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Sewing Project  – Google Drive

Sewing Project  – Google Drive

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The scary truth about what's hurting our kids - Your Modern Family In the past week, I’ve read several studies that are scary to me… the scary truth about what’s hurting our kids. We all know that what our kids hear becomes their inner voice, but it’s hard to control what they hear from others, isn’t it? CNN recently interviewed Dr Jean Twenge, author of iGen and her interview really worried me – because I saw the truth that I would be facing in just a few short years. Dr. Twenge started doing research 25 years ago on generational differences, but when 2011 -2012 hit, she saw something that would scared her to the core. This is the year when those having iPhones went over the 50% mark.

Instapaper Denver Auto Glass - The Mile High Auto Glass Industry Maybe you are a newbie when it comes to the Colorado State and you are wondering why on earth would anyone write about this topic, but the fact is everyone who has driven on Colorado roads knows what are we talking about. Everyone can pick up a small rock or some gravel on their way and get a chip… Dealer Auto Glass Denver - YouTube Channel Videos Playlists Channels About Home Trending History Get YouTube Red Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies TV Shows News Live Spotlight 360° Video Browse channels Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue The next video is…

Interactive Notebook Setup Before I started using interactive notebooks, I always wondered how other teachers set them up and got kids started. I’ve read on other blogs that some teachers take up to a week (!) to set them up. So, I thought I’d share what I did this year. I told kids at Open House that they would need a composition notebook by the second day of school. FACS ListServ File Cabinet ProStart I ProStart II ProStart I This basic course from the National Restaurant Association introduces students into the world of culinary arts and hospitality management. Basic communication skills, safety and sanitation, food preparation, meal planning, and other topics are taught in this beginning course. FCCLA may be an integral part of this course.

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files One account. All of Google. Sign in to continue to Google Drive Find my account Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Five Ways to Use Memes to Connect With Students Students love funny memes. Here are five ways you can bring that humor into your classroom (and school) to connect with students: 1. Class Rules, Expectations, and/or Procedures: Instead of your traditional class rules poster, use memes to deliver your message with humor. Better yet, have students create what they think proper rules and regulations should be. In memes, of course. EdTech Trends: Meme Lesson Ideas Discovering new ways to engage students is a challenge for teachers in all disciplines. One way to keep students interested is to make connections to the real world. A meme is a popular way for people of all ages to send a message that demonstrates a nuanced understanding of a particular event. In the social studies classroom, educators can use memes as teaching tools and projects for their students. defines a meme as “a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way.” Even if your students haven’t used the word meme in conversation, they’ve most likely seen memes spread on social media or sent via email or text message.

Education Week By Sandy Merz Where do I sit? It's the universal first question, at the top of students' minds as they cross the threshold of my room on the first day of class. Many teachers start the semester with students seated alphabetically: It's easy and aids in learning names. Bread in a Bag Making Bread in a Bag is going to become a favorite activity! Be sure to check out Ice Cream in a Bag too! This summer I am going to have a fun little series for you – Kids Can Cook. Summer is a great time to spend some time in the kitchen with your kids. Hopefully your schedules are a little slower and you can take advantage of that by spending some fun time in the kitchen. Household uses of borax to save time and energy Borax. A seemingly innocuous ingredient you sometimes see on recipes for homemade bubbles. It may seem like just another boring ingredient, but this combination of sodium, oxygen, water, and boron packs a powerful punch and can be used in a ton of ways around the house. Clean My Space shows us just a few of the fun ways you can use this inexpensive, natural ingredient in the video at the end of the article.

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