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Unusual articles This page is for Wikipedians to list articles that seem unusual. These articles are valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical, or something you would not expect to find in Encyclopædia Britannica. We should take special care to meet the highest standards of an encyclopedia with these articles lest they make Wikipedia appear idiosyncratic. If you wish to add articles to this list, the article in question should preferably meet one or more of these criteria: This definition is not precise. To keep the list of interest to readers, each entry on this list should be an article on its own (not merely a section in a less unusual article) and of decent quality, in large meeting Wikipedia's manual of style. ) indicates a featured article. ) indicates a good article. Places and infrastructure[edit] Good golly, Miss Molly – jus' love your folly! Americas[edit] Africa[edit] Antarctica[edit] Asia and Oceania[edit] Europe[edit] See also Wikipedia:Unusual place names History[edit]

Can changing your diet help you have a baby in your 40s? By Fiona Macrae Updated: 23:06 GMT, 27 July 2008 Drastic changes in diet boost a woman's chances of giving birth into her 40s and 50s, it is claimed. Alterations from cutting out alcohol and sugar to eating more organic foods allow women to hit the 'snooze button' on their biological clocks, maximising their chances of having a baby, says a new book on fertility. Sarah Dobbyn, a nutritionist and author of The Fertility Diet, said the influence of diet on fertility is often overlooked in an age in which IVF often seems the only answer to pregnancy problems. A new book claims drastic changes in diet can boost a woman's chances of giving birth into her 40s and 50s She said: 'Huge amounts of money are being spent on assisted conception techniques by hopeful couples who do not know that alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are liquid contraceptives, sweeteners can prevent ovulation and seemingly innocent foods such as peas, rhubarb and soya all inhibit fertility.'

‘I Robot’ with SebastianX of ‘Sebastian’s Pamphlets’ > Robots.txt Help - Hobo SEO UK Sebastian was nice enough to help me create an idiot’s guide to Robots.txt… Well, the “idiot’s version” will lack interesting details, but it will get you started. Robots.txt is a plain text file. You must not edit it with HTML editors, word processors, nor any applications other than a plain text editor like vi (Ok, notepad.exe is allowed too). You shouldn’t embed images and such, also any other HTML code is strictly forbidden. Why shouldn’t I edit it with my Dreamweaver FTP client, for instance? Where Do I put robots.txt Robots.txt resides in the root directory of your Web space, that’s either a domain or a subdomain, for example"/web/user/htdocs/"resolving Can I use Robots.txt in sub directories? Of course you’re free to create robots.txt files in all your subdirectories, but you shouldn’t expect search engines to request/obey those. Why? Because plain text files contain ASCII content only. What about if I am on a Free Host?

Graffiti artist Banksy unmasked ... as a former public schoolboy from middle-class suburbia By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline Created: 13:38 GMT, 12 July 2008 He is perhaps the most famous, or infamous, artist alive. To some a genius, to others a vandal. Since Banksy made his name with his trademark stencil-style 'guerrilla' art in public spaces - on walls in London, Brighton, Bristol and even on the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians - his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. He has dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Enlarge In the frame: The man in this photograph, taken in Jamaica four years ago, is believed to be Banksy He is also known for his headline-making stunts, such as leaving an inflatable doll dressed as a Guantanamo prisoner in Disneyland, California, and hanging a version of the Mona Lisa - but with a smiley face - in the Louvre, Paris. A network of myths has grown up around him. Famous fans: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at a Banksy show in Los Angeles where they spent £200,000

The unofficial guide to installing iTunes 10 without bloatware One of the most popular posts I wrote in 2008 was a set of step-by-step instructions to help you do what Apple doesn't want you to do with iTunes for Windows (see Slimming down the bloated iTunes installer). Now that iTunes 10 has been released, it's apparent that nothing has changed in Cupertino. Apple still gives its customers a monolithic iTunes setup program with absolutely no options to pick and choose based on your specific needs. Why is that important? And you wonder why I dislike iTunes with a passion that burns like the fire of a thousand suns? That's where this post comes in. To get started, you need a copy of the iTunes Windows installer, which comes in x86 and x64 versions and is available via this download page. Extract those files to a local or network folder and you can run them individually, using command-line switches to control their behavior. Page 2: What's in each package? <-- Previous page Here's an unvarnished description of each installer: <— Previous page 1. 2. 3.

