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The Collective Legal Guide For Designers (Contract Samples)

The Collective Legal Guide For Designers (Contract Samples)
Rule number one for designers of all kinds: use a contract. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Should I use a service agreement? A retainer? A licensing contract? With the help of Docracy1, we collected the experience of many designers to provide a wide range of starting points for less experienced creative professionals, and to start a permanent free legal resource for the community. Below you’ll find a collection of legal documents curated by our fantastic community. Important notice: free sample documents and commentary are never a substitute to legal advice. What Document Should I Sign With My Client? If you created an icon set: If you are building a responsive website: If you are starting a graphic design project: If you’re doing a small project with design and code: If you’re doing a BIG project with design and code: If you’re doing UX work: If you’re creating an infographic: If a third party wants to use your work: If you’re redesigning a website: If things go wrong: 34add yours3635

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Standard Master Agreement for Design Services This Agreement for design services is between Designer Name ("Designer"), and Client Name (Client), for the performance of the services described in the proposal sent to Client on Proposal delivery date ("Proposal"). The parties therefore agree as follows: Basic Terms and Conditions Work-for-Hire Agreement This is an Agreement between name of artist, hereinafter Artist, normally doing business at full address andname of creative firm, hereinafter Creative Firm, normally doing business at full address. This Agreement covers the preparation of project title or description further described in Addendum and submission of ideas and materials therefor. Artist will receive a total fee of $fee upon satisfactory completion. Artist will deliver to Creative Firm on or before agreed date the project title or description in form and content satisfactory to creative firm. Artist is an independent contractor. This work is considered work-for-hire under the United States Copyright Act of 1976.

Freebie: Brands Icons And Color Style Guides (100 Icons, PNG) Advertisement Another weekend, and yet another freebie. Today, we are happy to feature a useful icon set, the Simple Icons1 by Dan Leech. Dan’s set contains 100 PNG icons for popular websites, apps and organisations, all in eleven sizes (16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels squared). A Sample Independent Contractor Agreement for Designers This chapter is from the book  In this excerpt from Talent is Not Enough: Business Secrets for Designers, 3rd Edition, Shel Perkins offers a sample independent contractor agreement that you can use when subcontracting with design firms and ad agencies. Use an agreement like this when subcontracting with design firms and ad agencies.

Top 6 Small Business Podcasts to Learn as You Go Sometimes it seems as though podcasts were invented with small-business owners in mind: They provide free, on-point information you can absorb while commuting, running errands, or working out at the gym. Since the biggest time-consumption challenge with this new(ish) medium is figuring out which ones to listen to, we compiled this list of six top podcasts to help you master key management and entrepreneurial skills: Leadership: Back to Work A solid podcast in which hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discuss every aspect of business leadership and company culture you can think of, plus a few dozen that leave you saying, “I never would have thought of that, but I’m so glad they did.”

Retinize It: Free Photoshop Action For Slicing Graphics For HD Screens High-definition (or “Retina”) displays have spread wider and wider, and evidently their numbers will keep growing. So, as creators of products that will be consumed on Retina devices, we have to optimize our design and development workflow accordingly. Slicing graphics from finished designs to use for development is one of the less enjoyable parts of building a website or app. And it takes a long time. Technology Consulting Contract Receiver Company Sender Company Engagement Details Project Description Description Deliverables

Project Management for Startups Because startups are designed to grow fast and maintain innovation, they can’t afford to work in silos. And because they must maintain speed, they can’t afford linear hierarchy. What startups need is a flat structure, transparency and collaborative communication. UI Tiles: Wireframes and Flowcharts Kit EmailShare UI Tiles is a set of elegant and light system for building quick visual flowcharts and site maps for web projects. The kit contains 72 website flowcharts for any purpose to build site maps, demonstrate interactions and engineer magnificent projects. UI Tiles is available for free in popular vector formats (PSD, AI, Sketch) and PNG formats. Now with this kit in your toolbox, you can save a lot of time and energy.