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Skyscript: Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages

Skyscript: Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages

Zoidiasoft Technologies Astrology Software Free Astrology Programs-Software - Astro123, AstroWin, Election Helper, SE_Aspectarian, AstrAstr, AstroSrc, MatchMkr, and More.url Astrology Astrology is really old, as old as recorded history. Some of the earliest examples of writing, on 4000 year old clay tablets, contain astrological data and interpretations. The popularity of astrology has been variable over time, alternately valued, cursed and ridiculed, yet it has never been totally ignored. The science of astrology, practiced by the wisest, most respected scientists of all ages in history, bears no resemblance to the astrology columns seen in the popular press. For the skeptics, look at astrology as an important part of human history. Astrology is by definition "what is said by the stars". Astrology at The Academie focuses on traditional methods. The modern use of traditional methods in modern times is young. "Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial objects and earthly events." Astrology can reveal "an underlying pattern and order beneath the apparently random events" of life. Astrology Breakthroughs Our Astrology Pages at The Academie Examples

Pathway to Ascension ---Nancy Detweiler A New Age Christian: My Spiritual Journey Your zodiac sun sign signifies the energy on which your Soul incarnated this lifetime. Though there are numerous additional factors influencing the overall map of your Soul, your sun sign plays a major role in your life. Your sun sign reveals your consciousness of self as a unique human being. If you also know your Ascendant's sign energy, you may study the zodiac energies from yet another point of view. For example: My Ascendant is Virgo. I give credit to three outstanding astrological writers from whose works I have gleaned much information. Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology Isabel M. Aries The person who is Aries is living an important incarnation. For example: The parents you chose for this incarnation may have deserted during your adolescence, leaving you with younger siblings to care for. Aries thrives as he works to bring into fruition his idealistic ideas and insights. To Top Taurus Gemini Gemini can be extremely creative.

Renaissance Astrology Christopher Warnock Horary Astrology Electional Astrology Astrological Magic Traditional Astrology Archive Crystals | Unraveling Karma A client gives me feedback on her charged red jasper crystal “I started working with the charged brecciated red jasper stone I received from Tom a little over a month ago, and the effects have been nothing short of profound. “Emotional/spiritual effects: I consider myself an empath and sensitive who sometimes experiences energetic imbalances, chronically placing others’ needs above my own and even confusing other people’s feelings/needs for my own. After carrying the stone with me after about one week, I felt I was becoming extraordinarily clear about ‘what’s mine and what’s not’ and actually felt corrections in my energy field regarding matters of give-and-take. Even others at work have responded differently to me; some of them who traditionally have tried to dump their work on me are actually correcting themselves. “Physical effects: For years, I’ve experienced the clockwork severe cramping and crippling pain that accompany endometriosis. - JJS, Tucson AZ 1. The adventure continues!

Benjamin Dykes, Traditional Astrologer Browse the Pattern System The Pattern System is organized by dimensions, which correspond to areas of psychological functioning. Each dimension contains a number of patterns and capacities. The patterns are problematic ways of functioning that you might want to change. The capacities are healthy ways of being that you might want to develop. You can browse these dimensions in order to decide which pattern or capacity you would like to explore next. Interpersonal Dimension Group. Inner Critic Dimension Group. Personal Dimension Group. Go to Exploring Yourself XA pattern is a way of behavior, relating, thinking, or feeling that is a problem for you or others. XA capacity is a healthy way of being.

Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility - Part 4: Essential Debilities back to part 3 Peregrine A Planet is then said to be Peregrine, when he is in the degrees of any Sign wherein he hath no essential dignity, As Saturn in the tenth degree of Aries, that Sign being not his House, Exaltation, or of his Triplicity, or he having in that degree neither Term or Face, he is then said to be Peregrine; had he been in 27, 28, &c. of Aries, he could not be termed Peregrine, because then he is in his own Term. (Lilly, CA, p.112) Just as essential dignity signifies strength and a capacity for beneficial action, lack of it implies weakness or a harmful disposition. A planet with no essential dignity is called Peregrine, a Latin word meaning 'alien' or 'foreigner' (pereger = beyond the borders, ager = land, i.e., 'beyond one's own land'). In symbolic terms, a peregrine planet describes a drifter - someone with no title or stake in his or her environment. Property owners tend to view drifters with suspicion, and distrust their lack of stability. Detriment and Fall

Evolutionary Astrology Readings, Lessons, Video & Learning Library with Evolutionary Astrologer Amy Herring in Seattle The symbol for Aries is the ram, because it wants to meet challenges head on, even risking its own skull for victory! Aries is the pure energy of life. It's the first sign of the zodiac. Aries to a baby newly born. Aries is born with a very strong survival instinct, but it is not born with courage. Aries is the sign of the warrior, and it is not happy waiting safely on the sidelines. So give your favorite Aries a punch in the arm next time you see them.