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Per la tua azienda

Per la tua azienda

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Get More From Pinterest Places Add a map to your Pinterest board, and when someone clicks it they will be taken to the location in Google Maps. What a great way to show people where you are or where an event is taking place. This is an example of a HTML caption with a link. Stickies Hotjar v1: See how your visitors are really using your site – for free After seven months of beta testing, Hotjar Insights is now Hotjar, and the team has included a whole raft of new features based on customer feedback, and testing. What does it do? Hotjar is a conversion rate optimization solution, helping you to understand how visitors engage with, and interact with, your website.

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35 Creative and Amazing Facebook Timeline Covers Facebook Timeline covers makes people ignite their creativity after the release of Facebook Timeline, many creative people such as designers, worked out their imagination to conceive a masterpiece for their cover photos. Truly, creativity is endless! Interesting and new cover photos emerged and became popular as they are uploaded by their respected owners. Combination of colors, elements, can bring unimaginable Facebook Timeline Covers. Here now is the 35 creative and amazing Facebook Timeline Cover Photos that makes you stay for long and amazed for a moment. Cody Cosmo Kelderman Counting impressions and clicks - DoubleClick for Publishers Help One of the key strengths of digital advertising is that it can provide detailed metrics on how advertising campaigns are performing. The most fundamental metrics are impressions (the number of times an ad has been served) and clicks. Here are some insights into exactly how DFP counts those metrics. Counting impressions In general, DFP counts an impression each time a creative is sent to an end user. By that stage in the process, we've already read the user's DoubleClick cookie, if available, and completed the process of choosing which ad and creative to serve.

Geo Tag Generator Create HTML Geo-Tags for your own WEB-Site: or first read a small manual ... Map Data Map data ©2016