate and skin temperature go up, and their blood oxygen level goes down.

'nature amplified' apparel by NIKE jul 19, 2013 NIKE's new 'nature amplified' apparel top image: NIKE aeroloft 800 vestall images courtesy NIKE as part of the NIKE‘s 2013 innovation summit the brand presented key pieces from its new range of apparel products, such as the NIKE aeroloft 800 vest, an ultra-light insulating layer composed of perforated down. designed under the ‘nature amplified’ ethos – where products assist the body’s natural ability. fueled by scientific data and athlete insights each garment aims to keep runners comfortable, protected and focused on performing at their best. lee holman, vice president of NIKE apparel design told designboom more about the new products: » Wearable Forest Hill Hiroki Kobayashi Wearable Forest is bio-acoustic clothing that interacts with a remote forest using network technology. The intention of this interface is to provide users with an opportunity to feel connected with nature regardless of their physical location. Wearable Forest introduces a new interactive sound system that creates a sense of unity between the user and a remote soundscape through remote-controlled speakers and microphones.