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7 Lessons For Retail in the Age of E-Commerce

7 Lessons For Retail in the Age of E-Commerce
NEW YORK, United States — In 2011, when fashion industry veteran Rachel Shechtman decided to enter the world of physical retail, she knew the concept would, in many ways, have to serve as an antidote to the traditional store experience. The result was Story, a 2,000-square-foot shop that gets a complete makeover — with a new design, range of products and marketing message — every four to eight weeks. Five years on, Story has become one of the most interesting studies in how people want to shop today. Its refreshing merchandising strategy, which relies on a rotating series of themes and sponsorship partners, is what helps the store stand apart from a sea of retailers struggling to understand the needs of customers whose demands have changed in the age of e-commerce. If time is the ultimate luxury and people want a higher return on investment of their time, you need to give them a reason to be in a physical space. Story founder Rachel Shechtman | Source: Courtesy It’s a method with legs. 1.

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Retail Luxury Strategy: Assembling Charisma through Art and Magic a IAE de Paris, Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne, GREGOR, 21 rue Broca, 75005 Paris, Franceb School of Management, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, United Kingdomc Department of Management and Marketing, Southern Denmark University, Campusvej 55, Odense C 5230, Denmark Available online 18 October 2011 Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution Check access Nicola Mendelsohn and Matt Brittin on VR, AI and why the future is bright for marketing Brands should be testing virtual reality Nicola Mendelsohn: “[Brands should be] starting to test [virtual reality] but it’s very early days and not many people have these devices yet. It depends what your objective is. If your objective is testing innovation and being seen as an innovative company then try it because that would fulfil the objective. We only started shifting [the Samsung VR] in November, the Rift is only going out now, so is it actually in the hands of consumers?

Rethinking Luxury CEO Pay LONDON, United Kingdom — It is not so long ago that the share performances of luxury goods stocks were closely correlated, as strong growth throughout the industry masked differences in individual performance. Over the long term, however, the actual returns for investors within the sector have become more uneven. In other words, some companies — and their investors — are making more money on their investment than others. This being the case, it would be reasonable if managers were encouraged — and incentivised — to achieve high returns. In fact, this is far from the case. My review of the remuneration policies of twelve leading luxury goods companies found that none has yet tied the variable component of its senior managers’ remuneration to either cash generation, return on invested capital (ROIC) or total shareholder return (TSR), i.e. share price performance plus dividends.

Sound art and spatial practices : situating sound installation art since 1958 This dissertation examines the emergence and development of sound installation art, an under-recognized tradition that has developed between music, architecture, and media art practices since the late 1950s. Unlike many musical works, which are concerned with organizing sounds in time, sound installations organize sounds in space; they thus necessitate new theoretical and analytical models that take into consideration the spatial situated-ness of sound. Existing discourses on "spatial sound" privilege technical descriptions of sound localization.

Burberry launches on Apple TV - Burberry Group plc Burberry launches on Apple TV Burberry launches on Apple TV And becomes first fashion brand to broadcast live on the platform Burberry today announced that it has launched on Apple TV. To mark its debut, Burberry will be livestreaming its upcoming Menswear show to audiences worldwide on the app, becoming the first luxury brand to broadcast a fashion show live on the platform. The livestream on Monday 11 January, will also feature a performance by British musician and Mercury Prize winner, Benjamin Clementine, who will be performing the soundtrack to the show live from the venue in London’s Kensington Gardens. The Burberry app for Apple TV also offers access to a collection of Burberry Acoustic films from emerging British musicians, highlights from the brand’s previous runway shows and Burberry beauty tutorials by Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant, Wendy Rowe.

How Does Politics Affect the Fashion Industry? Fierceness and fabulousness aside, the fashion industry is a serious (and lucrative) business. It is estimated that the fashion industry generates $500 million for Ontario annually. In fact, Toronto is home to the third largest design workforce in North America. Siam Discovery for Siam Piwat A complete redevelopment plan, covering both interior and exterior design, for floors one to five of "Siam Discovery" a large-scale retail complex in Bangkok, Thailand. The existing building was deep with a narrow frontage that results in a poor flow of visitors at the front.

