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A Choose Your Own Adventure By kylemawer Level: Upper intermediate Location: Computer room Skills focus: reading and writing. Language Focus: 3rd Conditional Game: A Zombie Story A Downloadable Game – Nearly Departed By kylemawer Sometimes access to the internet in a classroom or computer room may not always be reliable or even available. Here is a very visual and humorous point and click adventure game that you can download and play on a computer without an internet connection. Gameplay: You wake up to discover you are a zombie with a bad case of amnesia, who needs to find out who you are and how you died. Size: 20.11 MB Dark Visions – A Gothic Horror Story By kylemawer Level: Advanced/ Mature students Location: Computer Classroom

An Interactive Story By kylemawer Level: Intermediate+ Location: Connected Classroom Language Focus: 3rd Conditional Skills Focus: Reading, Speaking Game: An Interactive Story Podcast: Halloween Halloween Will you be introducing your students to Halloween this year? Are you looking for an audio file to play in your class? Writing Prompts for Halloween Have a game idea you'd like to share? E-mail Return to Halloween at Return to home. Copyright © 1998-2014 by Julie Vickery-Smith. All rights reserved. Shadowlands Haunted Places Index We created this page to help answer the numerous questions we get regarding local hauntings and ghosts. It is a state by state, country by country listing of haunted places. This page requires your help to grow.

Scary Story Prompts Scary Story Prompts Halloween Story Planner Scary Story Starter (zipped PowerPoint Presentation) Scary Starters A Noise in the Night A Halloween Who, When, Where Southern Ghost Stories, Folktales, Storytelling: The Moonlit

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