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Common Misunderstandings of Evolution: Part 1 While an open and honest debate is always a good thing, most of the time, when people are pointing out “problems” in evolution, their qualms arise from a misunderstanding of what evolution actually is and how the mechanisms of evolution actually function. Below are some of the most common misconceptions (or questions) in evolution and how science answers these concerns. Q1.) A.) In truth, evolution doesn’t explain anything about how life originated. How life originated is something completely different, called abiogenesis. Q2.) A.) This is, perhaps, the most well-known, as it is easily observed and demonstrated. In short, the organism is more “fit” for survival; this idea of “fitness” is central to natural selection. Q3.) A.) Evolution doesn’t really make a species better than its predecessors, it makes multiple species that are well suited for survival in their specific niche in the ecosystem at a specific period in time. Q4.) A.) Q5.) A.) READ NEXT: What’s Wrong With Evolution?

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NOVA Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? Residents living in the shadows of wind turbines say the sound is making them sick. But so far the science isn't there. From NOVA Next | Jun 27, 2018 Thirty Years Ago Today, Global Warming First Made Headline News On June 23, a NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, told a U.S. From NOVA Next | Jun 23, 2018 New Middle Eastern Particle Accelerator’s Motto is “Science for Peace” In a region in turmoil, an unprecedented joint venture of scientists and policymakers is working together on Jordan’s new particle accelerator under the motto "science for peace." From NOVA Next | Jun 21, 2018 Psychological Damage Inflicted By Parent-Child Separation is Deep, Long-Lasting Here's what happens in the brain and the body when a child is forcibly separated from his or her parents.

Planète+ The Biology Corner Google’s smart contact lens: What it does and how it works It’s a question that Google officials have clearly thought a lot about, said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, who was briefed on the lens before the company’s Thursday announcement. Hall said that Google assured him that the data would not be added to the company’s banks of personal information gathered from other services. “The data will never hit Google’s servers,” he said. “That’s a forward-thinking affirmative claim that they’re making. The soft contact lens that Google is unveiling — it’s still a prototype — houses a sensor that measures the glucose levels in tears. Given the sensitive nature of the data, Hall said, Google has also said it will make sure any data transferred from the lens cannot be manipulated — something that could have potentially fatal consequences if patients inject the wrong amount of insulin. “It’s disruptive, and it’s painful,” Google project co-founders Brian Otis and Babak Parviz said in the blog post.

XFINITY Connect: Oral History Your Privacy is a Priority Facebook Connect allows you to use your Facebook credentials to login to certain portions of XFINITY TV and Comcast does not send your Comcast account or billing information to Facebook as part of this connection process. You can read more about which portions of XFINITY TV and support Facebook Connect, here. Added Security Delivers Peace of Mind Use of Facebook Connect will not allow access to sensitive information or features, including Comcast billing and account information, XFINITY Home or XFINITY Connect applications. Only With Your Permission

Glow in the Dark Powder - Zinc Sulfide with Mini Black Light We cracked the secret to making your favorite concoctions glow in the dark! Glow Powder is a fine powder called zinc sulfide that glows an eerie green light when the lights go off. Our team of creative teachers packed the included activity guide with a bunch of great ideas... from glowing alien blobs to glow-in-the-dark putty. Adult supervision is required with all chemicals. What's Included? Glow Powder Kit includes: Baby Soda Bottle with cap**Bottle cap color may vary.**75 grams of luminous zinc sulfidePlastic measuring scoopMini black lightActivity Guide Glow Powder Jar Includes 227 grams (1/2 lb.) of luminous zinc sulfidePlastic measuring scoopMini black lightActivity Guide What Does It Teach? Learning about the science of things that glows requires an understanding of two important terms - fluorescence and phosphorescence. Fluorescence - This type of luminescence occurs when some form of radiation, such as light, causes an object to glow. So, how does zinc sulfide work?