The WTF World of Wikipedia "Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone." - Wikipedia's entry on Wikipedia You. Your friends and family. Your classmates and coworkers. Problem is, the nerds and dorks tend to have a lot more free time - and passion - than the teachers and professors. Here are 15 mind-boggling examples. See what we mean? On an encouraging note, we did have to add all the Call of Duty games' individual pages together to reach the crazy number above. Oh, and on a simply ridiculous note? Also less important than Call of Duty! • American Revolutionary War = 8,078 • American Civil War = 11,729 • English Civil War = 8,030 • Napoleonic Wars = 7,951 • Hundred Years' War = 7,992 • War on Terrorism = 10,674 • War on Drugs = 7,628 • Cold War = 10,117 • "War" = 9,233 While the magic menagerie of super-powered, frilly-maned, sparkly-eyed, rosy-cheeked wonder beasts might make for slightly more exciting cards than a Three of Spades, the emphasis here is still extremely wonky. - reverse engineer md5 hashes - powered by Blog Archive » 10 Insulting Words You Should Know There is a crisis of insults on the Web. On one hand, the volume of flames is very high yet the quality is poor. Gone are the days of the razor-sharp wit of Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill*, only to be replaced by a string of four letter words typed in ALL CAPS by n00bs (the latest of which is “FAIL”, itself a failure of coming up with a more scathing insult, if you think about it). *For example:"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go," says Oscar Wilde.George Bernard Shaw wrote to Winston Churchill, "I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend....if you have one." Well, it’s hard to teach wit - but all of us can learn the next best thing: the approximation of it by obfuscation, i.e. using big, difficult, and obscure words. 1. Definition: 1) To make French in quality or trait 2) To make somewhat effeminate, and 3) To contract a veneral disease (a 19th century slang). Analysis: We have the English to thank for this word. 2. 3.

Selling OEM Windows copies – you can do it in Europe | The Register High performance access to file storage Our recent piece on Microsoft's interesting claim (now withdrawn*) that it's a legal requirement that a preinstalled operating system system remain with a machine for the life of the machine prompted a contribution on a related matter from Andrew Katz of Moorcrofts Corporate Law, who argues in some detail that under European law Microsoft has no right to stop you selling on any copy of Windows, including preinstalled versions. This is not what the licence agreement says, of course, and it's probably not what Microsoft's lawyers are going to say when you meet them in court. In Europe, subsequent sale of computer programs is governed by the 1991 Computer Software Directive, the relevant text of which is: Remember I mentioned "purposive" above. "Purposive" means that the directive must be interpreted in a way which is consistent with its purpose. Microsoft is committed to helping our education customers proactively manage technology assets.

..ThinkPad TM password recovery, supervisor, hard disk, power on, CRC error repair solutions from Joe in Australia Let me assure you that your unknown Supervisor Password [SVP] can be recovered from your TP without having to replace the System Board at great expense to YOU, lots of people around the world have successfully used this method, it does work, it is not a joke or a hoax. If you suspect or believe that my method could not possibly work, or that this is all simply a con or a bad joke, then search the Internet and confirm for yourself what other people say about this web site. My original web site was established in January 2002, if my method did not work as described, newsgroups, and forums on the net would be full of reports to that effect. If you decide to have your System Board replaced, that's fine, go ahead and have the manufacturer of your TP replace your confirmed fully functional system board and in the process transfer a substantial sum of money out of your pocket, if that makes sense to you and you feel more relaxed with that, I can't argue against such logic.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo The sentence's meaning becomes clearer when it's understood that it uses three meanings of the word buffalo: the city of Buffalo, New York, the somewhat uncommon verb "to buffalo" (meaning "to bully or intimidate"), as well as the animal buffalo. When the punctuation and grammar are expanded, the sentence could read as follows: "Buffalo buffalo that Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo." The meaning becomes even clearer when synonyms are used: "Buffalo bison that other Buffalo bison bully, themselves bully Buffalo bison." Sentence construction Bison engaged in a contest of dominance. This sentence supposes they have a history of such bullying with other buffalo, and they are from upstate New York. A comic explaining the concept The sentence is unpunctuated and uses three different readings of the word "buffalo". Marking each "buffalo" with its use as shown above gives: Buffaloa buffalon Buffaloa buffalon buffalov buffalov Buffaloa buffalon. Usage Other words using the same pattern Hack request: electronic cat door An anonymous reader requested a hack today to solve a particular kind of kitty problem. Specifically, the reader wants to know if there’s a way to have a cat door that grants access to particular cats while restricting entry or exit for others. Not being a cat owner, I don’t follow cat electronics too closely, but I have heard of a project or two that are similar in nature, and I’d like to open this up for further discussion in the comments. The photo above is from the Flo Control project. One element that’s used in the Flo Control setup is a cat door product made by Cat Mate. A more interesting idea is to use RFID to uniquely identify a particular cat and grant access accordingly. There are a number of RFID sensors for the Arduino and Basic Stamp microcontrollers. The Flo Control Project – Link RFID Enabling Your Front Door – Link Using the Arduino with the Parallax RFID reader – Link Related

SuitSat Using a simple police scanner or ham radio, you can listen to a disembodied spacesuit circling Earth. + Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Historia en Español | + Join mailing list January 26, 2006: One of the strangest satellites in the history of the space age is about to go into orbit. The spacesuit is the satellite -- "SuitSat" for short. "SuitSat is a Russian brainstorm," explains Frank Bauer of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Right: ISS astronaut Mike Finke spacewalks in a Russian Orlan spacesuit in 2004. "We've equipped a Russian Orlan spacesuit with three batteries, a radio transmitter, and internal sensors to measure temperature and battery power," says Bauer. Unlike a normal spacewalk, with a human inside the suit, SuitSat's temperature controls will be turned off to conserve power. "Will the suit overheat? SuitSat can be heard by anyone on the ground. Right: Tune your FM radio to 145.990 MHz. When will SuitSat orbit over your home town? Author: Dr.