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jQuery Boilerplate
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Collecting all the cheat sheets Collecting All Cheat Sheets Python jQuery NodeJS Java Ruby JavaScript ActionScript Git MySQL RegExp Linux mod_rewrite Developer Tools >> About and Comments >> Get Chrome Extension >> .NET ActionScript Ada ADO.NET Adobe Adobe Acrobat AJAX Algebra Apache Apache Ant Apache Camel Apache Cassandra Apache Solr APT Arduino ASCII Astronomy ASP Assembly Language Atom AWK Azure Bash Blender Bazaar BDB BGP Berkeley DB BIRT BlazeDS Blogger Blueprint BPEL BPM BPML Business Process Modeling C C# C++ Calculus Camera Catalyst Characters Chef Chemistry chmod Clojure Cloud Computing Cocoa ColdFusion Colour Computer Science Continuous Integration Countries CSS CUE CVS DB2 db4o Debian Delphi Design Pattern Django Doctrine Doctypes DOM DDD Domain-Driven Design DOT language Drupal DTD Eclipse Emmet Ed EJB Emacs Emoticon Encoding Erlang EIGRP F# Facebook Fedora Feed File Firebug Firefox Firefox Add-ons FitNesse Flash Flash Catalyst Flex Fonts Fortran Freeware FTP First Hop Redundancy NetBeans NMAP Node.js Numbers

jQuery Mobile Website Builder Online By accessing, using or browsing this website you agree to be bound by its terms, conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability ("Terms and Conditions"). This website ("JQMBuilder") and it's ancillary websites are owned an operated by Decompression Pty Ltd ("Decompression"). Decompression reserves the right to amend or update such terms, conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability at any time without providing notice to you. By using the JQMBuilder web site, you agree to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not wish to be bound to the terms of this agreement, you must not access the site. Privacy Policy We collect the following personal data: Name E-mail address We do not collect Address or Credit Card information we only accept Payments through Paypal's secure payment gateway. We use return e-mail addresses to answer the e-mail we receive. Please be aware that your browser may be required to accept cookies from in order to use our services. Refunds 1. A.

jQuery 25 Tutorials of Advanced User Interface CSS3 Effects We all know that technology is evolving like anything and since web browsers are constantly making changes and improving their standards, web developers have to become shrewd and they, too, are constantly trying to adopt the changes. I personally believe that all these changes are positive and this will definitely lead to enhanced support and of course making frontend development time a lot more convenient. Since new techniques are being introduced every now and then, I think the best way to learn new stuff is through online tutorials. Today, in this article we will be presenting a list of 25 great css3 tutorials through which you can learn more about advanced interfaces. Interactive Infographic with SVG and CSS Animations I am sure not much is aware of ‘Scalable Vector Graphics’ format. Advertisement Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3 This tutorial will help you in creating a full 3D bar chart. Understanding the CSS Clip Property This ‘Clip’ property is one single CSS property. Metro UI CSS

jQuery Mobile globalize Extending HTML5 — Microformats While HTML5 has a bunch of semantic elements, including new ones like <article> and <nav>, sometimes there just isn’t an element with the right meaning. What we want are ways to extend what we’ve got, to add extra semantics that are machine-readable — data that a browser, script, or robot can use. Native ways to extend HTML There were five fundamental ways we could extend HTML 4: <meta> elementclass attributerel attributerev attributeprofile attribute In HTML5, rev has fallen by the wayside, becoming obsolete since hardly anyone used it correctly, and because it can be replaced by rel. profile is also obsolete, and there is no support for namespaces in HTML5. Even better, WAI-ARIA’s role and aria-* attributes are allowed in HTML5, and HTML5 validators can check HTML5+ARIA. Finally there are microformats. Introducing microformats Microformats are a collection of vocabularies for extending HTML with additional machine-readable semantics. Microformat specifications Published microformats

Transitional Interfaces, Coded Pasquale D’Silva’s article Transitional Interfaces has really been making the rounds. It's a quick read that drives home a great point. Transitions and animations can be more than eye candy. If a list item is inserted into a list, rather than having it suddenly appear, an animation that moves the list to make room makes it extremely obvious what is going on. The animated GIF's in the article make it, so go check that out. Pasquale wasn't saying do exactly this every time! Check out the coded examples of transitional interfaces on CodePen. Nothing groundbreaking, but a couple of tricks at play. In the list-item-adding examples, the space is made in the list by at first setting the list items to max-height: 0; and having an @keyframes animation run on them which expands the max-height to 50. The @keyframes only have a to { } block. In the slide-in example, first the space is created in the list, then the item is slide in to that space.

Chosen - a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype - makes select boxes better Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select Turns This Into This Multiple Select <optgroup> Support Single Select with Groups Multiple Select with Groups Selected and Disabled Support Chosen automatically highlights selected options and removes disabled options. Single Select Multiple Select Hide Search on Single Select The disable_search_threshold option can be specified to hide the search input on single selects if there are n or fewer options. Default Text Support Chosen automatically sets the default field text ("Choose a country...") by reading the select element's data-placeholder value. Note: on single selects, the first element is assumed to be selected by the browser. No Results Text Support Setting the "No results" search text is as easy as passing an option when you create Chosen: Limit Selected Options in Multiselect You can easily limit how many options the user can select: Right to Left Support

Twitter Feed for WordPress : Afficher vos derniers tweets Twitter est l’un des réseaux sociaux les plus en vogue du moment avec Google+ et Facebook. Si vous avez la gâchette facile au niveau des tweets et que vous souhaitez les afficher sur votre site Internet, l’extension WordPress Twitter Feed for WordPress est pour vous. Twitter Feed for WordPress vous permet tout simplement d’afficher les tweets d’un utilisateur dans vos pages, articles ou widget. Vous pouvez personnaliser le nom d’utilisateur, le nombre de tweets, le type de sortie et bien plus encore. L’ajout du flux Twitter sur vos pages, articles ou widgets se fait à l’aide du shortcode [twitter-feed]. Voici quelques exemples d’utilisation : [twitter-feed username="GeekPressFR" num="2"] : 2 derniers tweets du membre « GeekPressFR »[twitter-feed mode="search" term="WordPress" num="10"] : 10 derniers tweets par rapport à la recherche du terme « WordPress »[twitter-feed mode="hashtag" hashtag="freemobile"] : 10 derniers tweets de l’hastag #freemobile 1 derniers tweets du membre GeekPressFR