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LXer: Linux News
Kill-switch coming to smartphones The CTIA announced an industry initiative to mandate "kill switch" and to "impose tough penalties against those caught stealing devices or modifying them illegally". How to introduce open source to your public library I was intrigued to read this recent article in The Guardian about public libraries’ new role as community problem solvers. If you read carefully into this article you’ll notice the author talks about libraries becoming more involved with "proactive community engagement." This means that libraries are looking to community members as partners to help solve community problems.

Kerberos/Troubleshooting - Joomla! Authentication Tools (JAuthTools) From Authentication Tools for Joomla! (JAuthTools) This page documents some solutions for common Kerberos issues. It isn't comprehensive but should give you a guide what to look for when resolving the issues. kinit(v5): KRB5 error code 68 while getting initial credentials Apache Web server - Complete Guide Updated: February 1, 2011 This article includes a free PDF guide available for download! The Web server - Apache - Complete Guide was one of the many topics covered in a series of books that I started writing on Linux, the goal of which was to help any enthusiastic Windows user or a Linux newbie become a powerful, confident Linux professional.

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Linux System Administration and Configuration Basic command line: Also see ntpstat, smbstatus, ifstat, prtstat, pidstat, lpstat, mailstat, sar, cifsiostat, ... GUI/Graphical: Minimal Linux distros From OLPC There are a number of Linux distros which attempt to strip Linux down to a minimal set of elements that can run on computers with reduced capabilities. Some of them are targeted at old computers. Some are targeted at so-called embedded systems which are built into machinery, vehicles, home appliances, PDAs and mobile phones. Installation/RAID1+LVM If you find this information applicable to additional versions/releases, please edit this page and modify this header to reflect that. Please also include any necessary modifications for this information to apply to the additional versions. All the following commands should be run as root. sudo -s -H This guide assumes you've successfully setup the hardware and got a bootable (but unconfigured) Ubuntu server install. It may work on previous/future versions of Ubuntu or even other distros.

List of Linux distributions Timeline representing the development of various Linux distributions. This page provides general information about notable Linux distributions in the form of a categorized list. Distributions are organized into sections by the major distribution they are based on, or the package management system they are based around. Debian-based[edit] Knoppix-based[edit] Knoppix, itself, is based on Debian.[46]

Basic Hints for Windows Command Line Programming Environment variables are system (or user) wide settings that programs and Windows can use to control behaviour. Particularly relevant to working with the command line are the PATH and PATHEXT environment variables. The PATH environment variable contains a list of paths that Windows searches when you enter a command. If you don't specify an explicit path to a command (a full path looks something like C:\Python25\python.exe), windows first looks in the current directory and then it checks all the directories specified in the path. Compare distros Choose two GNU/Linux or BSD flavors and see how they compare in features and supported software/hardware. NEW: Visit the Community Wiki and help us improve the data of the comparison table. Anyone can edit the information! There are also new distros waiting to be described. Join us and start editing now! This may help you select the right operating system for your needs.