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Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages

Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages
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Virgo the Maiden Personality Traits Virgo often gets a poor astrological report. The poem on the left typifies the critical, hypochondriacal tendencies dwelled upon by those that define the sign as pedantic, frigid and shrill. The fundamental characteristics of Virgo are founded upon the productive creativity and practicality of the earth element, stimulated by the intellectual ingenuity and rapid movement of the sign's planetary ruler, Mercury. As a temporal humour 'dryness' inhibits emotional receptivity and many sun-sign profiles refer to Virgo's reputation for impassionate reactions and cool responses as a character-flaw, failing to appreciate that the ability to hold sentiment in check is the requisite of the intellectual clarity that sets this sign apart. Coolness as a humour brings passivity and fixidity. So it is with love. In many ways this is the true beauty of the sign. Dignified Planets Planets Dignifed in Virgo: Planets Debilitated in Virgo: Typical Features Traditional Rulerships

Zoidiasoft Technologies Astrology Software Horary Astrology Course by Deborah Houlding - Part One, Introduction Introducing Horary Horary, once the mainstay of every working astrologer's practice, offers direct insight into the issues that are really pertinent in people's minds. Used effectively, is one of the most useful techniques for offering guidance in times of crisis. Its method involves the erection of an astrological chart drawn specifically to examine a matter of human concern. The nature of that concern can take many forms, including queries about relationships, financial investments, career issues, family matters, conflicts and lawsuits, even lost objects or missing people. The horary chart is drawn for the moment that the question is clarified in the mind, crystallized in structure, and submitted for astrological scrutiny. Any definition of horary has to accept that it is a method of divination, heavily reliant upon symbolic appreciation. With such a breadth and depth of information, it is possible to spend a lifetime studying horary and still feel that there is much left to discover.

Introduction DEPTH ASTROLOGY: A HANDBOOK By GargatholilIntroduction Plan and Organization Philosophical Approach Astological Symbols Planets Elements and Modalities Houses Signs Aspects I briefly wish to acknowledge the influences and contributions of several writers whom I have never met but who have shaped my thinking and informed my knowledge of depth astrology. These include Alan Leo for a general introduction to astrology in his Esoteric Astrology; the great Dane Rudhyar, particularly for his work in the interpretation of the astrological houses; Liz Greene, especially for her work with Saturn; Frances Sakoian and Louis Aeker for their work on the quincunx; Stephen Arroyo; Donna Cunningham and more whom I have forgotten. The natural horoscope is a mandala. The Essences of the Twelve are each a different (differentiated) reflection of the One—Its emanations. The more undifferentiated the manifestation of the astrological symbol, the purer is the expression of its Essence.

Star Lore of the Constellations - Virgo the Maiden Virgo is the only female figure in the zodiac and as such has been associated with most of the main female deities: Ishtar, Innana, Aphrodite, Ceres, Demeter, Astraea, Erigone, Isis; and in Christian symbolism, the Virgin Mary. The zodiac figure is generally depicted as a winged maiden holding a palm branch in her left hand and an ear of corn in her right. The palm branch is an ancient symbol of rejoicing, triumph and glorification. The ancient Egyptians used a branch of Palm stripped of its leaves to mark the passage of years and the hieroglyphic of the Palm thus became a symbol for words such as 'year', 'time' or 'season'. The roots of the symbolism of Virgo as the earth goddess holding a spike of corn can be traced to the ancient Mesopotamian period. The original Virgo is believed to be the early grain goddess Nidoba who, prior to Nabu (the Babylonian god of wisdom, justice and 'the scribe'), was an important goddess of writing. Notes & References: © Deborah Houlding

Astrology Astrology is really old, as old as recorded history. Some of the earliest examples of writing, on 4000 year old clay tablets, contain astrological data and interpretations. The popularity of astrology has been variable over time, alternately valued, cursed and ridiculed, yet it has never been totally ignored. The science of astrology, practiced by the wisest, most respected scientists of all ages in history, bears no resemblance to the astrology columns seen in the popular press. For the skeptics, look at astrology as an important part of human history. Regardless of your "belief", throughout history, the astrologer's report was an essential part of any strategy for war or civil decision making. Astrology is by definition "what is said by the stars". Astrology at The Academie focuses on traditional methods. The modern use of traditional methods in modern times is young. "Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial objects and earthly events." Astrology Breakthroughs

Hitch Your Wagon to a Lucky Star by Jim Lewis » AstroCartoGraphy Net First published DELL HOROSCOPE, August 1982. “Jim, this is Marge,” said a manifestly happy voice from the telephone-answering machine. “I just called to tell you that I won $500 in this week’s New York lottery.” The news was particularly pleasing because Marge’s encounter with Lady Luck had been precipitated by an astrology lecture she had attended. A California resident, her interest in New York was generated by an astrological mapping technique that suggested it would be a good location for gambling success. Luck is, of course, a totally mysterious life quantity; neither science nor mysticism has been able to offer much concrete information as to why some people win more than others or why one person might win at some times and lose at others. For obvious reasons, this idea had a certain appeal. Why should Jupiter and Pluto be associated with luck? Jupiter Jupiter seems to be best symbolized by a process of filling up space with self. Money seems also to be associated with Jupiter.

Astrology Library Scorpio the Scorpion Personality Traits Scorpio holds the enviable reputation of being the most sexually magnetic, smoulderingly charismatic, and psychologically enigmatic of all the zodiac figures. Wonderful! … But there is, of course, a downside (no sign gets it all). Scorpio has also garnered the most derogatory collection of 'keywords', with its predilection for subtlety and self-preservation never far from the inference of craftiness, cunning, betrayal, and deceit. The dark and heavy emphasis of traditional texts leaves a very unbalanced, one-sided view of Scorpio's fundamental dynamics. Traditionally governed by Mars, Scorpios are genuinely capable of seeming destructive and intimidating, (towards noble ends as well as self-centred interests), because where Mars dominates there is little interest in compromise; the impulse is for active attack or strategic defence, whatever it takes to avoid yielding one inch more than necessary. Dignified Planets Planets Dignifed in Scorpio: Typical Features

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