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Homemade Butterbeer Recipe

Homemade Butterbeer Recipe
I also have a Frozen Butterbeer recipe! Check it out! As I continue my little celebration of the release of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1, today I get to share with you my favorite treat that I have ever, ever made: butterbeer! It seems to be the Harry Potter food that most people want to try more than any other! Fortunately, now you can, of course, at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And the best part about it, is that you know it’s the right stuff, because Jo Rowling herself taste approved the park’s recipe! I was lucky enough to go to WWOHP back in June. It. was. amazing. As for the butterbeer…well, I have to admit that it was definitely on the top of my list of things to do there! It was so delicious! There are several homemade butterbeer recipes that have popped up online since the opening of WWOHP, but I have to admit, I haven’t tried any of them. I started with the butterbeer itself. I considered butterscotch syrup, but ruled it our for two reasons: 1. 2.

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So They Say It's My Birthday . . . Birthday Cupcake Jelly Shot, anyone? Make a wish!!! Oh, wait . . . no candles. Harry Potter: Top 10 Butterbeer Recipes Butterbeer. It warms you up, tastes great, and gives you a frothy moustache! Butterbeer is the drink of choice at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmead whenever Harry Potter, Hermione, or Ron gets to take a break from Hogwarts. You can now take butterbeer home with you! Now you can enjoy this Harry Potter drink whenever or wherever you want.

Madam Rosmerta's Magical Recipes Dinah Bucholz and Keith Hawk September 27, 2010 Philadelphia, PA USA Keith Hawk, MuggleNet (KH): I’m sitting with Dinah Bucholz of Philadelphia and she has just released her new book titled ‘The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook’. First Dinah, I’d like to welcome you tonight, and thank you for joining us here on MuggleNet, and congratulations on your book. Dinah Bucholz (DB): Well thank you very much, I’m delighted to be here. Lime in the Coconut Martini I'm thinking it might be time for some kind of intervention. Brian has apparently developed a condition whereby it is impossible for him to walk into any kind of liquor store without "discovering" some new Pinnacle flavored vodka for us to try. He also insists that all vodka be stored in the freezer and we are WAY over capacity in there. I'm not too keen on frozen food but there are a few things that do belong in there other than bottles of vodka, ice cube trays and cocktail glasses. I nearly created an avalanche the other day trying to retrieve a package of frozen spinach!

"Faux"jitos! I love mojitos. A bubbly concoction of rum, mint and lime, they're especially refreshing. The mojito (moe-hee-toe) is my favorite summer cocktail, and it pairs beautifully with my porch rocking chair and a nice summer breeze (did I just say that? A Message from “The Original Creator” Of The Harry Potter Story Welcome to A Message from “The Original Creator” Of The Harry Potter Story. The Harry Potter story is not of Joanne K Rowling’s origin. The real author of the Harry Potter story is an Australian man. The story was designed over many years – from 1978.

How to Make Cream Soda: 14 Steps Edit Article Yeast Method (From Scratch)Syrup and Carbonated Water Method (Shortcut) Edited by Sondra C, Flickety, Daniel G, Ben Rubenstein and 51 others Cream soda is a sweet, carbonated soft drink that tastes like cream. It doesn't actually have cream in it, but it earned that name because it used to be commonly served with a dollop of ice cream floating at the top.[1] There are many commercial variations of cream soda available, but you can easily make your own. Ad Avena - Healthy Oatmeal Shake Breakfast on the go? This quick shake is healthy and delicious! My daughter loves Avena and requests it for breakfast at least 3 times a week. It's nutritious, high in fiber, lowers cholesterol and tastes delicious! Avena is a very popular cold beverage in many Latin countries, here's my healthy skinny version.

Naples Fruit Tea Cocktail Monday, May 17, 2010 Naples Fruit Tea Cocktail There’s no better feeling than good friends & good cocktails. As luck would have it, I’ve been blessed with many good friends, and many good cocktails. My dear friend Fro (nickname not related to a hairstyle by any means) works in the liquor business and is always giving us nice gifts. Severus Snape NAME MEANINGS Birth name: Severus Snape. 'Severus' meaning: 'Severus' has obvious connotations of severity and strictness. There are also several saints with the name 'Severus.' 'Snape' meaning: JKR says "Snape is an English village" (

Harry Potter Recipes: butterbeer Time to make: 1 hour Servings: 4 Ingredients Personal Finance News & Advice Make coffee at home instead of buying fancy lattes at the local cafe (or, OK, Starbucks outpost), and you’ll save boatloads of cash each year. Shocking, right? If only it were that simple. Although financial gurus repeatedly trot out the so-called latte factor as a prime example of how we’re all busting our budgets, the tired tip fails to account for one major hurdle: taste. If we all boasted barista skills and our home kitchens had $1,000-plus espresso machines, the venti whatevers wouldn’t stand a chance. Homemade Kahlua I am not sure if it is the kids, everyday life or what, but I have come to really enjoy a cocktail or two every now and again. Combine that with my never ending desire to try something new in the kitchen and I just had to try making my own Kahlua. The main thing I found is that the longer I let this Kahlua rest, the better it tasted as it mellowed out. It is truly delicious and a wonderful hostess gift. Cheers!

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