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Famous Movie Quotes as if Spoken by a Proper Englishman

Famous Movie Quotes as if Spoken by a Proper Englishman
Salutations, internet ne’erdowells. Since I was a lad, I have enjoyed fine cinema. In those days, films were written and performed properly. With a dignified vocabulary and diligent diction. Alas, those days have gone the way of the dodo. Therefore I have put my quill to parchment and rewritten some of the most famed movie quotations as a proper Englishman would have uttered them. Related: Top ten movie-themed charts from I Love Charts.

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Perception > The Epic Everything Thread Posted 21 May 2007 - 01:02 AM If this is against rules just delete it hahaha I typed in Epic on google... and this came up. LEGITskateboardwheel, richylocsfilmer, zipper1022Sb Jesse, supabadmush, Code Rad, estijdugeefresh1, yeah15, Colin L, Kr3ww FiveFourNo, on Jun 14 2007, 12:21 AM, said: You probably won't get the death penalty for skateboarding though, unless they catch you doing a benihana. Back to top

This no-budget science fiction short looks better than most movies The Good: AMAZING effects and character design! The battle droids actually *looked* like devices built for live combat situations—heavily-armoured, heavily-ARMED, and just...heavy! The Bad: 1) WHEN will people finally drop the completely stupid "careful withdrawal of consciousness from virtual environment" trope? 2) If a battle bot has some way of overloading its batteries or onboard generator to generate an EMP, IT WILL FRY ITSELF IN THE PROCESS. I know, I know, I'm a nitpicking geek...but, really, what's the excuse for complete scientific illiteracy in so-called "sci-fi" film-making?

How to properly conceal alcohol in your facebook pictures | Standard Madness This is inspired by that one frantic search for a photo of yourself that did not contain a bottle of booze right after your newest employer sent you a facebook friend request. Cats are probably the best way to block that longneck out of the picture. Who doesn’t approve of cats? 11 Sexy Photos Totally Ruined By People in the Background There's some part of human nature that really makes us laugh when attempted sexiness crashes and burns. This photo collection is a celebration of that horrible, yet undeniable, instinct that we all have. I've been collecting funny photos off the Internet for years and these are the 11 best photos I've ever found where someone (read: a woman) was trying to be sexy... but someone or something crept into the background of the photo and ruined it. Of course, what makes it better is that they didn't notice the interloper and posted the photo online anyways... which brings us to today. This is the first list in a two-part series... today I have 11 sexy photos totally ruined by people in the background, tomorrow I'll have 11 photos of people totally ruined by sex in the background. The old man sleeps.

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