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Trulia - Real Estate, Homes For Sale, Sold Properties, Real Esta

Trulia - Real Estate, Homes For Sale, Sold Properties, Real Esta
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10 questions I asked when choosing an Agent Recently, my wife got the bug to move just because her brother was (I quickly killed that bug – we are NOT moving). I did however have a chance to interview 4 Real Estate agents. I took some notes specifically for Dumb Little Man. Q: How are you going to advertise my home? Q. Q. Q: Show me your municipal reporting on the area? Q: What are your stats? Q: How accessible are you? Q: What is your commission? Q: How can I prepare to show my home? Q: Can I have the names and phone numbers of the last 3 people that listed with you? Please note – this is not anti-real estate agent. That’s it – good luck! -Jay

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