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Techniques innovantes pour l'enseignement supérieur

Techniques innovantes pour l'enseignement supérieur

Innovating Pedagogy 2013 The series of reports explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. View the 2016 Innovating Pedagogy report This fifth report, produced in collaboration with the Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education. You can see a summary of each innovation using the menu on the right. Please add your comments on the report and the innovations.

MLA EMTS Blog The call for posters and papers at MLA 2014 (held May 16–21, 2014 in Chicago, IL) has been announced. Proposals must be entered into the online system by 11:59pm CST on Friday, November 1st, 2013. Someone got a little sponsor-happy during program planning, so EMTS is on the program with 7 different paper sessions. In addition to our perennial favorite – Tech Trends (now in its 7th year), we’re also presenting:

The Professors Behind the MOOC Hype - Technology Dave Chidley for The Chronicle Paul Gries, of the U. of Toronto, has taught MOOCs on computer science. By Steve Kolowich What is it like to teach 10,000 or more students at once, and does it really work? The largest-ever survey of professors who have taught MOOCs, or massive open online courses, shows that the process is time-consuming, but, according to the instructors, often successful. Nearly half of the professors felt their online courses were as rigorous academically as the versions they taught in the classroom.

How to deploy XWiki to Jelastic cloud: step-by-step tutorial If you are a fan of XWiki, or you haven’t had a chance yet to try it, here is your chance to see how easy it is to use with Jelastic. XWiki is a free wiki software platform written in Java that is pretty cool and useful. BTW XWiki Enterprise is edited by both, the XWiki Community and XWiki SAS. It allows for the storing of structured data and the execution of server side script within the wiki interface. Let’s deploy XWiki to Jelastic cloud right now! 1.

Fred Mulder speaks at European MOOC summit « UNESCO Chair on Open Educational Resources By Jos Rikers, on June 7th, 2013 6 and 7 June 2013 a European MOOCs Summit takes place in Lausanne (Switserland). The summit collects (on invitation) about 70 key actors from the public and the corporate sector at the national and the European level. At the summit prof. dr. ir.

Peer learning One of the most visible approaches to peer learning comes out of cognitive psychology, and is applied within a "mainstream" educational framework: "Peer learning is an educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals."[1] In this context, it can be compared to the practices that go by the name cooperative learning. Blog de Netvibes On Wednesday, September 14, join us in New York or online for a special sneak preview of the new Netvibes Premium, including our new adaptive analytics and alerts features. We’ll also have interesting insights and case studies from Stephen Rappaport, Dir. Knowledge Solutions, The Advertising Research Foundation. This is a great chance for brand marketers and social media professionals to learn how to use Netvibes Premium to discover trends, identify influencers and distill it into actionable insights–without time consuming reporting or metrics! Plus, you’ll be among the first to get a free trial of the new Netvibes Premium!

Presentations A (more or less) complete list of my presentations. Currently 335 presentations are listed. Most have embedded slides, most recent talks have embedded audio recordings, and some have video. Open Education and Personal Learning Apr 23, 2015. Open Education Global, Banff, Alberta (Keynote). In this presentation I outline major aspects of the learning and performance support systems (LPSS) program as it relates to open education environments. Documentation: Dashboard Guide In the upper right corner of the dashboard there are several additional options: Search box; Upgrade trial account (Upgrade trial account, Learn about trial limitations, Learn about pricing, See statistics on recent resource usage); Vote for features; Help (Contact support, Docs, Video, Go to community, Show Jelastic tutorial); Balance (Balance (cash\bonus), Refresh balance, Refill balance, Configure auto-refill, Payment methods, Quotas & pricing, Billing history, View invoices); Email address (Change password, Language, Signout). If you have any questions on using our platform you can use How do I..? search box. Simply enter the question you are interested in and you'll be redirected to the list of appropriate Jelastic documents which may help you.If you are a trial user, you can see the Upgrade trial account button.

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