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Oh, shit, git!

Oh, shit, git!

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Our People - Curse Inc At Curse, we know our people are the key to our success. Our team is made up of talented individuals from all over the world with diverse educational and professional backgrounds – all bound by a shared passion for gaming and a desire to help other gamers Enjoy the Game. Curse is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company with a start-up atmosphere. Working at Curse means every day is exciting and presents new opportunities for our team to innovate, solve problems, and create cutting edge technology. No matter which department you work in, our open culture provides every employee with the opportunity to have their ideas and opinions heard. Our passion and purpose is for gaming.

A successful Git branching model » In this post I present the development model that I’ve introduced for some of my projects (both at work and private) about a year ago, and which has turned out to be very successful. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while now, but I’ve never really found the time to do so thoroughly, until now. I won’t talk about any of the projects’ details, merely about the branching strategy and release management. It focuses around Git as the tool for the versioning of all of our source code. (By the way, if you’re interested in Git, our company GitPrime provides some awesome realtime data analytics on software engineering performance.) Why git?

ebde50 click to copy colllor about share Free graph / lined / dot paper generator The largest Git repo Broadly speaking this is true, but note that in some ways CVS and SVN are better at scaling than Git. - They support checking out a subdirectory without downloading the rest of the repo, as well as omitting directories in a checkout. Indeed, in SVN, branches are just subdirectories, so almost all checkouts are of subdirectories. You can't really do this in Git; you can do sparse checkouts (i.e. omitting things when copying a working tree out of .git), but .git itself has to contain the entire repo, making them mostly useless. - They don't require downloading the entire history of a repo, so the download size doesn't increase over time.

git-pair Git pair programming tools Git pair programming tools Allows you to commit with two users by making one the committer and the other the author. Also lets you switch users easily. Credit to @roylines for the original idea in his gits repo. Install Text to Decimal — Cryptii Alphabet TextThe quick brown fox jumps over 13 lazy dogs. Flipped.sgod yzal 31 revo spmuj xof nworb kciuq ehT HTML EntitiesThe quick brown fox jumps over 13 lazy dogs.

Heroku CI Is Now Generally Available: Fast, Low Setup CI That’s Easy to Use Today we are proud to announce that Heroku CI, a low-configuration test runner for unit and browser testing that is tightly integrated with Heroku Pipelines, is now in General Availability. To build software with optimal feature release speed and quality, continuous integration (CI) is a popular and best practice, and is an essential part of a complete continuous delivery (CD) practice. As we have done for builds, deployments, and CD, Heroku CI dramatically improves the ease, experience, and function of CI. Now your energy can go into your apps, not your process.

My simply Git Cheatsheet Using Git Global Settings Related Setup: Docker in Production: An History of Failure – The HFT Guy My first encounter with docker goes back to early 2015. Docker was experimented with to find out whether it could benefit us. At the time it wasn’t possible to run a container [in the background] and there wasn’t any command to see what was running, debug or ssh into the container. The experiment was quick, Docker was useless and closer to an alpha prototype than a release. IRC Logs for #vagrant jayunit100 joined the channel livingstn joined the channel caper has quit caper joined the channel nZac has quit r_x joined the channel marcogmonteiro has quit _KaszpiR_ has quit _KaszpiR_ joined the channel nZac joined the channel nZac has quit dbclk joined the channel notdaniel joined the channel dumbitguy joined the channel dumbitguy is now known as dumbitguy_ ij joined the channel ij I'm trying to "xinit -- :0" in arch with "sudo -iu vagrant xinit -- :0 <> /dev/tty0" and "sed -i 's/allowed_users=. May 18th, 2017

Getting Started with Git - DZone - Refcardz Editing Once you’ve cloned or initialized a new Git project, just start changing files as needed for your current assignment. There is no pessimistic locking of files by teammates. In fact, there’s no locking at all. Git operates in a very optimistic manner, confident that its merge capabilities are a match for any conflicted changes that you and your colleagues can craft. If you need to move a file, Git can often detect your manual relocation of the file and will show it as a pending “move.”