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P!nk - Most Girls

P!nk - Most Girls
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New Study Links Social Anxiety To Being An Empath Written by Amateo Ra| Have you ever felt anxious being around other people? For some, the feelings of social anxiety can be so intense that someone can feel totally paralyzed just to be out in public. Could social anxiety’s hidden link to empathy give us a greater understanding into the lives of those affected? Social anxiety can often be an extremely confusing, challenging and even interesting experience for many. Fear is the primary feeling generally attributed to social anxiety, and those who experience it often can’t seem to discover the origin of the social anxiety within themselves. All logic can seem to fail in the face of social anxiety. A new Scientific Study recently released published on PubMed shows that people with social phobias and anxieties are hypersensitive to other peoples states of mind. This helps shed major light on the subject, finding a hidden link between social anxiety and being an Empath. So in all, if you are an Empath with Social Anxiety, you’re not crazy!

L'attitude intelligente et progressiste face au surpoids et à l'obésité La semaine dernière, sous le billet de Mélanie, Sophie a posté un lien vers cette vidéo. Je l’ai regardée en entier (ne paniquez pas devant la durée, les interventions des 5 participants durent 1h, après c’est une série de questions-réponses avec la salle – très intéressantes, d’ailleurs), et je me suis dit qu’il fallait la montrer au maximum de monde. Parce que les médecins et thérapeutes qui interviennent ici, et qui appartiennent au GROS (Groupe de Réflexion sur l’Obésité et le Surpoids), ont une vision du surpoids et de la manière d’aider les patients, très différente de celle du monde de la nutrition et de la diététique en général. (ils disent d’ailleurs que s’ils prenaient des étudiants diététiciens en stage avec eux, ceux-ci seraient ensuite recalés à leurs examens tant ce qu’on apprend traditionnellement de la nutrition est malheureusement éloigné de la philosophie du GROS). Si vous êtes en souffrance de poids, je vous suggère aussi de lire les bouquins de Zermati.

3 Ways Your Worries Are a Path to Self Discovery Many people have the view-point that we worry or expect the worst when we don’t trust the future or live in fear of what the future will bring us. Others believe that we expect the worst, because we have experienced “the worst” in the past. While these examples have some truth to them. Worrying is a Path to Self Discovery and Here’s Why: 1. Think about all of the times you were worrying and the multitude of probable outcomes you imagined to happen. Through each probable outcome you were able to find what makes you tick. This kind of Self Exploration leads to Self Discovery and is an important step to spiritual enlightenment. Each person must master them-self first in order to help others and make helpful impacts in the world. Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Diogenes, Mahavira, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Vimala Thakar, Sri Ramakrishna, Jesus of Nazareth. 2. When you can explore the depths of your emotions, you understand that they stem from thoughts forms. 3. by LJ Vanier

How The Beauty Industry Is Oppressing Women “If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.” – Dr. Gail Dines Thanks to Waking Times for this article| A mother comes home after a stressful day at work with many tiny worries racing through her mind. Who is at fault? There is an old parable that explains of a small town that suddenly notices a baby floating down the river and all the people come together to rescue the child. Beauty in Western society has become a serious illness. Eighty-One percent of 10-year-old girls have a fear of being fat! I saw a post that said “54% of women would rather get hit by a truck than be fat.” “How big is the truck, LOL?” But, according to Radar Systems, nearly half of adolescent girls would rather have cancer, experience the death of a parent, or a nuclear war instead of getting fat. Actress and makeup artist Eva Devergilis states that every woman that sits in her chair apologizes for the way they look. 1. 2. 3.

5 Surprising Yet Effective Social Anxiety Solutions By Amateo Ra |Social Anxiety can be a brutal affliction for those who experience it. The fear that so many people experience regarding social environments with others has led many to isolate, hide and seclude themselves from the World. This pent up amount of isolation and loneliness can then lead to depression, emotional instability and an overall apathetic lack of motivation for life. What if there were surprising ways to shake you loose of the Social Anxiety cycle? The craziest thing about social anxiety is for most it’s either present or it’s not. So here are some surprising yet effective social anxiety solutions… While this may seem like a practice that is most commonly associated to the mentally ill, I promise that singing and talking to yourself outloud doesn’t make you crazy. Often once we externalize the seemingly insane voices in our head, we can see the lack of reason and logic that we’ve been swirling within. Do things you love. The things we love bring us together.

It's the side of extreme weight loss rarely seen, but that's why it's needed. Matt had lap-band surgery in 2009 at age 16. Here's Matt at 16 years old and 497 pounds, versus today after his surgery at 22 years old and 220 pounds. Through the course of his weight-loss journey, Matt became passionate about promoting body positivity for people of all shapes and sizes. To stay motivated, he started sharing his journey on social media, posting before-and-after photos, answering questions and giving support to followers, and even sharing his meals and favorite workouts. But in all his years of sharing his story, the one thing he's never done is showed what his body looks like after 200+ pounds of weight loss. Shortly after he posted the video online, it quickly went viral on Tumblr, garnering thousands of shares and comments from people around the web. Why was it so important for you to post this video? "I'm a really big advocate for self-love and body positivity. What's the response been like? "I know it's difficult, especially when you're starting out.

8 Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Single Day | Amy Morin Just like people aren't born with physical strength, no one is blessed with incredible mental strength at birth. Instead, mental strength is developed over time by individuals who choose to make personal development a priority. In addition to avoiding the things that could hold them back, mentally strong people create healthy habits that assist them in growing stronger. Here are eight things mentally strong people do every day to strengthen their mental muscles: 1. They Use their Mental Energy Wisely It's easy to get distracted throughout the day by a variety of unimportant and unproductive tasks. 2. Everyone has negative thoughts sometimes, but mentally strong people don't let those thoughts hold them back or drag them down. 3. Mentally strong people establish clear personal and professional goals that give them meaning and purpose. 4. Mentally strong people reflect on their progress toward their goals every day. 5. 6. You can't be at your best if you're insisting you deserve better. 7.