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Creative Commons Kiwi

Creative Commons Kiwi

Creative Commons Resources for Classroom Teachers Posted by Bill Ferriter on Sunday, 09/08/2013 If your students are using images, video, or music in the final products that they are producing for your class, then it is INCREDIBLY important that you introduce them to the Creative Commons -- an organization that is helping to redefine copyright laws. With a self-described goal to "save the world from failed sharing," the Creative Commons organization has developed a set of licenses that content creators can use when sharing the work. While every Creative Commons license requires that attribution to be given to the original owner of a piece of content, every license also details the ways that content can be used by others WITHOUT having to ask for permission in advance. That makes Creative Commons content perfect for use in classroom projects. #winning Want to know more about the Creative Commons? Sources for Finding Creative Commons Content: Related Radical Reads: What Do YOU Know About the Creative Commons? Anti-Bullying PSA Project

Fair Use Evaluator What this tool can do for you: What this tool cannot do for you: About – Official Website of Koha Library Software Koha is the first free software library automation package. In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of users collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha’s feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base. Full-featured ILS. Multilingual and translatable. Full text searching Powerful searching, and an enhanced catalogue display that can use content from Amazon, Google, LibraryThing, Open Library, and Syndetics, among others. Library Standards Compliant. Web-based Interfaces. Free Software / Open Source. No Vendor Lock-in.

Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg Copyright Exceptions for Instructors The U.S. Copyright Code provides for the educational use of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder under certain conditions. To find out if your intended use meets the requirements set out in the law, use this free, online tool. This tool can also help you collect information detailing your educational use and provide you with a summary in PDF format. This tool is valid for those uses that meet the requirements and which take place within the United States. THIS TOOL IS:Intended as a source of information for educators & others to better understand the educational exemptions available in the U.S. THIS TOOL IS NOT: A source of legal advice. A legal copy is one that was legally obtained (purchased from a reputable vendor, checked out from a library, etc.). This exemption covers what is normally an exclusive right of the copyright holder - the right to display or perform a copyrighted work. Neither "dramatic" nor "nondramatic" are defined in the law.

Welcome :: Greenstone Digital Library Software Imagebase: Free Stock Photography Know Your Copyrights (Assoc. of Research Libraries) Aaron Swartz's Work, Computer Crime Law, and "The Internet's Own Boy" It’s been more than a year since Aaron Swartz’s tragic death, and now Aaron’s life is the subject of a new documentary, The Internet’s Own Boy, directed by Brian Knappenberger. The documentary has received much acclaim and deservedly so. It tells the story of a political activist and innovator who put theory into practice, always experimenting and building new tools and methodologies to animate his theory of change. Aaron Swartz fought for an Internet grounded in community, creativity, and human rights. There are so many things that Aaron accomplished by the age of 26 that we thought it may help to make a companion for the film, a guide for those who want to watch with a deeper understanding of the issues behind Aaron’s projects. We begin with the projects discussed in the film and then examine the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the law that was used to indict him on 11 criminal charges before his tragic death. Creative Commons and the Problem with Copyright Open Access and Open Government

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