The Mainstreaming of Augmented Reality: A Brief History The launch of Pokémon Go this summer was a huge success—both for the gaming industry and for Augmented Reality (AR). After launching in July 2016, the game hit its peak in August of almost 45 million users. Despite the fact that Niantic, the American software development company that developed Pokémon Go, has failed to maintain high levels of engagement on the game (its current user base is now 30 million users), the phenomenon demonstrated AR’s potential to be adopted by mainstream culture. In a previous piece I discussed why some AR apps are destined to be forgotten as gimmicks, and what mistakes marketers should avoid when trying to deploy them. Styling Politicians in the Age of Image Wars PHILADELPHIA, United States — “Trump has a budget, Sanders has a budget, Hillary has a budget,” says Corey Roche, a personal stylist whose clients include politicians in Washington DC. “There is [campaign] money allocated to fashion and clothes, because that is a huge part of marketing and branding.” Indeed, in today's media-saturated world, image is a key communications tool for heavyweight politicians as they craft their personal brands and election campaigns. Like actors, athletes and other celebrities, many major American politicians employ stylists and other image consultants. But the business of dressing politicians — some of the most heavily scrutinised public figures — comes with a unique set of challenges. At major political events like this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Democratic party nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton is scheduled to make her acceptance speech on Thursday, the level of scrutiny is higher than ever.

45 grand - NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio jul 24, 2015 45 grand - NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio 45 grand – NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio 45 grand (located on grand street in soho new york) is NIKE’s exclusive fitness studio, event space and a NIKE+ services hub for media and other invited guests. the space designed by rafael de cárdenas and art director jen brill brings together NIKE+ running and NIKE+ training club digital services, live experiences, and expert training and coaching to serve media guests and other guests of the NIKE women brand. guests are invited to preview NIKE women product collections, and the best of NIKE design innovation for her as part of a product offering that includes women’s training collections, NIKE running and NIKE sportswear.

These Garments Show Your Stress Levels In Real Time Designer Hussein Chalayan is exploring the possibilities of emotion-tracking wearables during his runway show at Paris fashion week Over his extensive career, the fashion designer Hussein Chalayan has appropriated a variety of non-fashion items into his collections, including interior design, urban architecture and geometric figures. At his “Room Tone” show, premiering September 30th at the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week in Paris, the designer used belts and glasses, powered by Intel’s Curie module, to express the models’ stress levels. During the show, five different models wore the Curie-powered smart belts and glasses, which measured and processed their stress level, then interpreted it into a visual projection on the runway wall.

Gigi New York Issues Cease And Desist To Tommy Hilfiger OFF the back of Tommy Hilfiger's star-studded, fairground-themed extravaganza in New York last week, the fashion house is facing the potential of legal action from a fellow American brand. Leather goods label Gigi New York has issued a cease and desist letter over the Tommy X GiGi collection - the brand's collaboration with Gigi Hadid, which debuted on the runway last week. It became available to buy immediately following the show as part of Tommy Hilfiger's move to see-now, buy-now.

New Store Look in Brand Revamp at Sisley Berlin Sisley, the brand owned by the Benetton group, has opened a new concept store in Berlin as part of a total image overhaul. The 1,300 sq. ft. shop launch is located in a former restaurant on the Neue Schönhauser Strasse, in the Mitte area of the city, famed for its cutting-edge brand assortment. Much of this store design however seems to be taking elements that already existed in this building and reworking them with props and fixtures. Experiment On An Unlimited Canvas With This VR Art Tool Gravity Sketch lets artists sketch things in the air instead of on a flat screen Remember when the 3D pen came out? It allowed you to draw 3D objects using a type of 3D printing technology built inside a pen.