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AR-media™ Plugin for Trimble SketchUp™

AR-media™ Plugin for Trimble SketchUp™
Description With AR-media™ Plugin, Trimble SketchUp™ users are allowed to visualize their 3D models using Augmented Reality directly in the real physical space which surrounds them. In a very precise sense, through AR-media™ Plugin, SketchUp™ 3D models can be visualized out of the digital workspace directly on users' desktop, by connecting a simple webcam and by printing a suitable code. By means of the Exporting feature, users can create and publish augmented reality files autonomously. Files created by this feature can be visualized on any computer with the freely available AR-media™ Player, without the need of having Trimble SketchUp™ and the Plugin installed. Users can now create their own SketchUp™ Augmented Reality models and distribute them to their clients as independent, stand-alone files and let their clients experience such models in Augmented Reality in a click.

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How Google Glass will change mobile forever November 26, 2013 Glass is the flagship ‘wearable technology’ product developed by Google. For the layman, Google Glass uses video-generated reality to overlay visual information onto real-world objects – all through a pair of glasses. The notion of using imagery on top of real-world objects using augmented reality has enabled Google Glass to take the media by storm. Today we’re exploring the capabilities of Google Glass and the extent to which it will alter the landscape of mobile technology forever.

Age of Technology: Generational Video Viewing Preferences Vary By Device and Activity Globally, consumers largely favor TV as the device of choice for watching video programming. However, there are a few regional and generational differences in how we watch. In Nielsen’s Global Digital Landscape Survey, respondents in Asia-Pacific, Africa/Middle East and Latin America prefer mobile phones for in-home video viewing more than those in Europe and North America. For example, among viewers who say they watch video programming when they’re home alone, 41% in Africa/Middle East, 40% in Asia-Pacific and 38% in Latin America say they do so on a mobile phone, compared with 24% in Europe and 22% in North America.

CUBE INNOVATORS Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time. Basically, AR takes an existing picture and blends new information into it. The key to augmented reality is the software. Augmented reality programs are written in special 3D augmented reality programs. These programs allow the developer to tie animation or contextual digital information in the computer program to an augmented reality "marker" in the real world. The end user must download a software application (app) or browser plug-in in order to experience augmented reality. Augmented Reality: Past, Present and Future - TNW Industry You may have heard about augmented reality before. If you haven’t, you’ll be hearing a lot about it from now on, with the smartphone and tablet revolution now in full-swing. Augmented reality (AR) is a term used to describe a live view of a physical, real-world environment that is augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics. A typical AR environment has digital information transposed onto a real-world view. AR is not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), which is an entirely digital experience that mimics real-world situations. There have been countless notable examples lately of augmented reality in action.

Garmin Tracker - Aplicativos para Android no Google Play Offroad Navigation App with worldwide topographic maps (mainly Russian General Staff). For many countries in Africa and Asia these maps still belong to the best available topomaps. Available map layers:• Topomaps worldwide (100K-500K worldwide seamless coverage)• Google Maps (Satellite images, Road- and Terrain-Map)• Open Street Maps (OSM Mapnik, Osmarender and Cloudemade Cyclemap)

All species Practise on the web– recognize out in the field Biofotoquiz offers the opportunity to train your skill to identify plant and animal species in a playful way. Biofotoquiz includes: A learning mode with three levels Four quiz modes with ranking lists The possibility „Extra 5 levels“ with increasing degree of difficulty and ranking lists Series of images and lists of species for printing A login-area to create individual series A search field to find reliable images of a species The possibility to incorporate user series in external websites At the moment there are modules of plants, grasshoppers, lepidopterans, amphibians & reptiles and birds with 27085 images of 2545 species in 314 series available.

The history of augmented reality The term "augmented reality" has been around since 1990 but that doesn’t mean that it was never there before. The moment that man made gadgets that could relate to their environment and supply their users with information based on that, AR was there. It’s just that nobody thought to call it that. So, for those who want to know how it all went down, here is the history of augmented reality from birth to where we are today. Importing Spreadsheets Introduction In this document we will walk you through the process of importing data from a spreadsheet application into Graph Earth. Although we are using Microsoft Office 2007 in our example, this process should work for most spreadsheet applications. In previous examples, we have created Google Earth documents (KML) that display data by State. To illustrate the flexibility of Graph Earth, we will use this opportunity to generate a 3D map of cities, however, you could just as easily graph by country, state, county, city or zip code.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices to Become a $4 Billion-Plus Business in Three Years You are here: Home / Press / Company News / Augmented and Virtual Reality Devices to Become a $4 Billion-Plus Business in Three Years CCS Insight Releases First Forecast of These Rising Technologies More than 24 million devices will be sold in 2018 Marketing in 2014 - Augmented Reality Written by Fozia Choudhary on 05 Mar 2014 Over the last 12 months there has been a real explosion in the use of Augmented Reality (AR) as a marketing tool. AR is a live view of the real world which is ‘augmented’ or improved with digital enhancements such as sound, graphics and videos. This innovation and creation in Augmented Reality is the way forward to promote products and drive user engagement. Here are some stats to show how the Augmented Reality market has grown in 2013.

RetailMeNot, Inc: Corporate Information, Job Opportunities, Press Drive engagement and sales with RetailMeNot, Inc. Visits (Last 12 Months) Site Traffic from Mobile Mobile Unique Visitors Our Brands How Augmented Reality can generate Mobile Commerce : We Are Spectre How augmented reality can generate mobile commerce Today over half of UK consumers use a smartphone and 20% use a tablet, a figure that has quadrupled in the last year alone. The rapid increases in mobile adoption and internet usage have propelled mobile commerce forward as the fastest growing retail sector in the UK, and augmented reality is increasing becoming part of this. This article investigates the emerging trend of augmented reality in mobile commerce strategies, and how major brands are using it in a variety of ways to drive sales. In 2011 one in every ten pounds spent with UK high street retailers came from mobile channels. By the end of 2015 shoppers will spend £14.95 billion using mobile devices.

YourGOV - Aplicativos no Android Market Telemeter Compass Pro is an application that calculates the distance from the current position to a point distant. It also contains a built-in compass and memorizing and guidance to positions. I-Ideal application for hikers, mushroom pickers, cyclists, hunters of historic relics, four wheel drive enthusiasts and, broad speaking, for anyone who needs to search and record outdoor locations.TelemeterTo get the distance to a target, you need to point the mobile to the target and press the button (1) while maintaining the target pointed during all the acquisition process.

Augmented Reality Archives - The digital marketing bureau Be a Better Driver with AR AR is at it again with its vision to improve our lives, but now it’s even trying to make us better drivers. Even with the mobile phone ban driving seems to be a more distracted task than ever with many of us admitting to changing music, fiddling with our Sat Nav’s and re-jidding hands free kits which all distract our eyes from the road and our hands from the wheel.