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AR-media™ Plugin for Google™ SketchUp™

AR-media™ Plugin for Google™ SketchUp™
Description With AR-media™ Plugin, Trimble SketchUp™ users are allowed to visualize their 3D models using Augmented Reality directly in the real physical space which surrounds them. In a very precise sense, through AR-media™ Plugin, SketchUp™ 3D models can be visualized out of the digital workspace directly on users' desktop, by connecting a simple webcam and by printing a suitable code.

SLARToolkit - Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit ARMedia iOS Augment | Visualize 3D Models in Augmented Reality Augment is a mobile app that lets you and your customers visualize your 3D models in Augmented Reality, integrated in real time in their actual size and environment. Augment is the perfect Augmented Reality app to boost your sales and bring your print to life in 3 simple steps. Your brand deserves the best. Thanks to its amazing ease of use and visual appeal, Augment is the best rated Augmented Reality app on iOS and Android. The quality you expect for your team and customers. “We were looking for a good working AR app. Sign up to Augment Manager to easily add your own 3D models and trackers and create your own Augmented Reality experiences. Your 3D models can be exported from any 3D software : 3ds Max, Sketchup, Maya, SolidWorks, Cinema 4D etc... Try for FREE Augment is a powerful visualization tool for your sales, design and marketing team. Your team members can login in the Augment app and access all your 3D models offline. Learn More Check our plans & pricing. See Plans & Pricing

LinceoVR — Seac02 s.r.l. Vision – Layar Developer Documentation What is Layar Vision¶ Layar Vision uses detection, tracking and computer vision techniques to augment objects in the physical world. We can tell which objects in the real world are augmented because the fingerprints of the object are preloaded into the application based upon the user’s layer selection. For more inspirations on Layar Vision capabilities, please check out our blog for latest news. Developers can also download the webinar material where an introduction to Layar Vision was given to help you better understand the concept. Layar Vision is a key extension to the Layar Platform which brings new features and improvements to our developer community and end users. What is the scope of Layar Vision ? Layar Vision will be applied to the following Layar products: 6.0 version and above of Layar Reality browser on Android and iPhone iOS platforms. iPhone SDK v 7.1 and Android SDK v7.1 and above.Layar Connect v2.0 and above. How do I integrate Layar Vision into a layer? 1. 2.

saqoosha/FLARToolKit/en Spark project Wiki ナビゲーション (Japanese page) What is FLARToolKit ¶ AS3 ported version of ARToolKit. The license ¶ FLARToolKit is free to use for non-commercial applications under the GPL license. For more information about the conditions of the GNU General Public License, version 3, click here. Commercial Licence ¶ If you are interested in developing a commercial application or not releasing your FLARToolKit application source code then you should contact ARToolWorks ( for a commercial license. Download ¶ Download Browse source code ¶ version 4.0.0-fp10 version 2.5.x version 1.x.x trunk Source code ¶ You can get latest source code with following command. How to use ¶ Import of FlashBuilder? Forum ¶ Examples ¶ Who made it?

Hoppala | Mobile Augmented Reality sergey_larenkov sologicolibre About / Screenshots / Downloads / Documentation / System requirements / FAQ / Videos / Contact ATOMIC Beta 0.7 DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Available for: Ubuntu, Windows and Mac ATOMIC Authoring Tool is FLOSS Software developed under the GPL licence. Developed by With the support of Contact Hosted by:

Kunst & Kultur | avameo als ich diesen Titel in der Herbst-Vorschau des [transcript]-Verlages sah, wurde ich hellwach. Beim lesen des Untertitels der Dissertation von Daniel Botz schoss allerdings das Adrenalin in mir auf! Zahlreiche Assoziationen aus meiner Vergangenheit wurden innnerhalb weniger Nanosekunden abgerufen, ein Neuronenfeuer entfachte sich in meinem Hirn. Der Untertitel seiner Dissertation lautet: Die Ästhetik der Computer-Demoszene Vermutlich sagen die meisten Leser nun: Häh? [Weiterlesen...]

BuildAR Free Version Tutorial | BuildAR Note: This is the free version of BuildAR. Are you looking for BuildAR Pro? Download BuildAR Free version for Windows XP and later: BuildAR Installer 1.1.exe (7.11MB) The tutorial content is also available as a single PDF. Tutorial content for BuildAR Free version: In 2008, HIT Lab NZ released the initial version of BuildAR, which provides the basic functionality required to construct augmented reality scenes. The original BuildAR has been widely used by AR enthusiasts, students and educators, as well as a tool for quickly prototyping commercial and industrial ideas. While development of the original BuildAR software has ceased in favour of developing BuildAR Pro, you can still download it for free and view tutorial content. Augmented Reality: Überbewerteter Trend oder "The next big Thing"?

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