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The Elder Brothers Warning (Kogi Tribe)

The Brain-Gut Connection for Mental Well-being Have you ever wondered the reason behind feeling butterflies in your stomach? Or that sinking premonition feeling around your stomach when something unexpected happens? Several studies over the years have established the fact that the condition of the gut influences one’s mental health. Human body consists of two brains. They develop from the same cluster of tissue wherein one section evolves into a central nervous system (brain) and another one into enteric nervous system (gut). Human gut has a gut microbiota, which basically is clusters of several microorganisms living in our intestine. Gut microbiota execute the communication-function with the brain. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) assigned 45 women to receive either daily probiotic yoghurt, non-probiotic yoghurt or no yoghurt at all. Kirsten Tillisch who led the Californian researchers noted, “By changing the environment in the gut, we can actually change what happens in the brain”. 5) Eat fruits.