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Permanent Magnetic Motor from Argentina. A self running, free energy generator!‬‏

Permanent Magnetic Motor from Argentina. A self running, free energy generator!‬‏

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Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets for Sale The neodymium rare earth magnets CMS Magnetics sells are the strongest type of permanent magnet you can buy. They are made from an alloy of neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B) and are also known as NIB magnets or Neo magnets. High temperature neodymium magnets also contain cobalt (Co). divers moteurs générateurs magnétiques Bedini - Bowman - Goldes - Gray - Imris - Lutec - Remat - Rodriguez / Pullo - Struchenko - Takahashi - Tilley Bedini John Nous en avons déjà parlé, voir Le modérateur du forum de Bedini "Bedini-Monopole" qui a pris le relais de SG Bedini, Rick Friedrich, dit que plusieurs personnes ont réussi à obtenir la surunité en reproduisant des systèmes conçus par Bedini.

Coming Soon: MAGEN magnetic energy engine A group in Australia has an all-magnet motor, around nine inches cubed in size, that they claim can turn a 2 kilowatt generator continuously with no external assistance to start or run. They intend to demonstrate the engine publicly at the end of July or early August. via Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Torresol Energy - Gemasolar thermosolar plant Gemasolar is the first commercial-scale plant in the world to apply central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology. The relevance of this plant lies in its technological uniqueness, since it opens up the way for new thermosolar electrical generation technology. Characteristics of Gemasolar: Rated electrical power: 19.9 MWNet electrical production expected: 110 GWh/year Solar field: 2,650 heliostats on 185 hectaresHeat storage system: the molten salt storage tank permits independent electrical generation for up to 15 hours without any solar feed. The prolongation of the plant's operating time in the absence of solar radiation and the improvement in efficiency of the use of the heat from the sun makes Gemasolar's output much higher than that which is delivered by other technologies in a facility with the same power.

Schematic of How to Build a Magnetic Motor There also is this so-called “free energy”, the zero-point energy, proven mathematically by many scientists. My duty as a green optimistic is to collect everything I see someone has struggled explaining and demonstrating, put it in one place and let the people see and comment. Such is the example of this magnetic motor.

Schools of Fish Inspire New Wind Farms that Will Increase Energy 10X Every now and then you come across an article and concept that makes you really smile and feel good on the inside. Typically they are "feel-good" stories that you see online or on the news, but today I came across this story about how scientists have designed new wind farms based on how schools of fish swim. So not only are we creating technology to help the environment but we are looking at nature for help. The new vertical-axis wind turbines are designed by Caltech and are currently being tested in the California desert. Based on early tests, the new design actually helps increase energy output by 10X and could be the wave of the future for wind technology.

Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over From PESWiki Presently in the Top 5 listing due to arrival/nearness of leading companies. Shortcut url: (I call these "Q-mo-gens", from the shape of the Q implying looped with energy left over.) See also: News:QMoGen Compiled by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News September 5, 2012 Wind Turbine Output Boosted 30% by Breakthrough Design Clean Power Published on April 29th, 2009 | by Timothy B. Hurst Passive structure design of “Wind Energizer” by Leviathan Energy reportedly increases wind turbine efficiency 30% in field tests.

Electromagnetic energy shield - Radant Systems, Inc. This invention relates generally to structures for selectively transmitting electromagnetic energy and, more particularly, to structures arranged so that at selected times the transmission of electromagnetic energy therethrough is permitted in a selected frequency range and at other selected times the transmission therethrough of electromagnetic energy in such selected frequency ranges is substantially reduced. Such structures can be used, for example, as radome structures for shielding microwave antennas and auxilliary equipment from externally incident energy. Radome structures are conventionally used to protect microwave antennas and associated equipment, for example, from the physical environment.

Solar Energy Job Growth Outpaces Other Industries California is home to the largest advanced energy industry in the country, according to the first-ever industry-wide survey released today by the Advanced Energy Economy Institute. At 431,800 jobs today, advanced energy is bigger by employment in California than the motion picture, television, and radio industries; mining and quarrying; semiconductors; and aerospace. Advanced energy jobs grew 5% in the past year – more than double the overall state job growth rate – and is on track to grow 17% in the coming year, to more than 500,000 workers, based on employer hiring plans. While California is widely recognized as a national leader in energy policy, jobs directly related to the industry have not been quantified until now. The survey of more than 2,000 businesses, conducted by BW Research Partnership, a workforce and economic development research firm, found that, among the 10 states that have studied these industries, California has the largest advanced energy workforce in the country.

Magnetic Generator - Does it Really Work? Magnetic Generators - A Real Alternative to Solar Power If you’re interested in alternative energy and saving money, you've no doubt thought about looking into solar power. While solar power is still the first choice for many people, magnetic energy is becoming increasingly popular. Despite it's many advantages over solar power, magnetic energy will always be less popular for the simple reason that magnetic generators can't be bought, they have to be built. Using the power of magnetism to produce free energy is nothing new. In fact it's been possible since Tesla discovered it.

How Renewable Energy Jobs Are Changing America Few industries in the U.S. are growing as fast as renewable energy. As a result, renewable energy jobs are growing rapidly in everything from manufacturing to installation to maintenance. Workers with the right skills in the right location have a chance to not only find work but grow along with an emerging industry. Companies like SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY ) , Vivint Solar (NYSE: VSLR ) , SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR ) , and General Electric (NYSE: GE ) are just a few of the fast growing renewable energy companies, creating the renewable energy infrastructure that is providing cleaner energy and jobs for the U.S. Perendev is Tooling Up for Magnetic Motor Mass Production in Europe All-magnet motor poised to be first to reach market. German manufacturer licensed to manufacture 20 kw unit for Europe and Russia. Estimated cost for first units: $8500 Euros.

Open Source Plans For Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released To Public “This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.” – Nikola Tesla Although Nikola Tesla, one of the most prominent scientists of the 20th century, wanted to revolutionize the world by creating free energy devices that worked without fuel, his patents were obtained and hidden by Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan. Nikola Tesla and his genius plans for free energy were eventually forgotten, and John D. Rockefeller continued to supply the country with oil. It wasn’t until the breakthrough of the internet that the world started to hear again of Tesla’s idea of free energy.