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Squash: The open-source bug-smashing tool LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language Track Errors with Google Analytics Google Analytics has always been more than a hit counter and demographic tool -- you could build a career out of being a Google Analytics analyst. You can measure ad campaign effectiveness, track how far into a desired page flow (think advertisement to cart to checkout) users get, and set browser and locale support based your user's information. But that's all stuff for the suits, not us devs. What us nerds can use Google Analytics for, however, is error tracking via custom events. Here's a quick look at how I've implemented error checking in analytics: Now when you go into Google Analytics, you can view the custom event information along with other site stats.

errbit/errbit Nerdery Interactive Labs | Web Development Partners for Creative Agencies, A Division of Sierra Bravo Corporation An Easy Javascript Error Logger using Google Analytics If your site contains any sort of non-trivial Javascript, logging client-side errors can no longer be considered a luxury. We’ll explore a free method to start logging exceptions with just a few lines of code. Because there’s so many different browsers and configurations out there it’s much harder to write Javascript that works flawlessly everywhere compared to for example server-side code, and you already probably log server-side exceptions. Graphing the amount of errors happening There are many services out there that allow you to log client-side exceptions, but naturally none of them are free once you go beyond the basic offering. Luckily Google Analytics is still free, and we can easily feed it our errors as events. How To We’re going to create a Google Analytics Event every time an exception happens. _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', category, action, label]) To catch the exceptions, we’ll use the window.onerror event handler, which gives us the file, line-number and actual exception message.

Honeybadger The Fine Art of JavaScript Error Tracking – Medium Things I Learned Signal vs. Noise There was a common theme among the cons of all the services I looked into: noise. I knew dealing with JavaScript errors was messy, but I didn’t realize just how difficult it was until I dove into it. The stark reality is that the noise is not going away any time soon. The State of Stack Traces Everyone knows JavaScript stack traces blow, but this fact really gets hammered in when you’re sifting through dozens of them in desperate hope of direction. How We Use Sentry Reporting Our JavaScript Sentry projects are set up to correspond to entire pages on our site that might contain one or more small Angular apps. Identification Sentry is pretty great at surfacing important JavaScript exceptions. We look for the spikes in the stream. Let’s dive into the cryptic, vague [object Event] exception. As you can see, this is one of the more useless error messages. Sometimes we’ll come across errors with nearly zero context from which we can try to reproduce them.

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