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Mathematics Calvert School Moving Forward with Math Calvert is now offering the Math in Focus text as an option in Grades 1–8 to provide students with an up-to-date, research-based math curriculum, which aligns to the Common Core standards recently adopted by most American states. This course incorporates multiple learning strategies to engage all children and their learning styles. Hands-on learning with visual models prepares students for higher-level problem solving. This method focuses on teaching mathematical concepts in depth, rather than providing a broad survey of topics.

Saxon Home School Go Math! Academy Get math help for your students Whether it's for homework help or to get ahead in math, Go Math! Academy is a great new destination for your Grades K–6 students. Check out this collection of online math tutorial and exploration videos to build skills and inspire curiosity for a positive, fun math experience.

Power Basic Learners are guided toward mastery of essential math concepts from basic operations through fractions, decimals, and percents and the fundamentals of algebra and geometry. Through practice, review, word problems, and real-world activities, this program is designed to assure that students of all abilities master essential math concepts. Power Basics’ on-level content and below-level readability pack a powerful punch.

Make It Metric Summary:Activities help students learn the sequence of metric prefixes and to make conversions within the metric system. Main Curriculum Tie: Mathematics - 6th GradeStandard 4 Objective 2Identify and describe measurable attributes of objects and units of measurement, and solve problems involving measurement. Materials:Invitation to Learn The Story of Mathematics - A History of Mathematical Thought from Ancient Times to the Modern Day Follow the story as it unfolds in this series of linked sections, like the chapters of a book. Read the human stories behind the innovations, and how they made - and sometimes destroyed - the men and women who devoted their lives to the Story of Mathematics. Back to Top of PageHome | The Story of Mathematics | List of Important Mathematicians | Glossary of Mathematical Terms | Sources | Contact © 2010 Luke Mastin

Saxon Math Go Math! Academy Get math help for your students Whether it's for homework help or to get ahead in math, Go Math! Academy is a great new destination for your Grades K–6 students. VideoText - RightStart Mathematics by Activities For Learning Inc. We recommend VideoText Interactive for high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. This program uses the same philosophy as RightStart™ Mathematics; students are taught to think mathematically and, consequently, develop an excellent understanding of algebra and geometry. Start the VideoText Module A, pre-algebra, half way through RightStart™ Mathematics Level G. Some students prefer to do the RightStart™ lessons the first part of the week and the VideoText lessons the second half. Others alternate day by day.

Life of Fred Mathematics Online Scientific Calculator Download eCalc Scientific Calculator Windows VersionMac OSX VersionView More Downloads Online Calculator and Math Help eCalc is a free and easy to use scientific calculator that supports many advanced features including unit conversion, equation solving, and even complex-number math. eCalc is offered as both a free online calculator and as a downloadable calculator. Input Mode (Algebraic vs.

Time4Learning Math Try The Online Math Curriculum From Time4Learning is the answer. Build confidence and success in core reading and math skills for kids, PreSchool to Eighth Grade. Kids like using the computer to learn. Time4Learning's language arts and math curriculum gives students independence and computer math practice as they learn at their own pace.

Mathematics Gifted middle school students should be able to learn as fast as their abilities allow. CTY 's individually paced mathematics program, led by CTY instructors and tailored especially for gifted students, helps them do just that. Students may start at any time during the year and progress at their own pace within their enrollment period.

Do you need a Trigonometry Help? Unable to work with sines and tans? Can’t get thetas in your head easily? Don’t worry, because we are to here to provide you the easiest trigonometry help. Do you know basic trigonometry? Basic trigonometry deals with basic concepts of triangles, their sides, their angles, and other basic trigonometric functions. Let us recall some of the basic trigonometry concepts: Spectrum Math Spectrum Math helps students apply essential math skills to everyday life! The lessons, perfect for students in grade 2, strengthen math skills by focusing on place value to 100, basic fractions, counting coins, comparing numbers, and more! The variety of activities also helps ... more » Spectrum Math helps students apply essential math skills to everyday life!

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